What Is DocuSign? πŸ€” | Wholesaling Real Estate
March 06, 2024

DocuSign transaction coordinator doesn't use this as often, but sometimes we have to do addendums on properties and those kind of things. So they will log directly into DocuSign.
Everything Stored In! πŸ’Ύ | Wholesaling Real Estate
March 05, 2024

We use Dropbox for everything. All the documents that we have, all the SOPs and we have all the properties and pictures and contracts and everything you can think of in my business, they are all housed in Dropbox.
We're 100% Virtual! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» | Wholesaling Real Estate
March 04, 2024

We are 100% virtual. Even if we got a deal in the backyard of where our acquisition manager is. They're not allowed to go look at that property. We're a virtual model and that's kind of how we've always been set up. So DocuSign is huge for us.
Facebook Market Place! πŸ€” | Wholesaling Real Estate
March 03, 2024

If we do get a property, you know, let's say $0.20 on the dollar, we're probably going to take a chance on that anyways because maybe we can sell it on Facebook Marketplace or just take it down ourselves with private money or hard money and then sell them on the MLS.
Find Cash Buyers! πŸ‘€ | Wholesaling Real Estate
March 02, 2024

Our Acquisitions uses investorlift just to see where the cash buyers are. You know, acquisitions can type in the address and investorlift under the lead section and it'll tell you all the cash buyers within that area.
Know The Best Price! πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate
March 01, 2024

Every purchase that acquisitions makes. We base all of that on cash comps in the area, but also that gives us what cash buyers are paying. So we just have to be lower than that amount.
Lead Flow & Acquisitions! πŸ˜‡ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 29, 2024

Lead flow and acquisitions. Obviously they're the ones handling the leads coming in from the marketing efforts of that lead generation. So obviously callrail is a big one.
RVM Service! πŸ‘ˆ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 28, 2024

Another one that I use is roor. What that is, is a text in an RVM service. So we send 5000 messages every single day to all the different lists that we have, and that's integrated into our Podio.
PULL A Lot Of Lists! πŸ“ƒ| Wholesaling Real Estate
February 27, 2024

I use propstream. You know, we pull lists from propstream. You can pull a lot of different types of lists from propstream. And we also use Xencall. So what Xencall is, is a dialer. Okay. We have cold callers that call every day.
Our Tracking Mechanism! βš™οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 26, 2024

So in my opinion, even if you're brand new, the least that you need is a phone system of some sort. Just because you don't want to use your personal cell phone and you want to be able to track everything that you do, so CallRail will do that for us. It basically is our tracking mechanism for everything that we do. Okay, so use CallRail
Lead Gen Methods! πŸ‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 25, 2024

So 1st we have our lead gen, which is marketing. What I use every single day for lead gen is prob stream Paul rail then call Podio in raw. Okay, so call rail is basically with everything starts with.
What Is Deal Sales? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 24, 2024

Deal sales, which is dispositions. Obviously, they sell the deal to our cash buyers or on the MLS and that kind of thing.
What Is Deal Flow? πŸ€” | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 23, 2024

Next position is deal flow, which is a transactions transaction coordinator. So they manage the deal flow. Once acquisitions get, you know, the leads into deals.
What Is Lead Flow? 🀝 | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 22, 2024

The 2nd part is lead flow, which is acquisitions. They kind of manage the leads coming in and the whole flow of that and hopefully turn those into deals.
4 Parts Of Our Business! πŸ‘ˆ| Wholesaling Real Estate
February 21, 2024

In my business, we break our business down into 4 parts. So number 1 is lead gen or marketing, without lead generation and marketing. You know, you can't do anything else.
The Exact Systems We Use! βš™οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 20, 2024

You want to know the exact systems my team uses every day while we do wholesaling real estate? But not only that. Do you want to know what each system and how it pertains to each position in the company? Stay tuned.
Keep These In Mind! 🧠 | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 19, 2024

The number 5 was analysis paralysis. Just get out there and get started. Number 4 was building a huge buyers list. You don't need one. Number 3 was not asking enough questions. Number 2 was understanding, need vs want. And then number 1 was following up.
Wholesalers End Up Failing! 😨 | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 18, 2024

Most wholesalers end up failing because they don't follow up. That's why you see actual wholesaling companies out there, and they figured out that following up is more important than anything else.
They're Not Doing It! πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 17, 2024

It can take you from 0 to 1 deal. It can take you from 1 deal to 5 deals, 5 deals to 10 deals just by simply following up. Because you just got to remember your competition out there. They're not doing it. If they were, there would be more of them out there.
Get The Deal On The 1st Call! πŸ“ž | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 16, 2024

You could have done all the prep work. You could have all of that 4 or 5 times even. And then the 6th time somebody comes in and gets the deal on the first call, which is rare, but it could happen because you did that follow up 5 times.
Be Top Of Mind! πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 15, 2024

You have to remember that our company or our business or your name specifically, if you're a solopreneur wholesaler, we have to be top of mind for these sellers whenever they are ready.
Little Tweaks For Your Business! πŸ‘Œ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 14, 2024

It's always little tweaks in your business that you always have to be learning, honing your skills. But no matter what, follow up is key. Because like I said, you never know when somebody might be ready today, might be ready tomorrow or next month or next year.
What's My Secret! 🀐| Wholesaling Real Estate
February 13, 2024

So you got to follow up even if you put them on an automatic drip campaign. 10% of people actually follow up 3 times or more. Everybody was always asking me to like, what's your secret? You know, what do you do so different? I actually work. I actually follow with the people that I contacted.
Follow Up Is Important! πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 12, 2024

80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact. This business is all about timing. Maybe they're not ready today. Maybe they'll be ready tomorrow. Maybe they'll be ready next month. Maybe they'll be ready next year. You don't know. That's why a follow up is important.
It's A Sales Business! 🀝 | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 11, 2024

People don't follow up because you got to remember, it's a sales business okay following up literally can make or break you in wholesaling that we are problem solvers at the end of the day.
Need VS Want! πŸ€” | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 10, 2024

Understanding needs to sell or wants to sell. When you're looking at distressed properties, obviously they should have the motivation there because they have all the signs of a distress property. But what you don't understand is want to sell. They have to want to sell still.
Get Them To Talk! πŸ‘„ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 09, 2024

When you are negotiating with the seller, just get them to talk to you more and they're going to tell you more about their situation. You ask more questions about the property itself. You know, that's just justifying your low offer that you're about to give them.
It's Super Important! πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 08, 2024

Number 3. So once you're negotiating with sellers, okay, it's super important to ask questions. So the 3rd biggest mistake is not asking enough questions.
Don't Waste Your Time! ⏰ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 07, 2024

Number 4, building the big buyers list. You don't have to have a big giant buyers list if you actually have a good deal. Buyers will come out of the woodworks to find your deal because they want it. So don't waste your time building this giant buyers list before you get started and get going.
Get In The Game! πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 06, 2024

Take action. Get off the sideline. Get in the game. Right. Whatever it takes for you to move forward. You know, you can earn as you learn once you get going. So you'll just figure it out as you go. Actually, hands on doing something. You'll learn a lot quicker.
Start Doing Something! πŸ‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 05, 2024

Taking the steps forward to start doing something great because productivity, you know, activity, all that stuff leads to a paycheck. So without doing something, you have nothing really.
Analysis Paralysis! βœ”οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 04, 2024

Number 5, it's analysis paralysis. You can learn, you know, forever and ever and ever. You know, if you don't end up doing something without that knowledge, it's basically pointless. So take action.
Top 5 Rookie Mistakes! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 03, 2024

Top five rookie mistakes that I see newbies get into the business of wholesaling making. And these are I mean, there's a ton of mistakes out there I've made over time. So hopefully these five will help you avoid.
What Is Your WHY? ❓ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 02, 2024

Wholesaling real estate is the best side hustle period, but definitely you have to have a why and like, what is your why? It doesn't have to be something crazy. Most people's why has something to do with their family and mine truly was.
The Freedom That We're After! πŸ‘ˆ | Wholesaling Real Estate
February 01, 2024

But really it's the freedom that we're after. So now I can enjoy things and do pretty much what I want. I know that my business will run without me because we have a systems process and people in place to make it happen.
Make Life Changing Money!Β πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 28, 2024

As we get bigger, it's a lot easier when you have systems and processes in place. So why wholesaling real estate is because you can make a lot of money at it, but you can make life changing money too. And legacy type wealth building money.
What's The Ultimate Goal! 🎯 | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 31, 2024

When we get into any type of entrepreneurship, the ultimate goal is not really the money. You think it might be the money, but really it's the freedom that the money buys, right?
The Best Side Hustle! πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 30, 2024

Wholesaling real estate is the best side hustle by far, because what else can you do to make $15 or $20 grand a pop? You know, put that on autopilot almost once you get going.
$30,000 On A Wholesale! πŸ’° | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 29, 2024

Wholesaling real estate can bring you the best deals where you can cherry pick on the ones that you want to keep as rentals. I can cherry pick the ones that I want to flip as well, maybe make I get 30,000 on a wholesale. Or maybe that's a smoke and flip where I can make 60 or 70 on it.
Make Life Changing Money!Β πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 28, 2024

As we get bigger, it's a lot easier when you have systems and processes in place. So why wholesaling real estate is because you can make a lot of money at it, but you can make life changing money too. And legacy type wealth building money.
Building Systems & Processes! βš™οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 27, 2024

I've learned from other people, you know, building these systems and processes and all of that is in place now to where it's an actual business. Now, I have people in place to do different, different duties to where I can truly just run the business. And I kind of still do the marketing part of it.
I'm A Solopreneur! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 26, 2024

You know, I was making 60, 70, 80, sometimes 100 grand a month my first year. Most of the whole business I was doing by myself, you know, I was basically a solopreneur. So it was just a really high paying job as what it was.
High Paying JOB Or Career! | πŸ™„Wholesaling Real Estate
January 25, 2024

So why wholesaling real estate? It could be a high paying job if you want it to be. Or it could be a high paying career if you make it into an actual business. But you know, my first year or so, it was just a high paying job for me.
Jobs Really Hold You Back! πŸ˜‡| Wholesaling Real Estate
January 24, 2024

Jobs really hold you back until you really find your niche into entrepreneurship and which mine has always been sales and marketing, but more specifically sales and marketing for real estate now.
Legacy To Live For? πŸ’ͺ| Wholesaling Real Estate
January 23, 2024

You know, have a legacy to live for my family and my kids, you know, to where I could truly build a business through my efforts. So I got into wholesaling real estate. Yes. To make a lot of money. Mainly my main why is to retire my wife. I can definitely do that now.
Do You Need Sales & Marketing? πŸ€” | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 22, 2024

No marketing. You have no sales. Without sales, you have no revenue. Obviously, with no revenue, you don't even have a business. So in my opinion, pretty much every business is all based on sales and marketing. I just wanted to use my skillset in a better way to I could be more profitable.
Wholesaling Is A Struggle! 😱 | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 21, 2024

Wholesaling real estate is a struggle sometimes. So my whole life in wholesaling real estate, when I got started, I was searching for something better. Probably like you are too, with the skill set that I have. I've always been good at sales and marketing, and that's really all this business is.
Wholesaling Brings Opportunities! 🀝 | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 20, 2024

Wholesaling real estate brings other opportunities. So I do have several rental properties. I end up flipping 3 or 4 houses every month as well because of the opportunities that the wholesaling leads brings me and my company's.
Why Wholesaling Real Estate? πŸ™„ | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 19, 2024

So if you're new to wholesaling or the idea of wholesaling real estate in general, you might want to ask yourself the question like why wholesaling real estate? Like, what is your why? Why do you even want to do it? Why do we do what we do every day when we decide to do what we are going to do?
Make 6 Figures! πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate
January 18, 2024

Acquisition managers are super important. There's always struggles in business, and that's just one of mine that I'm facing right now. I'm definitely lucky, and if anybody knows anyone out there, you get to work from home and you'll definitely make six figures. Just follow what we do and that's it.