Follow Up Is Key! 🔑 | Wholesaling Real Estate

June 05, 2023

Keep in mind, it typically takes about 10 to 12 follow ups before you ever get a deal. That's kind of the industry average, not just, you know, in wholesaling, but that's just the industry sales average. It takes 10 to 12 touches before you actually can get somewhere with someone. So follow up is key.

Keep Following! 👍 | Wholesaling Real Estate

June 04, 2023

They could just be completely distracted with their life and it's kind of already out of their mind after they fill it out. And they may not even have you in mind at all. So we've got to keep following it forever and ever and ever until they basically sell us the house or tell us that they've already sold it or told us that they're not interested.

Reach Sellers! 🤔 | Wholesaling Real Estate

June 03, 2023

We try every single day, several times a day, until we reach these people, you know, because we if we do have five touches within the first 5 minutes, you know, we might try again 2 or 3 hours later because you never know. Now they might be near their phone or they might be available at the time or whatever the situation is.

Timing Is Everything! ⏱ | Wholesaling Real Estate

June 02, 2023

And the reason I'm saying timing is everything, because you never know what's going on in a seller's life. Like they might have came into your system today. And for whatever reason they got busy or distracted or life goes on. And that's kind of their most their main priority is trying to get through that situation. In the meantime, they're also thinking in the back of their mind, Well, I need to sell my house. I need, you know, move grandma to a nursing home. I need to do all these different things so their mind is all over the place. That's why I say timing is everything.

Try To Get A Hold Of Them! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate

June 01, 2023

Try to get a hold of them, whatever it takes. So we call three times in a row we text and then we also send an email because usually these forms that they fill out, it requires an email to be filled. So we do. That's five touches pretty much within 5 minutes.

You Might Lose Them! 🤦‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 31, 2023

So, you know, try and three times and hang it up and say, I'm going to call tomorrow. You might lose them, because that could be part of the reason they're not answering, too. They might be on the other line calling another investor because they didn't get a hold of us yet. Right after we call three times in a row, it's literally back to back ringing ring. They don't answer. Hang up, redial, remarrying, don't answer, hang up, redial. So we do that three times in a row. If they don't answer, we send a text right away.

That's Our Opportunity! ✌️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 30, 2023

Especially if it's a hot lead, like if it's paper clinically. I mean, that leads causing us several hundred dollars in most cases. Or if it's a Facebook lead, you know, we want to get a hold of those people. You know, A.S.A.P like right now because they're physically on the computer right there. And if you just got the form fell and it came back into your system, that means they're on the computer right there in there and they're actively pursuing a cash buyer for their property. So that's our opportunity right there when they're on the computer.

Reaching Sellers! 🙋‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 29, 2023

They kind of our policy. Just to give you an idea of when we're reaching sellers, especially like on the first call, like they came into our CRM system. So the first time we tried to reach out to them, it's like a three call minimum back to back. If they don't answer the first time, soon as you hang up, you're calling them again.

How To Reach Motivated Sellers? 🙋‍♀️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 27, 2023

How to reach motivated sellers, how timing is everything whenever you're trying to reach motivated sellers. So timing is key. And the reason I say that is because, you know, whenever you're wholesaling a real estate, obviously consistency is everything in this business. So if you've got to be reaching out to these sellers all day, every day.

Something Out Of Nothing! 😇 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 26, 2023

Obviously, like I said, our first priority is always to wholesale, but when you can't wholesale it and you have the resources and you know you have a good deal, just go ahead and take it down and flip it yourself. Because at the end of the day, it's still 30 grand. That's better than five grand or two grand or nothing. And luckily we were able to close on the property and still make a $30,000 profit. So we basically made something out of nothing, you know, if you want to put it that way. But.

We Made Profit Of $32,250 On This Deal! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 25, 2023

price that $70,000 the remodeling costs and holding cost at $26,000 than our list price at $135,000 closing and commissions will be about $6,750. So that gives us a potential profit of $32,250.

Know Your Market and Numbers Really Well! 🤔 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 24, 2023

If you know a market really well and you know your numbers really well, that's when it helps, you know, to be confident in what you have, you know, because obviously we did get offers on this property, but they were lower than what we even had the property for. I want to make no less than $10,000. So we decided to go ahead and take it down.

Ultimate Goal Is True Freedom! 🎯 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 23, 2023

Once you start wholesaling for a while, you eventually can merge into doing flips and holding rentals of your own and that kind of thing, because the ultimate goal, you know, is true freedom through owning or at least controlling properties where you can have that financial freedom and monthly income forever, right?

Our Number One Strategy On All Dispositions! 👍 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 22, 2023

This property actually came through Facebook. The seller filled out the form from our ad now this deal and this particular neighborhood in. So our goal on this property, our goal and every single property, to be honest, is to wholesale it. You know, that's our number one strategy on all dispositions.

Break Down The Whole Thing! 🙋‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 21, 2023

I'm going to show you exactly how much we bought this property for, how much we put into the remodel, what the holding costs were, what our potential profit is, because we do have it listed now. And also, you know, I just want to kind of break down the whole thing. I'm going to show you a video just to give you an idea of what we did.

Always TRUST But CONFIRM!! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 20, 2023

You know, always when you're negotiating with sellers, always trust. But you got to confirm later, especially if you have to renegotiate it. That just gives you ammo for your lower price that you're asking.

Sellers Are Very Reasonable! 💁 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 19, 2023

You're buying it based on what they told you. If the facts aren't what they told you are correct, then obviously we have to renegotiate that deal because we probably can't sell it because we bought it based on what they told us. So anyways, when you're renegotiating, you never want to go in blind and just ask for lower price just because you couldn't find a buyer yet to justify that lower prices. And explain that to them. Usually sellers are very reasonable. They understand like, yeah, that does make sense.

Agreed On This Price Based On The Facts! 👈 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 18, 2023

You're saying, Hey, you know, we bought this house. We were we agreed on this price based on these facts. These are the facts that you told us. But here's the reality that we're seeing with the pictures and video. Therefore, you know, we're going to have to get it closer to this price instead of the original price we agreed on. So obviously, you can understand our point of view. We're buying it and purchasing agreed on that price. Based on what you told us.

It's All About That First Conversation! 💬 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 17, 2023

So when they get the pictures and the video back, they're analyzing those pictures and video based on what the acquisition manager found out in the conversation. Okay, You want to do all this work initially because if you do have to renegotiate, it's all about that first conversation.

Confirming With BOOTS ON THE GROUND! 📸 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 16, 2023

So we're trusting everything that you're telling us and we're confirming that later with our boots on the ground compared to the pictures. So when you get your pictures and video back from your boots on the ground, it's important to really go through those. Look at side by side with the notes that your acquisition manager took.

Trusting Everything That they Tell You! 🤔 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 15, 2023

What I say is trust and confirm. So what I mean by that is, so they're telling us all this information and we finally get to agree on a price scale. And you're basically trusting everything that they tell you because that's how it works in virtual. So in especially because we're not physically seeing the house, most of the houses that we do, we never see them at all. We never meet the seller in person. We never meet the buyer in person.

Get A Deal On The First Call! 📞 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 14, 2023

Will you ever get a deal on the first call? Sometimes it could happen. I'm not saying it won't happen, but it's super rare. Most of our deals come after ten follow ups or more. That's just the name of the game in sales in general, not just wholesaling.

Always Trust But Confirm! 🤝 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 11, 2023

You know, always trust but confirm. So basically you're getting all the information from them and you want them to talk at least 80% of the time in the conversation compared to your 20% you know, that's what we kind of teach our acquisition people. So really, it's it's all about just listening to what they say, taking your notes.

5 Major Things With Every House! ✅ | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 10, 2023

We at least need the five major things with every house. So what those things are, we want to know about the foundation. You know, what kind of foundation is it? Plumbing. The electric and then the roof. That's the five major things that that typically cost for most, especially if you're just selling to landlords.

What Do You Want For The House? 🏠 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 09, 2023

The most important part is not the house itself. It's always about the seller, their particular problem or issue or distress. We would like to get their price if they can tell us the price, because that's the ultimate goal, you know. What do you want for the House?

It All Starts With Your Conversation! 💭 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 08, 2023

So getting their motivation is always the most important thing that you can do no matter what. You know, what we can do as far as how much we can buy it for, because we always have to think about the end in mind. Like our goal is to wholesale this property. So what can we potentially wholesale this deal for, you know, in the end? So it all it all starts with your conversation. Okay.

How to Negotiate with Sellers? 🤔 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 07, 2023

How to negotiate with sellers specifically is how you trust what they're saying. But then you always back that up with confirmation. What what brought them to this point to where they're calling us or they're actually listen to us because we call them what is behind their motivation? What type of distress are they going through at the moment? What can we do for them? How can we fix their problem?

How To Purchase A List? 🤷‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 06, 2023

So then you go to either say the criteria and you can name it, or you can just straight purchase the list at that point. So once you do that, it's going to give you the price breakdown and everything else. $180 is what this shows on me. So I would just simply continue to check out.

How To Looking for Absentee Owned? 👀 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 05, 2023

So we did geography, the property tab and the options tab. Okay, so now we're looking for absentee owned. So you want to click that. Now this is already automatically checked, include properties with in-state owners, include property with out-of-state owners. Now our list is 6900. It's notice that.

Property Type Demonstration! 🙋‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 04, 2023

Now property type is a is a big one for this demonstration. Obviously, we want residential single family. So we want to add that I always choose at least four duplex and the triplex and we want quads. So we've got all of those selected.

How to Calculate Equity Year Build? 📅 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 03, 2023

So after equity we want to choose to do year built. We want something at least 20 years old, 2000, you know, as the newest that we would work basically. So we know at least 20 years old. As you can see, the numbers change over here. Now we're down to 54,000. Okay, you're built.

How to Calculate Equity Percentage? 🤔 | Wholesaling Real Estate

May 02, 2023

Now what you want to do is go to property. Once you get on the property, you're going to select this dropdown again under select criteria equity percentage, because obviously when you're wholesaling, we have to have equity in a property if you're doing a traditional wholesale. So let's just go ahead and choose. So we basically have between 51 all the way to 100% equity. Okay, we added all those there on the right side. That means these are the ones that are selected.

How to Search Our Criteria? 🔍 | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 30, 2023

So once you are logged in, the very first thing you want to do is create your own. Okay. So once you go to create your own, it's going to bring up this geography tab. So first, we're going to search our criteria. You want to start your list with either a city, a county, or a zip code. Let's just start with City, Florida. Okay. All right. So there's Tampa, Florida, right there. So after you highlight Tampa, Florida, you click ADD and obviously it moves it over to the right side. As you can see, our county is 139,760 records. Obviously, that's a ton of records.

How to Pull a List and Absentee List? 📄 | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 29, 2023

Step by step how to pull a list and absentee list from this source. Okay. So I'm going to go through this step by step. So the first thing you got to do is if you don't already have an account, you need to get an account. So you go to list source dot com that I'm actually going to bring you to this home page right here. It is a free account that you can just sign up for. If you already have one simply log in.

You Can Be In That Ballpark! ✅ | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 28, 2023

Analyze the deal in 30 seconds. Type in the address. Search it in Google. Click on Zillow. Click on Redfin. Click on Average those. Split that in half. That's what you know, you can kind of be in that ballpark.

We Don't Want to Miss a Solid Hot Lead! 🙅‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 27, 2023

Sometimes you don't get second chances, so you've got to take the opportunity when you get it. Make sure that you have the conversation while you have it. You know, that's part of it. If you're kind of a one man band, which a lot of wholesalers are, when they start out, especially somebody is going to answer that phone because the goal is answer the phone call live because we don't want to miss a solid hot lead.

Are You in The Same Ballpark or Not? 🤔 | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 26, 2023

You have to get good at quickly analyzing something just so you know, you're in the same ballpark or not, then you can always call back or deep dive when you're when you feel like you're close, you know, at a glance. If they're telling you 70 and at a glance, it looks like you can pay in the $60,000 range, then you know that you're in the same ballpark. And at that point you can have a deeper conversation.

Don't Waste Your Time Deep Diving!! 🚫 | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 24, 2023

Don't waste your time deep diving into every property because you know, when you're getting leads every hour coming into your CRM, you know, we have other things to do and not to mention follow up. So on average, you know, we're bringing in 60 to 70 leads. No one has time to analyze every single deal, you know, for 30 minutes to an hour.

Zillow is Fairly Accurate!! 💯 | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 23, 2023

We really base a lot of what we do on Zillow and it works. I mean, we do tons of deals all the time. Zillow is fairly accurate. It's at least accurate enough to make offers, you know, and and go from there, you know, because that's kind of what we do.

Do a Deeper Dive!! 👀 | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 22, 2023

You know, you can have the conversation with that piece of mind. Just say, hey, I'm actually out with my family right now. I've got all your information. Let me get back to you. It definitely sounds like we're in the same ballpark, potentially. Let me look at a little bit closer, do a deeper dive into it so I can really give you a true cash offer so later you can actually go back in there, analyze it.

It's Very Easy!! 👍| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 21, 2023

It's super simple. Just put them on speakerphone. Google the address. Click the Zillow League. Okay, there's that. The estimate is $120,000. Hit the back on your browser and then click the Redfin button. Okay. $129,000. Hit the realtor button and $118,000. Okay, so you're at $118,000, $120,000 $129,000. Whatever I said averages those 3 $125,000.

How To Analyze a Deal Over The Phone? 📱| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 20, 2023

The way you can analyze a deal over the phone, obviously, if you can't be at your computer. So, you know, you're talking on the phone, you can definitely put it on speaker. Ask them the address, type it into Google. Obviously, Google is going to pop up that address. You can click on one of those websites just to kind of look at it real quick at a glance. Most of the time we base our purchases off of the Zillow price.

Analyze a Deal in 30 Seconds or Less!! ⏱| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 19, 2023

How you can analyze a deal in 30 seconds or less. You had a seller calling you on a weekend and you're not necessarily in front of your computer or anywhere where you can try to access. You go through the whole, you know, conversation over the phone. Definitely possible to analyze a deal quickly in 30 seconds or less.

Contractors Can Drive You NUTS!! 🥴| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 18, 2023

Contractors can drive you nuts. That's a bad part is because I don't really flip wholesale in my game, but I do flips, so I am managing these projects myself. So I definitely recommend if you do get in the flips ever, definitely do a little contract of some sort. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just write everything out that you agree on. Contractors can drive you nuts. That's a bad part is because I don't really flip wholesale in my game, but I do flips, so I am managing these projects myself. So I definitely recommend if you do get in the flips ever, definitely do a little contract of some sort. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just write everything out that you agree on Write the price the day both of you sign it.

This Mobile Home Really Sucks! 😫| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 17, 2023

I've got this house that we're doing and we're fixing it up and flipping it, obviously. So this contractor has done four other flips for me already. So the first two flips he did was really awesome. The second one, we walked it together, told him everything that I needed and wanted. We agreed on a price, but then we got to the third project. This project was terrible. I mean, it was really bad, but this particular mobile home really sucks.

Where Were That Cash Come From? 💵| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 16, 2023

You know, the wholesaling work funds, my rentals and the remodeling on the rentals and the remodeling on the flips because it wasn't for a wholesaling. You know, where were that cash come from? Because typically banks will just give you the loan or hard money will just give you the loan for, you know, the your purchase price. So you're pretty much funding, like at least for what we do, we pretty much fund all the repairs, you know, just out of our pocket.

Big Cheques That Get Constantly! 🤑| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 15, 2023

Even if I get a thousand rentals and we're we wind up scaling enough flipping, I still always see wholesaling being a big part of my business because I love that monthly cash flow that it brings just the big HCM cheques that you get constantly.

Wholesale In Any Market 📈| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 14, 2023

Can you pivot with the market and buy a little higher so you can sell a little higher? At the same time, when the market does turn and correct. Be ready to buy even deeper because you're going out to sell a little bit lower than you normally have. So that's really the key. And also and you can wholesale in in any market, no matter what the market is doing.

🔴 Live Seller Call - You Can't Help Everyone! 🤷‍♂️| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 13, 2023

🔴 Live Seller Call - You Can't Help Everyone when it comes to Wholesaling Real Estate. Our goal is to provide a solution for sellers that need help, but sometimes you just have to tell them a better option that best serves them.

I'll Never Stop It! 🙅‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 12, 2023

Also you can do any time you just buy differently. Let's say you buy differently and you saw too, and buyers a little differently. So anyways, that's kind of my two sense can also insert some time. Yes, because it is a hustle. It's always changing. You always got to be on top of your game, but can be really rewarding. Absolutely. That's exactly why I do it. And then I'll never stop it.