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Make Sure You Have These In Your List! ✊ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 21, 2023

Now, keep in mind I did get the email, but if you've never gotten this list before, keep in mind you got to do a lot of scrubbing if you want to call it that. You want to make sure you have the seller's name right, the homeowner's name, the tax delinquent. You want to make sure you have the property address that is delinquent, but you also want to make sure you have their mailing address.

How To Get Tax Delinquent Lists πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 20, 2023

How To Get Tax Delinquent Lists? So do you want to get that from your local county if possible. Okay, so do a quick Google search. Find that tax assessor website, and then give them a call. Okay. You can also copy down the email if you're if you're able to find one. If they have one on their site, call them and just tell them explain them exactly what you want.

Boots On The Ground Is Definitely Not Hard! πŸ‘ˆ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 19, 2023

Boots on the ground is definitely not hard. Don't overthink it. I think a lot of times people in this business just overthink everything and try to make everything difficult. It's really a simple business, so keep it simple. Don't overcomplicate things. I mean, the point is just stay consistent on everything in the business and do all those things consistently and often.

Best Website To Find Realtors! πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 17, 2023

But if you have a deal in a major metro area anywhere in the U.S., there's a website called So it's a So that website is awesome. It's local realtors that are just hungry, no interest in it at all. That's just their job. They just know it's their Side Hustle is really what it is.

Get Ton Of Replies! πŸ‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 16, 2023

You can actually do a Craigslist ad or a Facebook marketplace ad just saying who’s looking to make $50 for 30 minutes of work or something like that, something enticing that could be a post on a buy sell trade group for that area. And you're going to get a ton of replies, I promise.

Get Boots On The Ground! πŸ€” | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 15, 2023

Virtual wholesaling in particular, but how do you get boots on the ground in your local market? So there's a couple of different ways you can go about this. One way is to join a Facebook group local to that area. The specific ones like wholesaling real estate or real estate investors and then your city.

Consistent Yourself! | πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 14, 2023

When you take massive, insistent action every day, and then after you master that action that you're doing on whatever part of your business you're doing, that's when you can start hiring. And actually delegate those things to other people. But before then, you can't delegate that if you know how to do yourself. And if you're not consistent yourself, because how can you coach and teach that to your employees if you don't know how to do it yourself?

Side Hustle Into An Actual Business! πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 13, 2023

Be consistent on everything that you do, whether it's leads your follow up, if you're cold calling, you know, if you're driving for dollars, whatever you're doing, if you're having a data scrape, you're getting your spreadsheets right, and all those different things. Whatever you do, do it all the time, every day, because that's where it really turns wholesaling as a side hustle into an actual business.

Be TOP Of Mind! 🧠 | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 12, 2023

You have to be top of mind as a wholesaler or as a company, because if you're not top of mind, somebody else will. So you could do all the work, spend all the money on advertising, follow up 5 to 10 times even, and you don't get them and then you give up. Well, you might have did all the groundwork for another wholesaler coming along a week later. You already set the groundwork and now they're ready and you're not following up again. So this other wholesaler got lucky because you did the work for them.

Follow Up Consistently! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 11, 2023

If you're doing any type of marketing, it is whether it's Facebook, Paperclip, you know, whatever you're doing, do it consistently. Okay. So not only that, though, but follow up. If you follow it up every day. So it's important to follow up those people consistently.

Be Consistent! 😎 | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 10, 2023

You're seeing a theme here. You know, everything you do, you have to be consistent, even if you get a bunch of deals and then all of a sudden you got paid on one and you still got two or three deals that are that you maybe have locked up and you haven't found a buyer because you're kind of content with the check you just got and you're not really in the big hurry. Then you end up losing the deal because you're out of time or you just didn't work hard enough. You know that that's the same thing. Consistency is key.

Consistency In Marketing! πŸ“’ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 08, 2023

Consistency in marketing is probably more important than anything, you know, because not every time you'll get results from the first thing that you do. You got to do it again. So you can say top of mind for sellers. So let's say you're cold calling. Yeah, you might cold call 50 to 100 people a day. If your list is 5000 people and then you stop doing that after four or five days, well, you only reach, you know, a few hundred people, you know? And then what about the rest of your list? You weren't consistent. Okay.

Held Accountable to Yourself! πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 06, 2023

Whatever it takes to have you held accountable to yourself is what you have to do. Okay, so then okay, so you got the list. So what are you gonna do? What else? So if you're marketing that with direct mail, obviously you need to schedule that out to where your mail knows every 4 to 6 weeks or whatever your model is. And you've got to do that consistently 3 or 4 or 5 times in a row.

What is Consistent Action? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 05, 2023

If you know that you have a list, let's say vixens and you've got to pull and every month and let's say you skip 3 or 4 months and then you pull it again. That's not being consistent. So that's exactly what I'm talking about by consistent action. If you know that list be pulled every month, do it every month.

My Secret To SuccessπŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 04, 2023

My Secret To Success for Wholesaling Real Estate is really simple. I am relentlessly, consistently, persistent! You can do it too!!

Take Consistent Action! πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 03, 2023

Consistency is key because it still takes action and a bunch of things to line up to get that deal. So you do have to do that. But if you really want to make a business out of wholesaling real estate, you have to take consistent action.

Leads Are The Blood Flow! πŸ‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 02, 2023

Leads are the blood flow of your business, whether you're in wholesaling or just general real estate or any type of business at all. Leads are the blood flow of your business. So marketing and advertising is, I would argue, probably most important.

Do It Consistently! ♻️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 01, 2023

You know, when you first start learning about also and obviously you want to know the basics and have a general idea of what you're doing, don't get me wrong. But you know, whenever you're learning, you can learn as you do. Okay, is kind of the point. But no matter what you do in your business, you're going to do those things consistently right.

Consistency Is Everything! 🫡 | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 28, 2023

Consistency, you know, because in my opinion, you know, consistency in your business is everything. So in other videos, obviously, I do talk about taking action. Is the biggest thing that you can do when you're a wholesaler and for that matter, when you're an entrepreneur in general, Right?

You Can Get TOP DOLLAR! πŸ’΅ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 27, 2023

And I'd basically double my money on everything that I purchased just right back on Facebook Marketplace. You just have to be a little bit patient sometimes, you know? But that's the key. You don't have to sell them right away. You can get top dollar if you're willing to wait a little bit longer.

Double Money On Everything! πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 26, 2023

I don't flip appliances in on a regular basis or anything, but I have done it a lot, you know, just because of the Airbnbs. I had six of them at one time, but I bought it all. I used from Facebook Marketplace and I basically double my money on everything that I purchased.

FREE Appliances! 😱 | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 25, 2023

So there's opportunity if you want to flip appliances or couches or furniture of any kind, you know, there's definitely opportunity in that. Obviously, my channel is mostly about wholesale and real estate, but this is real estate related. I got these free appliances because of the real estate that I bought that I'm flipping. So hopefully this content was valuable to you.

Anybody Can Flip Appliances & Make Money Fast! πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 24, 2023

Anybody can flip appliances, you know, you can buy appliances or typically get them for nothing. And I got $50, $60 on each one in the past. And I listen to for $25 coz’ you know, I just want to get rid of it quick. But somebody could actually probably flip that for $50 and then make a quick $25.

Make Money In 30 Min Flipping Appliances ⏰ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 23, 2023

So long story short, you know, I sold all three of those in about a 20 to 30 minute time span, and I made an easy $350 for appliances that I got for free. You know, the contractors were like, Yeah, we're just gonna throw everything away. I'm like, No, give me a video. Let me see what's left behind. See if we can make some money on it.

Made A Quick $325! πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 22, 2023

So I did sell the refrigerator. I got it for $125 and they paid me by PayPal. Actually, I got the washer and dryer. A lady bought both of those together. So it was for $200. You know, I didn't negotiate the prices at all because they were cheap.

Easy Money On Facebook Marketplace πŸ‘ˆ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 21, 2023

I listed those things on Facebook Marketplace. Now I've done a lot of Facebook marketplace like flipping things and just selling things to make easy money. I ended up selling all three of those appliances within probably 20 minutes.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 13 πŸ‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 20, 2023

So mobile home investing is real. It is good. You can find really cheap deals on mobile homes and houses for that matter. We've gotten houses for cheaper than that before, which I've done videos on how got a $500 house. So tune in for that if you if you want to check that out.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 12 🀝 | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 19, 2023

All my payments are for all my rentals, not just that are done through Cozy Echo, which is a service that investors use to manage their rentals. So everything is done through there. So it's auto pay every month and I'm not chasing money.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 11 πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 17, 2023

Mobile investing is not sexy. A lot of people don't do it or don't like it. But I did it strictly for the cash flow. And to this day, yes, I'm getting over $400 a month cash flow in these properties.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 10 πŸ‘ˆ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 16, 2023

It is possible if you're out there looking and searching actively for deals. There's deals everywhere, I promise. Also, I actually befriended the manager at that mobile home park, and she's actually throwing me deals, you know, for properties at the park. Don't want anymore.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 9 πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 15, 2023

So long story short, Yes, about six mobile homes and a mobile home park for $12,000. To this day, I think it's the best purchase I've ever made. Actually, those properties made me a ton of money. More than you can even realize.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 8 πŸ’΅| Wholesaling Real Estate

February 14, 2023

Anyway. So I did buy, you know, all those properties for $12,000 just by searching on Facebook Marketplace. Just. Just searching by accident. I wasn't looking necessarily for anything. I just happened to see those and struck a deal with the lady. And she was super happy to have 12,000 and I was super happy. You know, these properties. I researched it. Obviously first they could rent for, you know, $800 to $900 a month, depending on, you know, condition and that kind of thing. So I knew I could probably get $850 for sure.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 7πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 13, 2023

Looked at these properties. So when I looked at them, I found out that one of them was a 2015 2015 property. It was in really good condition. It stunk really bad because the people that lived there had animals. So I knew right off, well, it looks like all I have to do is replace the carpet in this one. So that was good. Another property she had was a 2014 and it was in very similar condition, but there were three others that were like 2003, 2005, 26 someone that in that time period when they rebuilt. So anyways, those need a little bit more work, which was fine, you know, because the deal was so good. I was basically getting these for 2000 each.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 6 πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 12, 2023

So obviously, you know, that was motivation that I leaned on, you know, just talking through that with her, you know, letting her know that, hey, you know, I can come up tomorrow, bring you a certified check from my bank and we can get this done fast. I was like, I want but I want all six of them for $12,000. Like, that's not negotiable. That's what I'm willing to do, you know, because I'm weighing the side and saying, you know, I don't really know what I'm getting into, but I'm willing to take that risk and help you out before the first. So you have to pay that lot rent again. So keep in mind, you know, I'll be hooked for the lottery, you know, when it comes back around here in a couple of weeks. But I do $12,000 certified check and we'll call them. So she agreed.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 5 πŸ’° | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 11, 2023

I'm like, Wow, okay, this is a good deal, right? So we just kept talking and I'm like, okay, well, you know, that sounds like we're closer, at least, you know, as opposed to 10 to 18000 each. Now you're at 20,000 for all five. So we talked a little more. She came down to 18 pretty quick. So she did have motivation to get rid of these because it was costing her for around $400 every month to keep these properties just in her name. So she was definitely motivated just for that reason.

Make The Necessary Shifts! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 10, 2023

Watch this Wholesaling Real Estate video as I go through how you can get rich Wholesaling Houses!

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 4 πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 09, 2023

Long story short, we just started negotiating. Once she knew that I was really interested. I'll be nowhere near the price that you're asking for each one of these. So what would you do for me if I were to buy all of six? After a while, she thought about it and got back to me. You know, like 30 minutes to an hour later. So she ended up saying that she would sell five of these properties. She's like, one of them is really, really bad, so I don't think you'll want that one. So how about I just do these five and I'll give you all five of these for $20,000.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 3 πŸ‘ˆ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 08, 2023

She had a couple of other listings and they were kind of all similar mobile homes, all listed between 10,000 and $18,000 per place. So, I started talking to her. I'm like, well, I see that you have a couple of different listings. And she said, Yeah, I do actually have. I think she said she actually had like seven total. I was like, okay, that's cool. I might be interested in multiple of your properties if you want to sell all of these, I might be interested!

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 2 πŸ‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 07, 2023

However, I was up, one night and just messing around on on Facebook marketplace. And I just happened to see one mobile home that she had listed. She had the mobile home was for like 18,000 or something. It was it was way too high. Now, in my business is a side note, it's our policy at least in the market that we mainly buy in. This deal was in Oklahoma. You know, it's our policy that we don't pay more than $5,000 for a mobile home. I don't care how new or old it is. That's just what we do. So, keep that in mind. So that's a side note.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 2 πŸ‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 07, 2023

However, I was up, one night and just messing around on on Facebook marketplace. And I just happened to see one mobile home that she had listed. She had the mobile home was for like 18,000 or something. It was it was way too high. Now, in my business is a side note, it's our policy at least in the market that we mainly buy in. This deal was in Oklahoma. You know, it's our policy that we don't pay more than $5,000 for a mobile home. I don't care how new or old it is. That's just what we do. So, keep that in mind. So that's a side note.

How I Got 6 Mobile Homes for $12k! Part 1 😱 | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 06, 2023

Today I'm going to do a video on how I got six mobile homes for $12,000. And yeah, that seems like an impossible thing, but it's true and we'll dive into how I did that. So, I was just searching Facebook marketplace. Now, keep in mind, I don't ever look for deals on Facebook or Craigslist or any of those things. I know they are out there, but it is time consuming. And, you know, it's difficult to get those a lot of times. I just want you to know that that's not how I search for deals. That's not one of our marketing channels to just search Facebook marketplace.

How I Made $143,000 5th Month! Part 9 πŸ€‘ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 05, 2023

Because that's one thing too hard. Money is not going to give you a loan if it's not a great deal, you know, because then you will be stuck with a with a lemon, you know. So typically, they're pretty conservative when they loan money because they want to make sure their money is safe.

How I Made $143,000 5th Month! Part 8 πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 04, 2023

Sometimes hotels make sense because buyers don't always necessarily want your deal. And it's not because it's not a deal all the time. Maybe it's timing. Maybe it's location. Maybe it's a lot of different reasons. They can't see the vision of what it could be. Whatever that reason is, if you know you've got a strong deal and it's really good, it's worth wholetail. And even if you have to get a hard money loan or something like that, if it's really worth it.

How I Made $143,000 5th Month! Part 7 🏠 | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 02, 2023

Either way. So that turned my fifth month of wholesaling into $143,000 in profit, just five months in the business. So keep in mind six or seven of those were real actual wholesale deals and that one was hotel.

How I Made $143,000 5th Month! Part 6 πŸ’Έ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 02, 2023

This was a kind of a hoarder house, too. There was crap and junk everywhere. So it looks worse than it really was. And that's the hard thing to. So what I did was I had to remove everything. So constantly, 6000 dollars to have the place completely cleaned out. So after it was cleaned out, just so it's a little more presentable. And then I immediately went to an investor friendly realtor that I knew that I just met, obviously, and she listed it for us. So we listen it for I think we listened for like 85,000 initially.

She’s Not Motivated Enough! Live Seller Call! ☎️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

February 01, 2023

When Wholesaling Real Estate leads come in, many of them are not very motivated and some are ready to sell now! Check out this video as I talk to a seller, but She’s Not Motivated Enough! Live Seller Call!

How I Made $143,000 5th Month! Part 5 πŸ‘ˆ | Wholesaling Real Estate

January 30, 2023

So my justification was, you know, yeah, we've got to bring the laundry inside. Three bedroom, one and a half minimum. You know, that's just what the market in the area called for, because currently it was a21. You know, I told her, you know, I just need to be close to 20 grand. And she was just like, man, 20 grand. That's man, I can't do that. She's like, Can you do a 28? You know, she was just like, she was already willing to work with me. So, long story short, I did. I closed with four with 25,000.

How I Made $143,000 5th Month! Part 4 πŸ’ͺ | Wholesaling Real Estate

January 29, 2023

So long story short, you know, I'm going to go sit with the lady and just said, hey, there's more repairs needed than I thought, you know? You know, because that was the feedback that buyers were telling me, you know, that most of them were saying 60 to 70 in repairs. And I was thinking 40 to 50 initially. So I was like, you know, I need to honestly be closer to 20,000 to really make this work. There's just a lot more going on here, a lot more repairs than I anticipated, because that's the thing. When you renegotiate, you have to justify your discount.

How I Made $143,000 5th Month! Part 3 πŸ’° | Wholesaling Real Estate

January 28, 2023

I did make over 143,000 my fifth month. Six or seven of those were just normal wholesale deals. But one of the other ones, so October I started, you know, started in September. So during November, I got this property and no buyers wanted it at all. And I couldn't figure out why. I mean, I got the swing for a steal. The property was worth between 150, but up to 30, probably depending on your finishes. And sure, the market in this area was super tight. So it was kind of block by block in a lot of scenarios that was really tie in. Some investors were scared of that. You know, that's why the big range 150 to 230 RV. But I was like conservatively, it's definitely worth, you know, 200.