You Never Fail! 🙅‍♂️ |Wholesaling Real Estate

January 04, 2024

Just keep grinding, no matter how long it takes you. If it takes you five weeks or five months, it doesn't matter. Keep doing the deal every day and I promise you will be successful. You just got to keep going. You never fail unless you quit.

How You Can Sustain? 🤔 |Wholesaling Real Estate

January 03, 2024

And if you always have a ton of leads in your pipeline, you're making a ton of offers and you're going to get contracts signed. You've always got deals closing every week. So that's how you kind of can sustain that.

Make Your Mind Set! 🧠 |Wholesaling Real Estate

January 02, 2024

I know some people. That's the hardest part for them is just the mindset. You got to be self-disciplined to wake up every morning and do what you got to do to bring in leads, make offers, get contract signed, get that to the closing table so that you can actually get paid.

First Deal Will Chane Your Life! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate

January 01, 2024

I'll say that your first deal will change everything about you. You know, I've always had a good mind, you know, because mindset is the most important thing. You've got to believe that it's possible and have the I don't know, the drive and and all those kind of things that it takes to really dig into this business.

Changed The Trajectory! 👈 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 31, 2023

You know, until you actually close your first deal, It's all still kind of hope. And a dream, I guess, is where I could say I will say that it definitely changed the trajectory of my life once I got that first deal.

$20,000 On One Deal! 💵 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 30, 2023

You know, just because wholesaling real estate, I mean, I don't know anything else like it where you can actually make $10, $15, $20,000 on one deal.

It'll Change Your LIFE! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 29, 2023

The first deal will completely change not just your mindset, but also it'll change your life and what you believe it could be.

Get Your First Deal! 🤝 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 28, 2023

So you get your first deal you know, it's sometimes difficult. Now, some people get their first deal very quickly like I did. Some people I know it's taken over a year. The key is just keep going to stay consistent, keep doing the deal, and you'll eventually be successful.

You Will Be Successful! 😇 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 27, 2023

If you're consistent, you will be successful, I guarantee you. Basically impossible not to because it is a numbers game. So even if you're kind of messing up your accidentally be successful because you were consistent in your action. Right.

Real Side Hustle! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 26, 2023

You know, just like if you have a 9 to 5 right now, you consistently get up every morning to go to work, don't you? That's the same thing. Do you want to make wholesaling real estate a business or turn it into a real side hustle even before you quit your 9 to 5? Just be consistent and you'll make it happen for sure.

Do This To Be Successful! 😇 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 25, 2023

You've got to do the marketing consistently. You've got to do the lead follow ups consistently. You've got to do adding to your buyer's list consistently. You've got to be talking to different title companies, different buyers and sellers. I mean, how do you expect to be successful if you're not consistent?

All Based On Consistency! 🔄 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 24, 2023

Whatever you choose, do it consistently and become a master at it before you delegate it out. This entire business, every portion of it, is all based on consistency.

Stay Consistent! ✅ | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 23, 2023

Cold Calling, now we've got a dialed in to where they're actually trained, where we actually get good leads from it. But we do it consistently every single week, you know, not every week do we get deals from cold calling, but, you know, they're still doing the thing. It's just like a numbers game. Eventually the leads are come in. You just got to stay consistent at it.

Set It & Forget It! 😇 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 22, 2023

I quickly moved into other channels too, where you could almost set it and forget it. You know, that's why I love radio. You can do the ad and set it and forget it. So it's consistent on its own. That's why I do like RVM and SMS. It set it and forget it for a while.

It Didn't Work For Me! 🤷‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 21, 2023

My first marketing channel was direct mail. I quickly moved in cold calling after that just so I could try to add another. I was consistent on the cold calling, but I didn't coach them and I didn't teach them, so it failed. So I dropped it, you know, after a few months because it didn't work for me.

Just Commit To It! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 20, 2023

Or if you did driving for dollars like if you choose that method, then do it on certain time. You know, just commit to it to do that consistently over time and then you get 50 hours times, 52 weeks. Then you got a pretty big size of list that you could do something with.

Driving For Dollars! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 19, 2023

Most people do driving for dollars, probably initially because it's free. But the biggest problem is they don't do it consistently. This is truly a numbers game, so the broader you can go, you know, the bigger the lists that you can build, the better you're going to do.

Cheaper Methods That You Can Do! 👍 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 18, 2023

A lot of people choose some of the cheaper methods, SMS RVM cold calling and abandon and signs. So that's five easy things that I could do. So what they'll do is they make a mistake and they'll do all five of those things, right.

DO This FIRST! 👈 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 17, 2023

Whatever you decide to do, you're going to go all in on that. First of all, and then you've got to be consistent. The problem is, you know, people will stop doing that after a while.

Marketing HACK! 🤙 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 16, 2023

What do you do with marketing? Obviously, there's a hack that most of you should know. It's common sense, but most people won't do. It is consistency.

The Very First Step! 🦶 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 15, 2023

Marketing is not rocket science. Obviously, when you're wholesale in real estate, the very first step is to get leads coming in because without leads you can't do anything else.

Consistency Is Everything! 👈 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 14, 2023

Just stay consistent, keep taking action, and you'll get deals. But do it all the time. Consistency is everything.

How You Become Successful! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 13, 2023

Really just staying consistent, doing the deal day in and day out ultimately is how you become successful. You can learn to get better and talk to the sellers. You can learn getting good at sales skills and all those things along the way.

Consistently Is Everything! 🔄 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 12, 2023

I kept doing what I knew work. If it's not broke, don't fix it. You've heard that saying a million times, and it doesn't ring more true as it does in wholesaling real estate so consistently is everything.

I Kept Doing What I Knew Work! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 11, 2023

What I did when I started. As I stayed consistent, I kept doing what I knew work. I kept it simple. Ultimately, the way that I went from 1500 dollars literally to over a million and millions at this point.

$1500 To Over 1 Million! 💰 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 09, 2023

My $1500 ultimately ended up scaling me to over $1,000,000 in less than two years is simply because of consistency. You can't just do the mail one time and expect deals to keep coming in.

My 1st Phone Call Ended Up Being A Deal! 📞 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 08, 2023

So actually, my very first phone call ended up being a deal, which is probably super rare, I would say. But at the same time, they had to have motivation and they had to want to sell even though they needed to sell.

I Got 3 Deals! 🤝 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 07, 2023

What I did is I found the list, and the list was probably around 2000 people. It wasn't huge and it was just a high equity list. I did the direct mail. I decided to do letters. Actually, it was around $1500. I think it got me 3 deals. My very first mailing, which was crazy.

Made The Most Sense! 😇 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 06, 2023

Because there's a lot of ways you can source deals and sign. Cold calling, text messaging, RV radio ads, TV ads, billboards wrapping your car, driving for dollars, you know, all these different things. But direct mail made the most sense for me.

Sales & Marketing! 📢 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 05, 2023

Every business out there, if they're really good at business, at least it's just a sales and marketing business. Anything that you do in business is sales marketing, because without sales, you know, you don't really have anything and you have to have marketing to get those sales.

Our GOAL Is To HELP! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 04, 2023

Our goal is to help these sellers get out of a difficult situation and really perform on their contract so that we help them out. Okay, so wholesaling real estate, you know, that's exactly what that is.

Wholesaling Real Estate Like An ATM! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 03, 2023

Our main priority is wholesaling real estate. Why? Because that's truly like an ATM. It gives you the cash to do other things. There's no risk in it at all. You don't have any of your money tied up into it.

Thank GOD! I Found This! 😇 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 02, 2023

You know, when I got started, I was doing marketing and advertising. To be honest, I was just getting burned out. And that's when I truly found real estate and specifically wholesaling. Almost everything that we own, everything that we have has been wholesale at some time or another.

$1500 Into $1 Million! 💰 | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 01, 2023

Is it really possible to start out with $1500 and go to over $1 million in less than two years? Yes, it is true. You can start out with $1500 and go to a million or more in less than two years. I actually did it. So I'm living proof.

Sky's The Limit! 💪|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 29, 2023

Ultimately if we were getting sourcing deals and that just, you know, the sky's the limit for you as far as investing go.

Sourcing Deals Will Make You Rich! 💰|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 28, 2023

Sourcing deals will make you rich. It'll make you rich because you can use it for your personal portfolio and your fix and flips. Also, if you're good at sourcing deals, you can wholesale a lot too. And that's why our company is successful, because we're really good at sourcing deals.

It Keeps More Money In Your Pocket! 💵|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 27, 2023

But if you're good at sourcing your own deals, not only will you save a lot of money, but you'll also get the best deals because the buyers that actually buy from wholesalers like me. So it saves you money out of pocket from paying a wholesaler and you know, it keeps more money in your pocket.

Getting Into The Game! 🤛|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 26, 2023

Whether you're getting into the game of investing, just starting out as a fix and flipper because a lot of people do, or if you're just starting out as a buy and hold. You want to be a landlord or whatever that strategy is, where you're just keeping the property. You can start out of doing those.

The Two Biggest Things! 💪|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 25, 2023

The biggest factor when you're talking to sellers, obviously, is their motivation, because if they're not motivated, whether they need to sell or not, because they definitely have to have motivation and you have to have the condition of the property. And that's the two biggest things.

More Follow Ups More DEALS! 🤝|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 24, 2023

So obviously, the more people you follow up with, the more sellers you talk to, the more comfortable you get and the better you get at negotiating body language. Talking to sellers.

Get Good At This JOB! 👍|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 23, 2023

Without sourcing the deal, wholesaling wouldn't even be a thing, right? Because that's kind of the foundation of the whole thing. Get good at this job, you know, you decided to do this for a living.

Make The Bigger Paychecks! 🤑|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 22, 2023

So if you can learn to source deals, you can get rich in this business because ultimately most people's goal is to get passive income through rental properties or to make the bigger paychecks through fixing and flipping.

Saved $15,000 Per Deal! 💵|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 21, 2023

I own close to 20 rentals now. All of those I sourced myself or my company did at least. So that saved me, you know, ten or $15,000 per deal. So that potentially saved me at least $200,000 because I source the deal myself.

Starting Getting Rentals! 🤑|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 20, 2023

I started out wholesaling, so I quickly turned into starting getting rentals. What I would does, what I did is provided me deals I didn't have to buy from other wholesalers to get my rentals.

Sourcing The DEAL! 🤝|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 19, 2023

Once you get a deal, I promise you, the cash buyers will flock to you if it really is truly a deal. But sourcing the deal is kind of the foundation of wholesaling and real estate investing in general.

What We Do As Wholesalers! 🤔|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 18, 2023

What we do as wholesalers is sales. You're doing sell skills when you're talking to sellers, trying to get the deal, and you're also showing your sales skills when you're talking to buyers trying to sell that deal.

That's What Wholesaling Is! 🏡|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 17, 2023

You're good at talking to motivated sellers about their problems, trying to solve their problem and ultimately trying to just help them out of their situation. That's what wholesaling is.

You Can Be RICH! 🤑|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 16, 2023

Bringing motivated sellers, getting the contract. That's the hardest part in wholesaling. And if you can learn that part alone, I mean, you can be rich.

Simple But Very Difficult! 🙄|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 15, 2023

I'm just telling the truth about wholesaling in general. Yes, it's a simple concept, but it is very difficult. You know, in the big scheme of things, if we really wanted to make it a business and start turning over deals every single month after month.

You Can Make Life Changing Money! 🤑|Wholesaling Real Estate

November 14, 2023

This business can be truly beneficial and rewarding financially and mentally in every way because you can make life changing money, but you do have to treat it as a business if you really want to be successful, in my opinion.