Top 5 Lists That Actually Work Part 1 πŸ‘ˆΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

OctoberΒ 01, 2022

Top five list to pull. and obviously this is just my opinion and this is what has worked for me in my business. these are the top five lists that that actually worked best for me, and I will tell you the one I'm gonna put on here first. and actually, actually, there's a few of them that kind of have a common theme that you will notice, that I would say that most people that I've talked to, most other investors or wholesalers that I've spoken to, that actually do decent volume would probably agree as far as the best list goes.

Can You Do Virtual Wholesaling Part 8 🌎 | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 30, 2022

So yeah, you can virtual wholesale anywhere, but locally is even just as viable, you know, I would say. So, if you're, if you're new to wholesaling or if you're, you know, experience and you're ready to kind of go to that next level, definitely consider getting really good on the phones to where you can lock deals up over the phone. Because nowadays, you know, we don't ever, we don't ever see a property, we don't ever meet a buyer, we don't ever meet a seller in person in any of those things. Actually, we don't even know our boots on the ground, you know, personally. So, it's pretty simple once you kind of get the hang of all that, it's not any different than face to face, but it's a lot quicker so you can move a lot faster and do a lot more deals.

Can You Do Virtual Wholesaling Part 7 🏑 | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 29, 2022

But I would say even if you are in your backyard right now or if you haven't even started yet, I mean definitely consider just doing Virtual Wholesaling locally because it's not any different, you know, as opposed to doing something else. You know, face to face. It's just a different conversation because you're over the phone and yeah, you don't have eyes on it, your own eyes on it at least. But once you get the contract, you know, you're gonna send somebody out there to get pictures and verify everything that they told you right? So really, you're just trusting what they tell you and then verifying with your boots on the ground or your friends in the community or whatever. Because that's kind of what we do. That's why we have the protection of that inspection period. You know, just to make sure everything is what they told us. But also, it gives you time to find a buyer as well.

Can You Do Virtual Wholesaling Part 6 πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 28, 2022

Scaling up a little bit, you know, once you're doing, you know, more than four or five deals, you know, it's hard to meet with every single seller that's interested because you'll just spin your wheels, you know, your time, you know, because not every cell is going to sign with you, but you know, I could probably talk to 20 sellers, 20 to 30 sellers over the phone with decent conversations in a 12 hour day, as opposed to maybe five or six in person in a 12 hour day. But you can definitely virtual wholesale whether it's local or, you know, other states around you or, or anywhere in the US.

Can You Do Virtual Wholesaling Part 5 πŸ“žΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 27, 2022

You know I went ahead and met the met the seller and got the key and that kind of thing just to look at it and then show buyers the properties. But it wasn't necessary but it is basically virtual whole selling locally because I did lock them up over the phone without seeing them. I just kind of finished the ending you know kind of not virtual in person a little bit.

Can You Do Virtual Wholesaling Part 4 | 🀝 | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 26, 2022

So, like I said, so I started out virtual wholesaling from the get go because I did live in two different states and I was wholesaling in my own backyard. But it was just easier for me, so that's just kind of the way I did it. And I've shared in other videos that my first two deals, I was actually in Las Vegas just, you know, on a weekend trip with my wife when we got phone calls from the postcards that I sent out, they were supposed to be mailed on a Monday, but they actually hit on a Saturday. So, my first two deals I ever did, you know, I never saw the houses when I got the contracts obviously cause I was kind of.

Can You Do Virtual Wholesaling? Part 3 πŸ‘ˆΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 25, 2022

The whole key to kind of scaling in my opinion is doing more business obviously. But if you, let's just say you meet with the seller and you have to meet with them face to face. So how many sellers can you actually meet with in a you know in a in a work day? So really, you're kind of meeting with maybe five or six on a good day. but typically, you know you're kind of scattering those out maybe two in a day and it does work better But it's not as scalable like if you really want to do multiple you know over 10 deals on a month to month basis every month.

Can You Do Virtual Wholesaling Part 2 🏑 | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 24, 2022

You know, when you when you virtual wholesale locally it's just that you live in that area, but you're still not going out to meet with sellers to look at houses and do all those things Meet with buyers and all that kind of stuff. You're just doing everything via the phone or internet or both, really. and it's the same thing you would do if it's a different state. So, the reason you want, you would maybe want to do this virtual in your own backyard is because you can just accomplish a lot more a lot faster.

Can You Do Virtual Wholesaling Part 1 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 22, 2022

So, when I started back in September of 2018, I kind of did virtual wholesaling right from the get go as a necessity really. I was wholesaling in my own backyard, but the reason I had to do it virtually is because I live in, I lived in two different states at the time. So virtual was kind of a necessity for me. So, you can do it virtually locally just as easy as you can do virtual in a different state, Okay.

Money Is In The Follow Up! Part 8 πŸ€‘Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 21, 2022

If they tell you to call me, call me back in in two weeks, whatever that time period is, cut that time in half. Okay? So, if they tell you two weeks, call them back in a week, because I guarantee you there's other wholesalers out there following up as well. So, you could lose the deal if you don't stay on top of them. So always cut that in half. And if they happen to say, well, I told you to call me in two weeks. yeah, that's right. Well, I just thought I'd check in, you know, I forgot you said two weeks, my bad, you know, just kind of play it off. But at least you won't lose the deal because that has happened to us before.

Money Is In The Follow Up! Part 7 πŸ™‚Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 20, 2022

Definitely have to follow up, keep building that relationship with them, and hone in on their distresses, you know, because we're always talking to distressed sellers, not necessarily a distressed house, which I've always talked about in all of my videos, so, but I will tell you if you want to make money in this business, be good at following up whether that's with a phone call or a text message or an email, whatever it might be, or even a video message, you know, on Facebook, if you found them on Facebook or whatever it is, you have to follow up and you have to follow up often.

Money Is In The Follow Up! Part 6Β πŸ’΅Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 19, 2022

It might even take more follow up in whole selling than a typical sales process, because you gotta think we're asking sellers to make one of the biggest decisions of their life, you know, as far as selling something, you know, that's one of the biggest things that they'll ever own, most likely what that they do own. And, you know, you can't expect them to make that decision, you know, the first time you ever talk to you, right?

Money Is In The Follow Up! Part 5 πŸ€‘Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 18, 2022

It's definitely true. I mean, I've been in sales my entire adult life, so I was always very successful at it because I was super persistent, meaning I followed up like a madman. I basically follow up until they buy what I have or they hate me, tell me to F off or whatever else, Right? That's just the name of the game. That's the way it works in sales of any kind and wholesaling is no different, Trust me.

Money Is In The Follow Up! Part 4 πŸ‘Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 17, 2022

And typically, you know, 10, 12, 15 times even before they'll get a deal. But they got the deal because they did follow up that many times and then we have others, you know, that that may try two or 35 times and get discouraged, you know? But that's the key. Who has the strongest backbone or you know, who has tougher skin or whatever you wanna call it? Because no, is just part of the process. So, I would even encourage, you to go for the no, because the more no's you have the closer you are to a Yes, right?

Money Is In The Follow Up! Part 3 πŸ’β€β™‚οΈΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 16, 2022

Without follow up, you're just not gonna do deals. Yeah sure. You might get lucky here and there and get a deal or two occasionally. Just by chance. You know, but most salesmen or people in sales organizations If you ever noticed the ones at the top, the ones that actually produce a lot, sell a lot or get a lot of houses under contract, it's because they follow up a lot if you ever look at those stats in any company and it's true in my company as well because we do have a couple of different acquisition reps and one in particular they follow up like crazy.

Money Is In The Follow Up! Part 2 πŸ€‘Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 15, 2022

As far as follow up goes, money truly is in the follow up because if you think that it takes 12 times to actually get somewhere with somebody, whether you're selling a widget of any kind, or you're trying to get a property under contract because you want to sell that to a buyer. You know, that sales on both ends, you're selling yourself and your services to the seller initially, and then you're selling the worth of the property to an end buyer later on. So, the whole process is very much sales. So, follow up is key follow up is everything I would even say.

Money Is In The Follow Up! Part 1 πŸ’΅Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 14, 2022

The money is truly in the follow up. Okay? Because hardly ever if ever will you ever get a deal on the very first call that you make, or the very first incoming call that you take? Because typically it's gonna take several from the last thing I've heard, at least in the stats that I've seen. It typically takes about 12 touches for in any type of sales business. And of course, wholesaling real estate is really just sales and marketing. Okay? So, but as far as getting their property that applies in our business as well, so.

Deal Makers or Deal Finders Part 5 πŸ‘€Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 13, 2022

You got to remember that we are deal finders, not deal makers. There are thousands and thousands of deals in every market. We just have to find them. And that's what our marketing does. It finds these deals. So, we've got to sit through a lot of those sometimes because we're getting all kinds of different leads coming in through our pipeline. So, the key is to find those deals and move on from the ones that aren't deals, because I've seen not just the people that work for me, but I've seen it through other wholesalers that people just try and try to make a deal out of something that's just not there.

Deal Makers or Deal Finders? Part 4 πŸ‘ˆΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 12, 2022

Obviously when there's a deal out there and we find it, then we start negotiating to make that even a better deal, but it's already a deal just because of the situation the homeowner's going through. Okay, So that's kind of my two cents on that as far as that goes. But yeah, there's some truth into sure we are deal makers when it comes down to it, because we're negotiating and its sales at the end of the day, this entire business is all marketing and sales, of course. But as far as just, you know, every day doing the deal and reaching out to different lists and people on these lists, we are literally deal finders, not deal makers.

Deal Makers or Deal Finders Part 3 πŸ“’Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 11, 2022

If the seller is not motivated or the seller themselves is not distressed or they don't have a situation of some sort themselves, then it's not gonna be a deal. So that's why I say that we're deal finders and not deal makers, because obviously through the marketing that we do, we sit through hundreds of thousands of leads, you know, especially in my business, you know, we actively do about 10 different marketing channels at all times all day every day. So obviously we're getting, you know, we have a huge list of different types of people, for the different channels that we use, but we're not trying to go make a deal out of those necessarily. You know, we're trying to find the deals because they're out there, the deals are already there, we just have to find them.

Deal Makers or Deal Finders Part 2 🀝 | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 10, 2022

So, when I say, are we deal makers or deal finders? It's actually one of the core things that that I talked to, you know, my staff about. We are deal finders, not deal makers. And the reason I say that is you get lost and just trying to make a deal out of something that's not even a deal, okay, you're just stuck on a seller because, you know, you think it's a good deal. It's got all the signs of a distressed home. You know, it's got the equity that we need, it's got all the things that we need, you know, to make a traditional deal. But the only problem is a lot of times these sellers are just not ready to sell or they don't want to sell or they're still in denial. whatever the case is, they just, they they're just, it's just not a deal for us, right.

Deal Makers or Deal Finders? Part 1 πŸ€”Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 09, 2022

Are we deal makers or deal finders? So, this is kind of, you'll get answers. If you ask, probably 20 different wholesalers, you'll get different answers, because it's a good question to bring up dealmaker or deal finder. So obviously, you know, when you're selling, you're kind of you're trying to make a deal right happen. But when we're looking at wholesaling, so the whole key to wholesaling is finding a motivated seller, right? We're not necessarily looking for, you know, distressed houses. It's really a motivated seller is what you want, Okay.

Marketing Strategy For Wholesaling! Part 6 πŸ“žΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 08, 2022

Because how are you going to teach them how to do it if you don't know how to do it yourself? So, if you want to do cold calling, obviously that's free because you can do that yourself. You already have a phone, you already drove for your list and then you got a skip trace them. So that's a little bit of money to find those phone numbers. But then once you have those get on the phone and call them and after you master that and you've got it down really good to where you feel confident, where you can teach somebody else how to do with a V. A. That's when you can delegate it after you've got some skills under your belt and you're kind of a pro at it. Okay.

Marketing Strategy For Wholesaling! Part 5 πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 07, 2022

Whatever you commit to, you got to fully commit and honestly do it all the time. you know, any type of marketing that you do, if it doesn't work right away, that doesn't mean it doesn't work. That just means you have nothing long enough or consistent enough. Okay. Especially direct mail or pay per click or Facebook. Sometimes you gotta tweak those things a little bit here and there, or they got to see your message over and over to whether it will finally start clicking for the audience that you're trying to reach before they're actually gonna pursue the message and, you know, take action on the call or, or whatever it is you're trying to get them to do whether to form, fill online or whatever.

Marketing Strategy For Wholesaling! Part 4 πŸ“’Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 06, 2022

You got to get good at one particular marketing strategy, maybe even two. Okay. One or two, I would say. But starting out maybe just focus on one because you got to get good at what you're trying to do before you venture off into other things. Okay. Especially if you're kind of low on the budget wise, and you want to do something on the cheap or even free, then definitely don't do direct mail. That's probably the most expensive thing that you can do besides PPC. All marketing strategies are effective if you do them consistently and you commit to them by other marketing strategies that people do, like SMS, which is texting.

Marketing Strategy For Wholesaling! Part 2 🧲 | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 05, 2022

So, what do I mean by that? Let's just take, for example, some of you may have may have heard of yellow letters, you know, writing yellow letters, handwritten yellow letters and mailing those out to a list or to driving for dollars list that you've created of some sort. So, if you're just starting out, obviously that's easy to do, you can do it on your own. You know, write Handwrite, literally handwrite a letter on yellow pad and mail that out to prospective sellers right to hopefully distressed sellers because that's the key is trying to find these distressed sellers, not necessarily distressed homes, but it's distressed sellers that we're really looking for.

Get Free Seller Leads Part 2 πŸ€‘Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 04, 2022

So, the first one is obviously driving for dollars, which a lot of you have probably heard that term if you've been looking into wholesaling at all, so you're looking for distressed houses that need some work okay? And so, you know if you can find a decent neighborhood that's got some definite eyesores in that neighborhood. Those are the houses that you wanna pursue because those are typically bigger ARV. Which means you know it's more desirable. The average family can afford a home in that area.

Marketing Strategy For Wholesaling! πŸ“’Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 03, 2022

If you're new to whole selling you know, marketing strategy wise, I would say is will depend on kind of where you're at in your business if you're brand new or if your experience. Okay. So as far as marketing goes, pretty much everything that you've heard, or if you haven't heard of anything, pretty much all marketing strategies work if you do them consistently, and you gotta commit to them okay.

Virtual Wholesale From Anywhere! 🌎 | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 02, 2022

Just showing that this beautiful view is amazing, and that you can actually virtual wholesale from anywhere in the world, literally, especially once you start scaling and you have a team. but really, I just wanted to talk to you about, you know, wholesaling in general, my whole channel is about the truth and wholesaling and how it can definitely change your life if you're willing to put the work in, if you're willing to do what it takes to get a deal, to get that next level.

Learning Good Ad Copy! Part 5 πŸ’ͺΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

September 01, 2022

Any business in general. Their whole goal is to move product, whether you have a retail store or whatever it is, what's going to draw people in. That's what you got to think of when you're trying to make good ad copy. And then just remember in bullet points just to keep it simple, tell the facts, give the positives first and then maybe some of the repairs after that and then give them kind of your two cents on what you think rehab could be. You know, they can kind of determine that on their own. And then when they see that that's 100 50 K off, obviously they gotta put 50 into it after those repairs that you mentioned. That's 100 K. Profit potential after they fixed everything up. So, heck yeah, they wanna they wanna move on that deal. Probably so but at the same time they would have maybe never opened that property if you didn't have the good ad copy to begin with. And especially that title and heading or the subject line of your email. Okay.

Learning Good Ad Copy! Part 4 πŸ’β€β™‚οΈΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 31, 2022

You know, because, they need to come up with good tag lines as far as, what's going to capture an audience, you know, what's gonna get because keep in mind, the buyers probably are on hundreds of different wholesaler email list or text blast or all those different things or they're seeing a bunch of them in their investor groups on Facebook. Like what's gonna make you stand out? That's a, you really kind of got to look at it, what’s gonna put me, make me different than everyone else? Set me aside, set me apart above the competition. and, and the answer is a lot of times your ad copy. Okay, so what you wanna do is, you know, as opposed to you got a hot deal in San Diego, 150 k off or something like along those lines or another example, could be smoking deal great flip area in San Diego, something like that.

Learning Good Ad Copy! Part 3 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 30, 2022

Because you might have a great deal with terrible ad copy and nobody looks at it and it's not because the deal is not great. Sometimes you might have experienced this, you thought you had a great deal and just nobody looks at it. No one's interested. Well a lot of it could be because of your ad copy. So, keep that in mind. You know, so it's your job in your business if you're doing dispo and if you're not doing dispo and you actually have a disposition manager running this, it's their job basically to be a marketing expert, you know, an advertising guru if you will.

Learning Good Ad Copy! πŸ‘ Part 2Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 29, 2022

This entire business is a sales and marketing business. Okay? So, if you can get good at marketing, β–ͺ and the biggest part as far as selling your deal in the marketing aspect of things is good ad copy. Okay? So, ad copy is exactly that. I mean it's copywrite, it's what you're saying. So, you gotta keep in mind we are advertising or marketing to a different type of clientele. Okay. When we're marketing to cash buyers, we've got this distressed property that we got under contract at a huge discount, and we want to make a spread okay?

Learning Good Ad Copy! Part 1 ✍️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 28, 2022

If you want to increase your profit margin as far as your assignment fee goes, learning good ad copy is key. So today I'm gonna just kind of give you a couple of tips and ideas as far as how you could, you know, increase your sales and write better ad copy to attract buyers. So really what copyrighting is and what ad copy means is basically what your your whole display, ad or your email blast. Whatever it says, matters okay.

Get Free Seller Leads! Part 4 πŸ“’Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 27, 2022

Friends and family. Just word of mouth in general. If you just put it out there, what you're doing, just say, hey, I'm a real estate investor or whatever you wanna call yourself or get a couple of T shirts, man that doesn't cost much money either that I buy houses and wear that around. And also, another super cheap way is, to get one of those magnetic signs for your car or your truck, just put it on the door or on the back of your vehicle. It's kind of like a mobile bandit sign. Probably one of the best ways. and it's definitely free. You can actually just offer a bonus, offer your mailman 500 bucks. Just say, hey, if you bring me, you know, a list of, of houses that, you know, are 100% vacant. You know, here's my card, here's my name and phone number, you know, text me these addresses. If I'm able to buy any of these, I'll give you $500.

Get Free Seller Leads Part 3 πŸ‘€Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 26, 2022

Another way you can get some free leads is at the county. All of your counties have public information. You can pull probate lists from the county. You can pull oftentimes like water shut off lists or eviction lists. Tax delinquent list. Sometimes they charge a little bit for these just for their travel, but it's usually, you know, 1500 bucks, something like that. It's not a lot of money. Then you can get them for you can go pull probate list on your own or find somebody to go do it for you. The lists at the county are the best lists, Their period.

Driving For Dollars! πŸ€‘Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 25, 2022

So, the first one is obviously driving for dollars, which a lot of you have probably heard that term if you've been looking into wholesaling at all, so you're looking for distressed houses that need some work okay? And so, you know if you can find a decent neighborhood that's got some definite eyesores in that neighborhood. Those are the houses that you wanna pursue because those are typically bigger ARV. Which means you know it's more desirable. The average family can afford a home in that area.

Get Free Seller Leads! Part 1🀝 | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 24, 2022

You can get free or almost free seller leads. Okay, so it takes a little more work to get free leads, obviously as opposed to buying them. However, you know, free is always better. And if you're doing this kind of starting out, free is especially better at that point, because you're just getting going. Obviously if you have money, you can shorten the timeline as far as when you get deals, how fast you get them, but if you're just starting out and you don't have much money, these are just a couple of ideas that you can do for free or almost free. Okay.

Searching Out Title Companies! πŸ‘€Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 23, 2022

How you find the right title company or title companies in the markets that you choose to go into. Okay, I was searching out title companies, you know, when I first started within a week or so, I went to a local meet up that I found, because I started in the market that I lived in and I found this meet up, you know, that's where I found my 1st 18 cash buyers, which I've talked about in other videos as well. But I also, you know, was talking to people about, you know, title companies and there was a lot of them, you know, I was surprised, you know, because I thought, you know, listening to the gurus, like hardly any title companies know what assignments are and know how to do this. but that's not really true.

Have A Pro Mindset! 🧠 | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 22, 2022

So obviously everybody starts out somewhere, right. we're all newbies at some point in time, no matter what we're doing. So, wholesaling is no different. All right. So, I started wholesaling in September 2018, so a couple of years ago now and really? you know, right. When I started, I just basically acted like I'd always been doing it right. I didn't act like a newbie. I already acted like a pro on my very first deal as if that was just normal. Okay. I just kind of just had that mindset that hey, I knew what I had. It was a good deal and I was kind of calling the shots and in control and so I didn't look like a newbie because, you know, I figured a RVS correctly marketed it at a good price, you know, and people were interested.

Being Obsessed! πŸ’β€β™‚οΈΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 21, 2022

Be obsessed or be average. And that's really what separates a good entrepreneur and wholesaler apart from the people that aren't so successful in it. Okay. So being obsessed to me, you know when I learned wholesaling and I saw the that this is possible and that I could potentially make tens of thousands of dollars just by getting contracts with motivated sellers and then selling those contracts to cash buyers man, just a light bulb in my head. And it stayed lit, okay, And I was just completely obsessed with it. Okay.

Guaranteed Signature Part 3 ✍️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 20, 2022

So, the key is you want them to actually be at their computer or at their phone at the time that you send it if you're if you want to guarantee contract to come back to you do it while you're over the phone with them is the point okay. We won't even allow like you can't sit in a contract out anymore unless you're on the phone with the with the seller because we get those back 100% of the time, 20% of the time if they actually just send it out blindly and a lot of times your sellers, they're smarter than they're leading on and they're shopping that contract around to other buyers or they just straight goes to and don't care anymore because they've got other things on their mind because they're distressed right.

Guaranteed Signature Part 2 πŸ“‘Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 19, 2022

So, here's what happens. You agree to $50,000. The seller agrees to do that okay? And we agreed on it. We both have this verbal agreement for $50,000. So, I'm gonna email you this contract over and you just sign and send it back and we'll get it we'll get it all started right? Yeah that sounds simple and that sounds logical and sure you wanna believe a seller that they're actually going to do that but I'm telling you right now they won't do it. Don't send the contract okay? Don't send it just blindly. And I know there's different gurus out there that they'll teach you just to go make a ton of offers and send all kinds of contracts out there right?

Guarantee Signature Part 1✍️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 18, 2022

How you can guarantee that your contracts actually get signed when you send them to sellers. Probably it's one of the biggest hurdles that my acquisition managers used to have. So, I'm giving you this video just so you don't have to reinvent the will so you can learn from others mistakes or whatever. learn from my acquisition managers mistakes really, because I've implemented this all along, ever since I started in business when I was doing acquisitions myself.

Is Wholesaling Just A Side Hustle? πŸ€”Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 17, 2022

Is virtual wholesaling or just wholesaling in general a good side hustle? Is it right for you? Is it not? Let me just kind of tell you why I chose it. So, I came across wholesaling real estate in September of 2018. So today is November 2020. So just over two years ago I found out about wholesaling. So, it quickly in my mind became like the best side hustle I'd ever heard of in my life, right, and not even just a side hustle. A main hustle, Right?

Find MAO? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 16, 2022

Alright now we're gonna go traditional method. Everybody teaches a different formula. But this is pretty much standard. We're gonna take that same ARV. And say it's $100k. We're gonna multiply by 75%. Pretty standard of 75% is pretty safe no matter where you live, okay? So, $100k times 75% you get $75K. Right? Now, we want to subtract the repairs. Okay? Let's call it $15K. Brings me down to $60k right? And then I want to make at least $10K, still right? And we're gonna subtract $10K from that deal. so $50K will be my MAO, my maximum allowable offer.

CRM! πŸ‘ˆ Is It Necessary? πŸ€”Β | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 15, 2022

Do you need a CRM to succeed? So, let's dive into it. So, when I first started a couple of years ago, you know, obviously brand new, knowing nothing, just watching YouTube videos, YouTube University, like people like to say, is truly how I learned, you know, every step of this entire process of whole selling. So, obviously I didn't have a CRM when I started and, and I would say it's definitely not necessary. I mean, I know people even now that that do pretty good numbers $50k, $60k, $70k a month.

Renegotiating Skills! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈΒ | Wholesaling Real Estate

August 14, 2022

Sometimes you have to unleash the R. E. I. Beast, right? We don't like to do it, but sometimes it's necessary. So, honing up on your renegotiating skills, skills and just your sales skills in general. As far as reading people, your tonality listening to them and getting the whole field of conversations, is vitally important because if it wasn't for renegotiating that a second time We all would have lost on the deal. But as it was, we made a $15,000 profit and the seller was happy as well.

Skip Tracing? BE AWARE! πŸ”Ž| Wholesaling Real Estate

August 13, 2022

So, this video is specifically is about skip tracing companies. Now, I'll be the first to tell you all skip tracing companies are not created equal. Trust me. Ask me how I know, right? So, I'm gonna tell you, I do know from experience β–ͺ that there are a lot of affordable if you want to call it that really cheap skip tracing companies out there. But I know from experience not to go with those companies, Okay.

How To Track Your Marketing? πŸ“ž| Wholesaling Real Estate

August 12, 2022

Alright, the 1st 1 is call rail. So, call rail is a company to where you can actually get. I think you get 10 phone numbers for $30 a month. So, it's important when you're wholesaling to track your marketing, so reuse that strictly as a tracking mechanism. All of our phone calls ultimately go through call rail, so we know exactly where our money is being spent. Okay, so call rail is for tracking.