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You Have To Have This! 🙄 | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 15, 2024

So the next thing that you need is a list of sellers. So you have to have somebody to call or somebody to market to. No matter what kind of marketing channel you choose, you have to have a list of some sort.
A Really Good Tool! ⚙️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 14, 2024

So there's super affordable things out there in Podio a lot of real estate investors use I use it myself. So it's definitely a really good tool. A lot of team members built in because it get kind of charged based on the members that are using it as well.
It's Free! 🤪 | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 13, 2024

You need something to track your leads with. Whether that's a CRM, you can use something like Podio. I think their basic version is free or almost free, at least even an upgraded version that's still super cheap is like, I think it's $24 a month or something like that.
Keep Track Your Leads! ✍️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 12, 2024

To keep track of your leads. I mean, you have to have somewhere to put their name, address, phone number and the notes that you take every time and then something holding you accountable to actually be able to follow up day to day or at least a weekly basis.
Very Basic Things! 😇 | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 11, 2024

Very basic things that you have to have when you get started in wholesaling real estate, 1st thing you need somewhere to be able to put your leads. So I definitely suggest maybe use as some type of basic generic CRM just somewhere that you can actually store information.
Start With The Basics! 🛠️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 10, 2024

3 basic tools that you must have to get started in wholesaling real estate. A lot of people try to overcomplicate this whole business and yes, it can be difficult and some aspects, but at the same time you got to start with the basics.
Grow Your Income! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 9, 2024

So yes, you can you can wholesale without a team. Absolutely. But once you figure it out, definitely hire that team, get things in place to where you can actually grow, grow that machine and grow your income at the same time.
It's Impossible! 🤷‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 7, 2024

But without a team, you know, it's impossible to truly do big numbers by yourself because you're typically going to work yourself to death. So that's my 2 sense on that.
Make It A Business! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 6, 2024

Once you get the process and the systems and everything in place, I definitely suggest hiring a team, make it a business to where you can kind of oversee everything and make things run smoothly. Then you've got everybody doing their own thing in their own particular position.
Do This Before Hire! 💁‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 5, 2024

Can you wholesale without a team? Absolutely. Is it more difficult? Absolutely. Is it necessary? Absolutely. You got to be able to do everything first before you hire.
You're Not The Only One! 😯 | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 4, 2024

You're not the only wholesaler in town. Trust me, there's tons and tons of competition everywhere you go in the nation. So try to get those leads live if you can. If you can't, contact them as soon as you can.
You've Got To Do This! 🫵 | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 3, 2024

If you're doing acquisitions, you're spending money on marketing, you've got to answer these calls live. That's when you have the best shot, especially if you're doing like pay per click or Facebook, radio ads, stuff like that.
Building Systems for Business Success! ⚙️|Wholesaling Real Estate
June 2, 2024

In late 2019, I focused on creating processes and systems to transform from a solo wholesaler to a thriving business. Learn how to build a business the right way!
Master Every Role Yourself! 🎓 | Wholesaling Real Estate
June 1, 2024

Master each role in your business before hiring. Embrace the process, do it all yourself, and take your time to build the perfect team. Watch to learn how!
You've Got To Be Good! 👍 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 31, 2024

You've got to be good at marketing. You've got to be good at doing the acquisitions. If you're doing cold calling, you've got to be a good cold caller. You've got to be good at doing the transaction coordinating. You've got to be good at talking to buyers about selling the deal and just completing the whole transaction.
It Is Possible! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 30, 2024

So starting now, you know, it's tough when you're doing everything all at once. You know, it could be difficult, but it is possible once you figure out the process and you need to be able to master every step along the way.
an You Do This Without A Team? 🤔 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 29, 2024

Wholesaling real estate. Can you actually do this without a team? So the short answer is yes, but it's more difficult for sure. So when I first started out, obviously I didn't have a team in place and whenever I found it, you know, I just took action immediately.
Have Your MAO Correct! 😇 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 28, 2024

The ARV sets the tone and gets you started for everything else. You make your money on the purchase, not on the sale, because if you didn't get the ARV right to begin with, you wouldn't have your MAO correct. Therefore, you probably wouldn't make money or not as much.
Get A true ARV! ✅ | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 27, 2024

You do want at least three or four similar properties to actually get a true ARV. So the ARV sets the tone and gets you started for everything else.
Check Property Value! 🏡 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 26, 2024

Propstream is a good resource. The county assessor is a good resource, not necessarily what their assessed value is. Usually you can find like properties within that same area or neighborhood to where you can see what the property is actually sold for.
Does Propstream Worth It! 🤔 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 25, 2024

If you're already doing deals popstream is 100% worth it. And we use it all day, every day to analyze our deals and acquisitions. We also use it for our list building.
Does Propstream Worth It! 🤔 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 25, 2024

If you're already doing deals popstream is 100% worth it. And we use it all day, every day to analyze our deals and acquisitions. We also use it for our list building.
ARV Of A Property! 👈 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 24, 2024

You know, the actual ARV of a property. You got to know not just the beds and baths and the square footage and potential, the lot size, but the actual neighborhood. And sometimes more than just the neighborhood.
Get A Decent ARV! 👍 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 23, 2024

So get the basic ARV quickly. You can just search all the sites like Redfin,,, the county assessor, you know, if you just search those sites alone, average those and then get you a decent ARV.
ARV Is What Gets You Paid! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 22, 2024

ARV ultimately is what gets you paid. So if you get the ARV wrong, everything else that you do will most likely be incorrect. And you probably won't be able to make money on that deal.
Make Money When BUY! 💵 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 21, 2024

You make your money when you buy, not when you sell. I'm sure you've heard it before, and it's so true, especially in wholesaling real estate, to know how you buy something at the right price. You got to know your ARV.
Real Estate Is Awesome! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 20, 2024

16.5% total return as $20,594 per deal. Almost $21,000 per deal to do. Real estate is pretty awesome. I'm happy with it.
10 Deals From 1 Marketing Channel! 🤝| Wholesaling Real Estate
May 19, 2024

Facebook. So we actually did 10 deals during last quarter that brought in $238,557 and we only spent $8,195 on that. That's a 29% return. I mean, that's huge for one marketing channel.
$84,250 From Cold Calling! ☎️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 18, 2024

Cold calling that brought in $84,250. We spent $6,400 bucks to bring in $84,250. That's a 13% return, which is super solid.
40.47% Return! 😱 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 17, 2024

Radio, We actually did four deals. We actually brought in $145,700. We actually spin on that for $3600 to bring in $145K. I mean, that's pretty huge. That is a 40.47% return.
It's A 1%! ⚠️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 16, 2024

We did $11,500 in pay per click and the return wasn't great. It's $10,006 spend to get that 11,500. It's a 1%. It's less than 1%. You know, to be honest.
Got $20,000! 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 15, 2024

So we did 2 deals with RVM for a total $20,000. It was two different deals that were $10 grand apiece. We only spent $2,016 on that. That's a 10% ROI as well.
$22,000 From One Deal! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 14, 2024

We only did 1 deal from JV and last quarter we only got $3,000 for that. So obviously as a $6,000 assignment fee super tiny deal. You know, JV didn't cost us anything. We split the deal and JV I mean that's infinite return as well, right?
Infinite Return! ☑️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 13, 2024

We only did 1 deal from JV and last quarter we only got $3,000 for that. So obviously as a $6,000 assignment fee super tiny deal. You know, JV didn't cost us anything. We split the deal and JV I mean that's infinite return as well, right?
$10,000 From $0! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 12, 2024

You want to see the return that I actually got in my marketing efforts for Q2, for my wholesaling real estate business, we had 1 referral and that actually brought us $10,000 in revenue, which is awesome. And that spend, That was $0. Obviously, a referral is free.
You Can Get There! 👍 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 11, 2024

You know, I completely love real estate. Everything about it. You can make money in so many different ways in real estate. So you just got to keep doing that push forward. Go for your goals. Let go of whatever is holding you back so you can get there.
6 Figure To 7 Figure! 🤑 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 10, 2024

Stepping away from multiple 6 figure income to potentially grow something that I could do 7 figure income with. It wasn't advertising anymore. Now it was houses and real estate. So that's what I went all in on because I believed in my skills already.
Take The Steps! 👣 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 09, 2024

How you actually get to the next level. You got to believe it first and then take the steps to achieve it, whatever those steps are. Something that you're holding onto that you've got to let go to kind of move to that next level.
Let It GO! |😇 Wholesaling Real Estate
May 08, 2024

What is holding you back from betting on yourself? You definitely got to go all in on it, in my opinion, because that's what's really going to catapult you to the next level. Whether you're doing zero deals right now or you're doing one or two deals a month, go all in on it. Whatever. It's holding you back. Let it go.
I Found Something Better! 🙋‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 07, 2024

I found something else that I wanted to do that was better. I believed in it right away. I didn't even really need that first paycheck for proof of concept because I'd already seen other people just watching YouTube videos, seeing proof of other people making checks, doing it. So I knew if they could do it, they're not any better than I am, so I can do it right.
Move Away From It! 🏃 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 06, 2024

Is there something in your life holding you back that can be a person, some vice, that you have an addiction, You know, maybe it's your job. Maybe it's someone in your family member, whatever it is. You got to block all that out, move away from it, and kind of pursue your dreams.
Replace Your Income! | 🤑 Wholesaling Real Estate
May 05, 2024

1 deal every quarter. That's 4 deals a year. 4 deals a year can change your life. 4 deals a year in most people's lives can replace your regular W-2 income.
Something's Holding You Back! 👈 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 04, 2024

Something's holding you back to get you over the hump or to get you to where you want to go or to get to that next level. And that level can be anything, you know, but you're at zero and you want to just do one deal a month, or maybe you want to do one deal a quarter.
Get To The Next Level! 👍 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 03, 2024

How you can actually get to the next level. I'm not I'm not here to tell you, you know, to quit your job or to do anything like that. Don't do anything rash. Of course.
Hire Somebody Else! 🤷‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 02, 2024

When you're not good at one thing, hire somebody else that's good at that thing that you're not good at. Right. And just stick to what you do best. And I do have a marketing background, so you know, it is what it is. You know, I'm not scared to say that, you know, if you're not really good at one thing, hire somebody else that's good at it. You know, that's better than you.
26 Deals Closed! 🤝 | Wholesaling Real Estate
May 01, 2024

10 Facebook deals, 5 cold calling deals, 4 radio deals, 2 pay per click deals, 2 RVMS, 1 SMS, 1 JV and 1 referral. All in all, 26 deals closed. Not too bad.
Marketing Channels We Used 8️⃣ | Wholesaling Real Estate
April 30, 2024

The marketing channels that we have used and which ones actually work. Our number 1 marketing channel is Facebook. We do so nationwide. We do pay per click and Facebook ads consistently.
Marketing Channels We Used 7️⃣ | Wholesaling Real Estate
April 29, 2024

Anyways with 5 deals, cold calling and I was surprised when I saw this number. I actually thought cold calling would be, you know, this 1 or 2 range, you know. But when I looked back and pulled a quarter of the report, we actually closed 5 deals with cold calls. So I'm really happy about that.
Marketing Channels We Used 6️⃣ | Wholesaling Real Estate
April 28, 2024

The marketing channels that we have used and which ones actually work. Another lead source that we did 2 deals from is Pay Per Click and Google AdWords. Basically Google, Bing, Yahoo, all that, but you're paying for the clicks.