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May 09, 2022

So how do you find motivated sellers? We talk a lot about in this business that you just get a contract with a motivated seller so that contract for a profit. But how do you actually do that? Hey, what's up, YouTube? My name is Graylan Stewart. Thanks for joining me today. I am a virtual wholesaler and real estate investor. We wholesale houses nationwide. We do focus on a couple of markets specifically, but we do deals all over the United States. And our number one exit strategy in our real estate business is wholesaling houses. So, thanks for joining me again. So, if you're new to my channel, please like and subscribe. Share this content so we can help other people as well. But if you are new, you're in for a treat. Because all I do all day, every day in my business is wholesale houses. So, if you want to learn the game, I give you the good, the bad and the ugly of the business. I've spent over $250,000 over the last four years just learning and implementing all the things that I talk about in this channel. So, it's a cheaper way for you to get it done without having to go through it yourself. So anyways, we talk about motivated sellers, right? That was probably one of the biggest things. When I very first got started, it was hard for me to comprehend why somebody would sell their house at pennies on the dollar.

You know, I've always known about the county assessor and I've always heard about real estate in the past, but I never really understood how people made money in real estate. It didn't make sense to me. And it's just because of knowledge. You know, knowledge is power and you don't know what you don't know pretty much. Right. So, you know, I used to look on the county assessor, you know, who knows ten or 15 years ago, just kind of looking at houses. You can see, oh, my friend or so-and-so just bought a new house. Let's look it up on the county assessor, see how much they paid. But then once, while you come across a property to where it's like across the street, all of a sudden somebody is moving into a house and you're like, that house never even was for sale, right? And now somebody new is moving in where the other people go. You know what I mean? You've probably seen similar situations. So in those cases I would look that up on the accounting assessor again and it would show that they bought the house, let's just say for $150,000 it went all the other houses around it might be worth 200,000 or 250 even so. And then I'll wonder like, well, that house never even went for sale and they paid way below market value. How is this even possible? What do they know? That I don't know.

Right. And it took me years before I finally knew. Now that I'm in real estate and I got into wholesaling, that's how it's done. People are going direct to seller, you know, advertising and marketing to these people. Now you can do this in a lot of different ways. You know, I pretty much do every marketing strategy there is, and I'm not saying that's the right way to do it, but that's just what I do now. But when I started out, I did direct mail. So you can literally buy a list from a couple of different sources. I've got links in my description that can help you with that as well. But you can go to like Prop Stream or something like that, buy you a list of motivated sellers, any kind of list you want. It could be, you know, just high equity. They have a lot of equity in their property. So you know that this deal, because you need equity in wholesaling in a traditional wholesale deal, you have to have equity for there be money for you to make and money for your buyer to make. But you can also pull like lean lists on their divorce list out of state owners, you know, tired landlords, all types of different lists you could buy from there. But you can also drive around in your neighborhood. Like knowing what I know now, it makes sense to me how somebody would have got that property across the street at a big discount.

They might have just drove by the house and notice that it was kind of dilapidated or fallen apart a little bit or needed some attention because of the overgrown grass or the overstuffed mailbox or the high weeds or bush is not trimmed and things like that. Maybe there's tarp on the roof, maybe there's a window or two boarded up, maybe the siding has fallen off or the brick is corroding. Whatever the case, the house could look distressed, could drive around your neighborhood to write those addresses down. Simply go to the county assessor to find out who the owner is and then go to websites that are free like true people. Search dot com. That's just one example. You could just type that name in and find a phone number. You might get three or four different phone numbers, but call them all. Chances are you'll probably reach that person and then ask if they're interested in selling. If they are interested, you know, just get them talking about the house, you know, what's going on with the house. Why are you even considering selling? I know I just called you out of the blue, but. Why would you even consider an offer? And they might tell you they might just go into a big, long story of of who knows what.

And it will basically unfold all the issues in their in their life going on. So what's your job as a wholesaler to solve those issues? That's how we make money. Well, I can solve that. So that makes sense. Why you didn't have money to fix your roof or whatever's going on. You know, you can just kind of unfold all those things and then that kind of anchors, you know, all those things can anchor your low price and justify it, you know what I mean? So. But as far as how you find these, you could you can do advertising to where sellers are actually calling you things like TV and radio billboards, yellow page ads, which is kind of old school. But those are all the things that kind of get your phone ringing, people calling you or you can actively pursue these people, like driving for dollars. When you drive around making those lists, you're calling on these people. Or you can just straight code called lists where you can send mass text or mask mass RV, SMS, which is ringing this voicemail, which some of those things you got to be more careful with these days. But nevertheless, you can actively pursue sellers with a lot of these marketing methods, or you can do the methods that kind of get your phone ringing. Another one is like direct mail that can be either or you're actively pursuing sellers, but at the same time they're calling you back.

So a lot of times it's a former lead. Sometimes they're calling you just to just because they're mad that you're even reaching out to them. But a lot of times it's a motivated seller, which is a qualified lead. So those are the kind of deals that you want. That's the kind of people you want to talk to. So it all comes down to having conversations with sellers, just being real. There's no magic formula or special sauce or even scripts, you know, none of that really matters. What really matters is that you care and you want to listen to what the seller has to say, and you're just asking for more information every time they talk to you about their property or they give you maybe the roof and the HVAC and the flooring issues. Okay. Tell me more. What about your electric or about the plumbing? You know, I mean, just keep asking questions. And the more and more they talk, the better it is. But also, keep in mind, you always want to get a number out of them, get a price out of them, because if they give you a price first, not only are they more motivated, but now you know what their price is to where you have somewhere to work with. Right. Because if they're price to 80,000 and, you know, the house is worth 90, it's probably not a deal wholesale wise.

It's a deal in other cases. But for wholesale and we need equity so that we can make a profit and our end buyer can make a profit. But if they're telling you a number like 80, then you at least have someone to work with. Oh, really? How did you come up with that number? Oh, well, houses in my neighborhood are going for 80. The house across the street just sold for 80,000 last week. And then can you give me that address? Yeah, it's just one, two, three Main Street, right across the street from mine. So, you can look that house up while you're on the phone with them and just say, Hey, actually, I'm looking that up online right now and they've got all new appliances. It looks like they have new flooring, new paint. Looks like the roof was done just a couple of years ago. Would you would you agree that yours is in exactly the same shape as there? Oh, no. Well, mine needs work. Mine needs a new flooring. I've never had new appliances. My HVAC went out a year ago. You know, they might just start telling you all the problems of their house. Therefore, you can say, Well, Mr. Seller, you can agree that your house is definitely not the same as that house. So they went for 80,000 because it was in 2022. Perfect condition standards, right? But your house needs some work, so work with me.

What's the best you can do in the current as is condition, you know, things like that. You just got to be proactive in your questions and really listen twice as much as you talk. Because I've seen people make that mistake. People that have worked for me have made that mistake. They want to talk a lot because they have all the knowledge. But really the power is in listening to what your seller has to say, because then if you listen correctly and listen to everything, you're taking notes while they're talking. But then that's all. For lack of better terms. It's all kind of ammunition for your lowball offer because really, really what we do, guys, we pay retail for every house that we get. If you really think about it, because we pay the retail price for the condition it's in currently, right? Obviously we're not going to pay 80,000 for a house that is that needs 30,000 in work, right? No, that doesn't make sense to anyone. But really, we're paying retail prices for the property in its current condition. So really, it's not even a lowball offer. It's an offer based on the condition that's currently in. We're going to bring it back to life to make it worth the 80,000. So hopefully that makes sense. But that's really kind of the mindset you got to have.

We're not really, you know, because I know we get that stigma in wholesaling or cash. Was that even go to direct, sell or direct to seller? They get the stigma of, Oh, you're just low balling me and trying to get still my house or get too cheap or whatever it is. And really, that's not the case. We're really paying for the house of what it's worth in the current conditions. So keep that in mind and that's all it is. So we're getting opportunity because we have the knowledge and power and the cash buyers and the wherewithal to actually buy that property at its current condition value and then make it worth way more than it actually is right now, because we see the potential in what it could be. So anyways, this whole video wasn't even for that kind of got off on a tangent, but it's about how do you find these motivated sellers so you can even pull this from your actual county, go down to the county, you can get probate lists, water set off lists, you can get lists from all the people that have like weed liens, different kind of liens on their house that the county did because they didn't take care of their property, trash, liens, even things like that. A lot of that stuff is free at your county or you can pay a small, minimal fee and sometimes they'll give it to you that way.

Don’t Doubt, Just Do It! 💪| Wholesaling Real Estate

May 09, 2022

Actually, yes, I do make over 100,000 a month and I've actually had as high as 300 K in one month. But keep hating, keep doubting, and keep living the same life you live in now. Or sign up for my 100% free course and you can learn how to do it too.

Wholesaling Explained! 💁‍♂️| Wholesaling Real Estate

May 08, 2022

So when I talk about selling paper, I'm talking about wholesaling real estate. So it's a simple business. It's not easy, but it is simple in concept. So what you do is you get a contract on a house at a discount, so you're looking for a motivated seller. Once you have that contract, you can sell your contract. So you're selling that piece of paper at a higher price to a cash buyer, and you make the split in between. So that profit in between the your contract and the contract, you deal with the new buyer and that is wholesaling real estate. You can make big profits doing it.

Focus On Building A Business 👀| Wholesaling Real Estate

May 05, 2022

Hey. I appreciate you. Yeah. If people focus more on building a business as much as they do on hating on people, they could probably actually be making big time money as well. But, you know, it is what it is.

Keepin’ It Real! 🤔| Wholesaling Real Estate

May 04, 2022

It sounds like you've got it all mixed up. Just because I dress like this, I dress comfortable. I don't understand what that has to do with my income. I mean, there's a lot of people out there wearing suits and ties, putting on the big show that are completely broke, living paycheck to paycheck. There's a lot of people out there like my friends wearing t shirts and being comfortable working from their house, making millions of dollars. So what would what would you rather be?

He Told Me To SHUT UP! 🤫| Wholesaling Real Estate

May 03, 2022

So I hope you enjoyed that free training. That was definitely step by step. If you're an action taker, you can definitely start doing deals from that. However, if you need more guidance and more in-depth training, I do have a paid course that's also on this same website. If you're interested in that. Hit me up. Since you already went to the free course, I'm not mind giving you a little bit of a discount, so definitely message me. You can message me right inside of the platform here or email me from the website and I'd be definitely glad to help you out and give you a little bit of a discount. But if you really need more in-depth, more action steps step by step, like deep dive into wholesaling real estate, I do have that course available, so if you need it.

Having Options Can Change Your Life! 😇| Wholesaling Real Estate

May 02, 2022

Having options will absolutely change your life. Hey, what's up? You too. Thanks a lot for joining me. My name is Graylan Stewart. I am a virtual wholesaler, entrepreneur and just a real estate investor. We focus on wholesaling real estate for the most part in my business, but we also do some fix and flip deals, some innovation deals, and some buy and hold deals for long term wealth. But today's video, I'm going to talk to you about how options can actually change your life, you know, and how do you get options. That's kind of what the video is about. So obviously, you know, this is highly a sales and marketing business, wholesaling, real estate in general. So, wholesaling real estate is just an exit strategy. It's an exit strategy to the real estate game. Now, whenever you buy a property or when you get a contract on a property, hey, now you can wholesale that property. You can keep that property for long term wealth and do the buyer method or whatever you want to do, keep it for long term wealth and rent it out. You can keep that property to Airbnb. You can do an ovation deal where you sell that thing for retail. As a wholesale, you can hotel the property where you take it down and actually just put it back on the market and sell it right away. Or you can actually take the property and fix and flip it and make a big profit at the end.

You can also, when you have the property and you get it under contract, you can sell that house on a rent to own on a lease option, owner, finance, whatever. So, there's a lot of different strategies as far as exit strategies go. But the bottom line is you have options now. How can options actually change your life? Really, what gives you the most options is having money. So when you have enough money, money can give you the options. So therefore, money can change your life. Now, is it the most important thing in life? Of course not. But unfortunately, it does take money to survive in this world. Right? And money gives you options. Gives you better options. Now, money. Money doesn't make you better or worse a person. It just makes you more of what you already are, if that makes sense. So, if you're a jerk right now, when you're broke, when you get money, you're probably going to be a jerk then too, right? If you're a nice guy when you're broke, when you get money, you're most likely going to be a nice guy. So money just makes you more of what you already are. Now, this video, the point of this video is options, you know, can help you and change your life. But really, it's the money that the options, it's the money that gives you the options, rather. So just like in these exit strategies, a lot of times if you don't have money, your only option is to wholesale the property.

Right? Because let's face it, wholesaling is kind of the easiest way to get into real estate because you don't need money, you don't need credit, you don't need experience, you don't need a license, you don't need any of those things. You need a little bit of desire and hustle and consistency and all those things. That's what you need, right? That's that you really need a work ethic and a willingness to succeed. But when you start talking about some of these other exit strategies, you've got to have money, right? So how do you get money? If you don't have money, you can get money, you know, like private money. What is private money? Private money is when you just find a family friend or somebody that you know or heard of that's willing to loan you money for return on that money. Right. For example, right now, CDs and things like that that people invest in aren't doing great or even your 401k, you know, it's not guaranteed or the stock market, but what is guaranteed, we can guarantee them a return on their money if they loan it to us. Right. So if if they have money in a CD, for example, and they're only making three or 4%, well, we can offer them seven or 8% by giving us a loan that's secured by a discounted real estate transaction.

So that's why they would give you the loan because it's secured by discounted real estate. Right. And it's the same thing with hard money. If you don't know what hard money is, it's basically a private learner, but they're not private. It could be just an institution or a person that you've heard of that loans money. But they're doing it really because they have a fund that they're really controlling and they are loaning money out at a certain percentage and certain points often, but they have a spread on that from what they got the money at. For example, they could have a fund to where they're guaranteeing they're there. So, they have private lenders that bought into their fund. Right. Maybe they're guaranteeing that their lenders are going to get an 8% return, for example. So, the hard money lender might charge 12%. So, he can make that 4%. Spread, but he also might charge three or four or five or six points even up front. And what a point means is that's a percentage. You know, it's six points would be 6%. So, if it's 100,000 alone, they're going to charge you 6000 just to give you the loan. That's the point up front. So that's what hard money is. But that gives you options. You know, oftentimes it's still worth to take a deal down just because you have to pay that money. So you've got to weigh the pros and cons, obviously.

But nevertheless, the money gave you the options to do something different than wholesaling. So maybe you want to fix and flip it. So, you've got to look at the upside. Can I make 50, 60 grands? Okay, great. If I can flip that and make 50, 60 grands, maybe it's worth paying the four points and 12% interest that a hard money guy might offer you. But if you can make a quick 20 by wholesaling it, maybe that's the better option. But if you're only going to make seven or eight 10,000 wholesale limit, it's probably worth paying those points and percentages if you can get the flip done in three, four or five months even to make 50 or 60 grands. Right. So, there you go. The money gave you the options to do something different, right? It's the same thing if you want to buy it and hold a property. If you don't have money, you don't really have any other options but to wholesale it. And really, if you really think about it, the buy and hold investor in most cases, not all cases in most cases make more money than you even initially. Right. Here's my example. So, let's just say the average wholesale fee is 10,000. That's probably a good national average, I would say, as far as wholesale fees go. So, let's just say you make 10,000 on every deal, right? So, the buy and hold investor might buy that property.

Let's give an example. $100,000 is what I always use because it's easy math. So a property is worth 100,000. You bought the property at 40. Your end buyer is going to pay 50. So, you're going to make that ten because now they're going to put 25 into it. So they're all in for 75,000. Now, let's think about this. They're buying the property from you at 50,000 because you bought it at 40. So you make your quick ten and you're done, right. So, the investor has 50 in it now. They think they're going to put 25 into it to rehab it. Well, whenever they get down to it, maybe they only put 20 in it. So now they're all in for 70% instead of 75 like they thought. Now, most banks, not all of them, but there is a bunch of banks that will actually give you 80% to to the RV. What the after repair value is all in perfect condition, right? So, if the house again is worth 100,000 and the bank is going to give you 80. Now, the buy and hold investor is only in it for 70. So now they're going to make that 10,000 just like you did. But there's this tax free because it's in a loan, right? So not only did they get their wholesale fee, but they also have the asset. They also are $0 into the deal. They also get passive income every month with cash flow.

They also get to write off depreciation with their taxes. They also get the upside of appreciation over time. They also have a tenant paying off their mortgage, so therefore their wealth goes up every single day. So, you get the drift. Money gave him that option to be able to do that. So really the buy and home investor made way more than you did. They made what you would have made initially and they're making money forever and you just don't have that option if you don't have money. So again, the point of this video is this to show you the power of money and the power of knowledge, even because sometimes you may not even think about these things, but really options are where it's at. And to get options, oftentimes in this business, at least you need money to do that. So also, I've had deals to where we could wholesale a deal and only make like five or 6000 or we could actually close on the deal and just clean it up a little bit and put it on the MLRS and maybe make 20, 25,000. That's called hoteling, right? Your wholesaling for retail. Now, you don't have that option if you don't have money. So I think you get the drift. So nevertheless, options can absolutely change your life. How do you get options? Get money? How do you get money? Well, you can stack cash by wholesaling.

That's one way you can find private money lenders not making a good return in some of their investments that want to make more. They can do it with you, you know, partnered with you on your deals or whatever with a guaranteed rate of return. You can find hard money lenders everywhere and you can just get a track record built up to where you are bankable. You have good credit. You've got to get income, two years’ worth of bank statements or whatever, you know, and tax returns and you get bankable. So, then you have a lot of options for money at that point. So obviously that takes time. But if you have a W-2, you probably already. You have those and you are responsible with your money and you're not living beyond your means, right? And you're doing wholesaling on the side. You probably have the options to get money. You just may not have pursued that yet. So anyways, hopefully all that, all that all made sense. Hopefully that video is beneficial and you got value out of it. If you did, please smash the like button. Give me a thumbs up if you think I'm full of crap. Whatever. Hit the thumbs down. I'm cool with that too. Nevertheless, if you stuck around this long, you found value in this video. Please subscribe. Please share this content. Help me grow this channel. Let's do it together, y'all. I appreciate you and I'll see you in the next video.


Anyone Can Do This! 👍| Wholesaling Real Estate

May 01, 2022

Absolutely anyone can actually do this. Selling paper is not that difficult. It's not easy, but it is super simple in concept. I do have a free training if you want to check it out. Teach you step by step on everything you've got to do. All you have to do is be willing and have a little hustle in you.

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April 30, 2022

So if you don't know how to sell paper, you need to follow me. Assuming that you want to make ten, 20 or 30,000 just selling a piece of paper. If you do, follow me and I'll teach you how I do it.

STOP Ignoring People! 🚫| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 29, 2022

A customer or client will put up with a lot except for being ignored. On. Hey, what's up, YouTube? Thanks for joining me. My name is Graylan Stewart. I'm a real estate investor. We focus on wholesale and real estate, so that is mostly what my channel is about. So, if you're new to the channel, welcome. Thanks for joining me. I appreciate you. Please like and subscribe if you find this content valuable and definitely share it so we can help grow this channel together. I appreciate that. But today's video is exactly what I said kind of in the intro. Now, people do not like being ignored and that is the fastest way you can actually lose a customer. So, this definitely even applies in our everyday business. So, as you know, wholesaling real estate or if you don't know wholesale and real estate is a people business, but not only that, it's a sales and marketing business. So, the whole goal is to communicate with sellers. If we're doing acquisitions, communicating with buyers, if we're doing dispositions, and then if you're a transaction coordinator, you're communicating with a lot of people besides those two. Okay. So, I heard this quote earlier today and I actually wrote it down and I typed it in on my phone. You know, a customer or client will put up with a lot except for being ignored. And I've never really, I mean, I've heard versions of that before, but it's never really sunk in, like really hit me until today.

So, I just had to do a video on it because it's so true, you know, acquisitions, dispositions, transaction, coordinating all of it, right? This is super true. So, when you're doing acquisitions because this has happened, so we've actually lost money because we ignored people. So, let me explain. This is definitely happened in acquisitions, right? So, when you're when you're doing follow up, as you know, follow up is probably one of the most important things you can actually do in acquisitions because it takes so much effort, energy, money to just get a lead. So, when you get those leads, you got to treat them like gold because they're not free. They do costs a lot of money. And, you know, sometimes leads are hard to come by, frankly. So, whenever you get a lead engaged, it's super important to keep them engaged because, you know, if you don't know about this business at all, the hardest part that we have to deal with once we get leads is actually getting a hold of the seller. So, and I don't know why that is, but that's just the fact. I've been doing this for going on four years now and getting a hold of sellers is always a hard part, even if it's is a qualified lead, which many times, most of the time our leads are qualified because they're through specific marketing channels that bring in qualified leads. Right. So why are they so difficult to go to get a hold of? You know, I couldn't even tell you.

I really don't know. The only thing I could explain maybe why they might be hard to get a hold of is simply because they are distressed people. They're not you know, they're not right in their mind a lot of times. Or maybe they're older so they can't get to the phone as quickly. That's why we you know, in my business, we try to call three times in a row, but who knows what it is? People are busy, just like you and I. So maybe that's the biggest excuse. Maybe they finally admitted that they had a problem and that's why they actually called us. But then it's still like it's still not really reality for them. So maybe that's why they're ignoring us. I mean, it could be a plethora of different reasons who really knows the right answer? But I know this when you spend your time and energy of following up, which is very, very important, good job by doing that. But when you spend all that time and energy following up and they finally reply to you via phone call and they leave you a message, or they reply to your text message and you don't respond to them in a timely manner. The deal can go south really, really, really fast. I've seen it happen time and time again. I'll have acquisition managers doing their follow up, doing what they're supposed to do, and then finally they reply, say, Yeah, I want to sell the house for X amount of dollars.

And then, you know, four or five, 6 hours, sometimes a day or two, could go by and you've lost them already. So, what was the point of view in following up if you're just going to ignore them? Right. So, it goes back to that whole saying, you know, it it's definitely true. Sellers So you can put that in there. Sellers will put up with a lot except for being ignored, though a lot of times put up with you, you know, kind of talking sassy to them, you know, when they're when they're kind of talking a little angry or whatever, you can talk back to them. Sometimes they'll put up with you giving a super lowball offer. A lot of times they'll put up with unlimited phone calls that you make to them or text messages that you make to them. And then they don't even reply, you know, they put up with that. But then. But they won't put up with you just ignoring them. Right. So, follow up is key. I've said it many, many, many times before in multiple videos, but I can't stress it enough because it's so important, especially if you've got to think about how much money did you spend to actually bring that lead in. So, and then how much time and effort did you spend following up? Right.

So obvious. The obvious answer is, obviously, as soon as they reply to you, you have to reply to them quickly or you're going to lose them. The same goes with when a seller lead comes in, especially like digital things, when they're actively searching you online or searching a company like yours online and you don't reply to those in the first 30 seconds or so, they're not going to have it. You know, they're not you're being ignored in their opinion, right? Just like when I used to sell Yellow Pages. It would be shocking to you to know how many people actually don't answer their phone. I'm talking about business owners, okay. Because the yellow pages, if you don't really understand that it is if you're younger or whatever, there used to be these things called phonebooks. Right. And there were actual ads in these phone books so your everyday consumer could look up a specific industry or a specific need that they had. Like if they needed a plumber, they would look up plumbers and the phonebook. Right. And search for the ad. Usually the bigger ads is who they call first because that's what they see first. So is if they call that number and no one answers, obviously they don't like that they go to the next plumber. So, but you'd be surprised how many people don't answer their phone because I used to sell these ads and even trying to get a hold of these people to renew their ads every year, you might have to call them a dozen times or so just to get them to answer the phone, even after leaving messages, etc.

So, we can reverse those roles and say, I didn't like it being ignored either. So obviously your seller won't like that either. So, the same goes with dispositions because I've seen this happen as well. We've definitely lost money in dispositions because we've had buyers inquire about a specific property after we've done the hard work of sending out, you know, text blasting or email blast or maybe some cold calls. And then they respond to us saying that, yes, I'm interested, tell me more about it, or maybe I want to go see it or, you know, whatever. They have a question or inquiry or interest of some sort, and we don't reply in a timely manner. They're the same way they can put up with a lot of things, put up with you talking back to them or kind of being rude like, No, we're not going to take 80,000. We've got it marked to 89, obviously, so we're not going to do that. You know, they can take a lot of things, but they can't take the fact that you ignore them. So if you don't reply to them their inquiry, because we've definitely seen it, they inquire about a property and we wait a day to actually respond to them. Well, suddenly they're not interested anymore. You've got to think about this.

Some buyers only have a certain amount of money to do a deal or so at a time. You know, not everybody has a ton of private money or hard money options or banking options. A lot of these people just strictly use cash and they can only do one deal at a time. So, they might be actively pursuing you just to buy your deal today. And if you wait till tomorrow to respond, they could have already bought other deal. I've seen that happen many times actually. And then the most important piece of our puzzle in this business is our transaction coordinator. I call them the glue of the business. Right, because they're responsible for talking to the sellers, talking to the buyers, talking to the title company, talking to probate attorneys, talking to tenants, talking to all kinds of different people. And your seller is your client in this scenario, right? And so is your buyer because now the transaction coordinator is handling both. Now they can put up with a lot of things, but they can't put up with being ignored if the transaction coordinator is not actively communicating with all these people every few days, not every few weeks. I'm talking about every few days they got to be in contact with the buyer, the seller. You know, if there's probate attorney, you know, involved the title company, all these things or the deal can go south fast. We've definitely lost money because the transaction coordinator dropped the ball.

So back to the same, you know, your clients or customers can put up with a lot except for being ignored. So take note of that, take that serious because it really hit home for me. That's why I wanted to share it, because it's so true. We've definitely lost money in all different parts of our business because of that fact of simply ignoring people and nobody's ignoring them on purpose. We're all just busy, but that's why it's even more important. You've got to be you've got to be cautious and conscious of that, both to make sure that you're on top of your game in every aspect of the business. So especially when your job is only to do acquisitions or your job is own to do dispositions, or this person only does transactions. It's even more important that they're on top of their game. So there's really no excuses of ever ignoring someone. We have to reply in a timely manner, especially after you spent all the money to get the lead and get the deal. The goal is to get it closed. So that's my $0.02 for that. But hopefully you found some value in that. I know it hit home for me and one of the shared because it's super true because we potentially lost deals even this week because of these facts. So anyways, thanks for joining me. Please like share, subscribe and I'll see you next time.


Create Your Own Luck! 🍀| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 28, 2022

When people say you're so lucky or it must be nice, then you say, Yeah, it is actually nice because I worked hard. You create your own luck and I successful because I worked for it. That's it.

Business Trips! ✈️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 27, 2022

Don't go to YouTube. My name is Graylan Stewart. Thanks for joining me. Today is my work Wednesday blog day. So just kind of tell me about whatever I'm doing for the day work wise and just kind of going through everything we're doing. So, I just got back from Oklahoma City. I was there even though four or five days. And obviously I got to visit with my kids, took them to dinner. And that to meet with my dad, we went to the O.U. Oklahoma University football scrimmage. It's the red wing game, which is really cool. It's like the spring game where they just scrimmage each other pretty much. But it was really cool because there was like 80,000 people there, which is obviously the biggest. That's huge. Most stadiums that may have that many people for like a big game. This is the scrimmage each other. Plus, Baker Mayfield was there at halftime because they kind of did a ceremony for him since they put the Heisman statue, I guess, out for him. There's a cap. These are the caps I use, if you ever notice. Anyways, it was a good day to see my dad and then I drove to take my mom to dinner after that. So I got to see all of my immediate family, which was really cool. But anyways, yeah, it was a good trip. Got the check on a couple of flips. We've got three flips going right now, so got to look at all those and they're coming along.

What happens basically then? And the other one still has a few weeks. And then there's another one that's like so long was still probably a couple of months at least, I'm guessing. But nevertheless, it's definitely a good time. Got to meet some with some local investors like I typically do when I'm there. So that was a good stuff too. And then of course got to meet up with a couple of friends. But yeah, that's really what I do when I go to Oklahoma. I go I try to go for multiple excuses, right? Obviously to see my kids. The main reason I went because my daughter had a track meet, she runs track in college there, but they ended up canceling it, you know, and that was like the main reason excuse I had to go and obviously met my kids for dinner and did everything else. But then it's good to check on business things as well. So, I'm always working even when I'm not necessarily at home, which is just there's always things I can do or should do or need to do. So that's, you know, and typically try to try to make that happen. But anyways, exciting because tomorrow I'm actually leaving. Well, yeah, it's tomorrow I'm actually leaving for the Dominican Republic, like Punta Cana or something. I don't even know. I've never been there. I'm excited. But it's, it's actually an investor lift cartel boss just kind of made up to of do just go in for fun for the most part.

But we'll definitely talk business, you know, here and there. It's basically I don't know if you're familiar with cartel bosses in the investor community, but the idea behind it from the founder, Robert, was to have all the biggest wholesalers in the US come together and kind of have this cartel, you know what I mean? Instead of working against each other, we all work together. So that's kind of how investor life started with the cartel bosses. Then they started adding these other levels to it, like the pro membership, and I think he has a legitimate membership or something anyways. So, it's always good to network with all those other big players in the industry. So, it's always exciting to go to those meetups, which we had one and well it's not, not really sanctioned by National, but we basically had one in Miami back in October and then several of us met up in Phoenix like in July or something last year. And then obviously last April was the main investor lift cartel boss thing and that was in to Mexico, which that was really cool. Anyway, I was looking forward to that. My wife's going, several people bring their spouses, but many people don't as well, so that would be exciting. I can't wait to get through that. But business wise, I mean, it's been it's been a pretty good. You know, few weeks. I mean, it's been a good month so far.

We've got currently 19 deals in escrow. Couple a couple of them closed this week. So that's cool. We've assigned a couple of new ones as well. So, it's going well. The goal of my business is for every acquisition manager to at least get one contract a week. That's a bare minimum. The actual goal is to try to get to two per week per acquisition major, because if you think about it, you know, let's just say I mean, I have three acquisitions. If they get two each per week. Two times three is six. So, six per week times four is 24. Well, as you know, not every deal closes that you get signed. So that's why it's important to have a ton of leads, because not every lead will turn into a deal. They need to turn a contract signed because not every contract will turn into a payday. So, if we have 24 signed in a month, which we've we typically don't have that. But if we did in 70% of them close, that's like, I don't know, 18 closings a month. So that's kind of the goal because if we had that, that's in the right steps of doing really big dollars. Because if you figure if 18 closings in a month and you're averaging 20,000. You know, 15 to 20 minimum. That's a lot. You know, so let me see what that even is. It's got me thinking now 18 times.

16,000 is 288, but 18, 18 times 20,000 is 360,000. So that's definitely in the right direction where we're trying to go. I mean, we're trying to get to a million a month, which is a high task. But I, like I said, my goals I and strive for those are too easy and you set them. Then what was the point? So, I set my goals high just so we can try to strive for that. But yeah, if we could have 18 closings a month, I'd be awesome. So yeah, we're I even wouldn't even get close to that. Typically, you know, 19 deals in net zero doesn't mean you're going to have 19 closings in a month. Some of those will get prolonged for a couple of months or a few months. Some of those are going to fall off because of title issues or seller backing out or buyer backing out sometimes, things like that. So, I would say I of 19 escrow, you know, it's a good goal to have at least 50%, but we try to have 70. Usually around 70% of our deals end up closing, typically because we're super picky on what we write as well, because we could definitely have probably we could get a contract that day. Everybody could probably. But we just want to make sure it's a deal that we know we can move typically just so it doesn't waste its time. You know, because there are companies out there, they just go get a bunch of contracts and then sorry, that doesn't really mean a whole lot.

If you can't do anything with those contracts. So that's kind of my philosophy. We're going to get good deals where they're deep enough to where we make a decent profit. They're in an area where we know we can sell it that way. It's just not a waste of time on a lot of people because if you just lock deals up, not only did the acquisition manager waste their time, they should have just moved on because we can't do anything with it. But also, may waste the transaction coordinator's time sitting at the table getting all that prepared to do that. Waste our discipline managers time because they're trying to sell a deal that probably won't ever be able to sell anyways. And I must say, we don't take a chance on something. If we have a shot at it, we think there's a chance we can sell it, then we'll do it. But a lot of times you just know that there's no buyers in the area because we can search that on an investor lift, search it on profit stream, whatever, you know. So, if there's no buyers in the area, even if we get it $0.20 on the dollar, you know, a lot of times we won't even lock those up because it ends up being wasted people's time. It can also waste the time of the title company. They start doing title work and it costs everybody money.

You know, time is money and work costs. So when you when everybody's doing these things, it's costing time and money. So that's why we do that. But I'm not saying that's the right way. That's just the way we do it, because, you know, there are companies out there just sign up anything that they have, motivation and all. They'll just try to make it work. You know, that worked for some people, you know, and a lot of times they end up having to renegotiate or they just have to cancel the deal or whatever. And that's just different. People have different business models. That's just not what we do. Typically, if we lock up a deal, we try our best and our hardest to at least keep our end of the bargain. Meaning we want to close on the deal in some form or fashion. Sometimes it's out of our control, typically because of title issues. But what we can control is can we get it sold? Are there buyers there, you know, or do we want to take it down ourselves to keep it or flip it? So that's kind of what we try to do for the most part is we want to close on these deals. So not all it doesn't always happen that way, but that's our goal. So typically, if a deal falls through, it's title issues or seller backs out or something like that, which is rare to sell out, but title issues is definitely not rare.

That's pretty common. So anyways, nothing really else going on. I'm thinking about becoming a lender, you know, extra cash stacked up and they've got private money lined up that I don't always need. So, I'm thinking about maybe lending, lending people money. You know, obviously it has to be a smoking deal, you know, to get it to get money on it because it's got to be at a discount and all those kinds of things. So, I'm thinking about going through that process. I don't know, but I have I have a lot of private money lined up to where I could at least close on all of my own deals. So, I'm thinking about doing that even because if you can close on every deal, obviously you have more options as opposed to wholesaling. If you don't have any money, then wholesaling is your only option. But if you have money, you can actually close on them. And like I said, you don't have to have your own money, other people's money. You can close on every deal and potentially make more, you know, if if a deal that you might make 10,000 for wholesale but if you get close on it and clean it up and not actually hotel it meaning just listed on the MLS as is, you might want to make 15 or 20, so that's probably worth it if you could actually do it. So, I'm actually contemplating that it will still be technically a wholesaling company, but if we get close on every deal, it would really be like hoteling most of the deals, you know what I mean? So just for bigger profit margins, that's the only point of it just gives you more options.

If you don't have money, then you have to sell and that's okay. I love wholesaling. So anyways, thinking about that either closing all my own deals or maybe start loaning to other people that have good deals potentially just to make a little extra money on the money, you know what I mean? So, who knows? But that's really it, guys. Super excited about going to the Dominican. So, I'll I'm sure I'll do a couple of little small short videos or something while I'm there. Definitely let you know how it went when we come back. But in the meantime, you know, hopefully we'll get we'll still be getting deals while I'm gone. That's the beauty of having a team. You know, everything should be still running smoothly because really, I just kind of oversee everything at this point. And make content and things like that. But and of course, I'm the visionary. I'm always looking for ways to grow and to get to that goal of a million a month. What can we do different? How can we improve? And things like that. So anyways guys, thanks for joining me. I appreciate you very much. Please like, subscribe, share if you don't mind and I'll see you guys in the next video.

Virtual Deals Are Possible! 🧑‍💻| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 26, 2022

So this is all possible through wholesaling real estate. It's really a simple business. It's not easy, but it's simple. We literally lock up deals over the phone without ever seeing the property at all, and we sell them to cash buyers and we get a profit in the middle. So he mark up the contract for a bigger price.

Buyers ✍ In ANY State! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 24, 2022

So we do have a couple of main markets that we work. However, we do deals all over the United States and we literally have buyers in every single state. Over 3.5 million buyers. So hit me up if you need to sell something and we'll get it done.


Become The 1st Millionaire 💰 In Your Family! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 23, 2022

What's up, guys? So if you want to get into wholesaling real estate, you've got to pay the price. Obviously, nothing's for free. Yes, your time and energy and hustle is free, but it takes exactly that. You've got to be willing and be dedicated to get the job done all day, every day. And you will succeed. But you've got to pay the price.


I’m Losing Money! 💸 🤦‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 22, 2022

I might actually lose money on this house. Yo. What's up, YouTube? My name is Graylan Stewart. Thanks for joining me. So I'm actually on location right now in Oklahoma City. So for new to my channel, I do wholesale and real estate nationwide. We do flip houses and buying whole houses in Oklahoma City. And I live in Castle Rock, Colorado. But today, obviously, it's probably a little bit loud here. You know, there's cars going by and things like that. It's like 530 here right now. So anyways, bear with me on that. But this house right here behind me, I own this house. I actually bought it and I think I bought it in June of 2021. So I've been holding it for a while now. Obviously I have a mortgage on it. I've got utilities, taxes, insurance, you know, all those things. So it's costing me money every day. But, you know, I actually bought this house a little higher than I should have. Just trying to make the deal work. So we'll see. I mean, I could potentially lose money on this house. Here comes a loud car. Sorry. Ha ha. I hope I don't and I'm going to see what I can do about it. But I basically bought this house. It's in a really good area in Oklahoma City. It's called Military Park. So if you're from Oxy, you know the area. If you're a flipper or a buy and hold investor, you really know the area and it is hot. So, you know, it's a good spot to be.

But, you know, ARVs range in this area, anywhere from 100 K to 3 to 350 even. So just depends on what you do to it, you know, square footage and all that kind of thing, like everywhere else but this house. I'll tell you a little bit about it. So I bought it, obviously, I said June of last year. Right now we're in April of 2022. So I've held it for a while now. Obviously, when you do short term loans with private money, it's typically for a year. So I've got to pay this house off June 1st unless I renew with my private lender, which she's willing to do. I've already spoken to her about it. However, I bought this house for $103,000, so it needed foundation work. I already got the foundation fixed. That was about ten grand. So my initial assessment of the house I wanted to do, you know, just basic cosmetics, really. Okay. So I was hoping after the foundation I can do cosmetics. So there was an add on addition in the back of the house that I found out was terrible and done incorrectly, but we ended up having to completely tear it down, not just gut it. So we go to the entire house, which is what I wanted to do either, but just found out that everything was too old. You know, I needed to replace the plumbing and electric, which I wasn't really counting on doing that.

Obviously, new flooring and paint and that kind of thing was already accounted for. I was going to upgrade the bathroom, but. But the addition is where this house filled me, okay? The addition ended up being completely gutted, like we completely tore it down like to the ground because there was never a footing put on this house. So what that means is there is never a cement footing all around, you know, the house to make the foundation solid and sound. So we had to tear it all down, dig the footing out and actually, you know, put this theme in or concrete in or whatever. So we had to do that. All new sub floors, obviously new everything, new roof, new rafters, new walls, the whole nine, right? So that project alone is going to be like 50 grand because it's really like building a brand new house. It's only I don't even know the square footage of the addition. Plus while we did it, since we had to start over, we actually add a little bit more so we can have a, you know, a master bathroom and a bigger laundry room and things like that. So it's probably, I'm guessing, I don't know, four or 500 square foot added. But with building prices these days and my contractor is not cheap, honestly, he's one of the most expensive contractors I've ever used. But you can rely on them to do the job and to get it done correctly. So that's why I went ahead and went with him.

But but nevertheless, this property just that add on is probably going to be about 50 grand. And initially I thought I could get away with about 50 grand on this house making it really, really nice. Right. So initially my numbers were I thought the RV was around $220,000 and I bought it for 103 and I was going to put about 50 into it. You know, after closing everything, I'd be all in maybe, maybe 160 ish, 170 worst case is kind of what I was thinking, but at this point, I'm going to end up putting probably 100 to 120 into it and paying 103. So I'm going to be right out the RV that I initially thought it was. So I'm going to be right at probably 220, all in when this is all said and done. Now it is going to be nicer. It is going to be a little bit more square footage and it's going to be like probably nicer than any other house, at least in the in the nearby, you know, vicinity within a half a mile radius for sure. So because of that, I think maybe we can push the RV to to 50 to to 75, maybe even potentially is what I'm hoping. But there is a chance that, you know, I could lose a little bit or maybe break even, which I don't want. And also I am keeping this house. My plan was to keep this house as an Airbnb because I do a lot of business in Oklahoma City.

So when I fly here, it'd be nice to have a place to stay, right? I just block it off for Airbnb when I'm here. So that was kind of my plan. Instead of spending money on hotels all the time, I'd have somewhere to stay when I'm here. So that's still the goal. But as you know, when you buy and hold or flip houses, the goal is to get all of your money back after you actually put a mortgage. On it, right? So if I refi out of this, the goal would be to pull all my money back and still have equity in the deal. So that's still the goal. However, this this issue is making it a little bit tougher and the holding costs are a little longer than I expected as well. So anyways, you know, it is what it is and we'll see how it turns out, but I'll show y'all some before and after is obviously when it's all finished. But you know, I'm just hoping I can actually pull this off and get it done quickly. That's the goal right now is just to get it finished. So my contractor just pulled up. He's over there. What's up? So we're going to walk the house and kind of see what we got left in this deal. To finish it off, it's still right now. Got a long ways to go. It's fully gutted right now. So we definitely got to we're putting in the new plumbing and new electrical here in the next couple of days.

The new roof just went on on the back edition. The roof on the rest of the house is actually pretty good. So we're not touching that. But the whole house is going to get touched, y'all. We're going to paint the brick, you know, white to make it stand out and pop. Obviously, you know, fix everything that needs to be done. So it's definitely going to be top notch property when we're finished with it, but still got a long way to go hoping we can make money on this deal. You know, even though I'm keeping it, we still need equity in the deal and I'd like to get all of my money back. That's the ultimate goal, right? To be in every house for $0. So then it ends up being a free house at that point, right? Especially when I Airbnb it hopefully it'll bring income in and then I can block off the times that I have to come into town. But as you can see, we've got materials on the ground, roofs kind of are my contractor taking all that out, but hopefully everything turns out well, guys. But let me know your thoughts. You know, it's a tough situation. Usually, you know, you run your numbers, right, and everything's good, but sometimes things happen and you just can't, you know, you can't predict those things. Anyways, thanks for watching. Like sure. Subscribe. I'll see y'all next time.


Lots Of Moving Parts! 🔃🤣 | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 21, 2022

There are lots of moving parts in wholesale and real estate. You don't know which way to look. Unfortunately, most people give up and run away.


Wholesaling Leads 💪 | Wholesaling Real Estate 🏠

April 20, 2022

What's up, guys? Graylan Stewart here again with another video today is my work Wednesday and in full disclaimer I am recording this on Tuesday night because tomorrow I'm going snowboarding as I like to do on Wednesdays. It's hump day, middle of the week. So I like to break it up by doing something fun. And the days of snowboarding for this season are very limited. So I'm going to take advantage of that and I'm actually going with a couple of investor friends here in well, I'm in Castle Rock, but they live in the Denver metro area. So anyways, we're going to go to Breckenridge tomorrow for the day, probably snowboard for not very long. We're trying to get there when the lifts open 830 to 9 and then probably leave snowboard through lunch and leave around one just to get a good workout, good snowboarding day in and leave early to beat the traffic. So if we leave if you leave early, when you're out there, we can usually get back home in about 2 hours from Breckenridge. But if you leave when it closes, it could be 4 to 6 hours because everybody leaves when it closes. Right. Anyways, thanks for joining me today. If you're new to my channel. Thank you. I am a real estate investor. We focus on wholesaling real estate for the most part. We do a little bit of everything else, though, as well. But you know, what's on my mind right now is we've got 17 deals in escrow right now, so that's coming back up, which is good because we had a pretty slow first quarter, but things are looking good right now.

Our new cold calling campaigns are Super Mario just being fully transparent. It's it's probably been so far, it's still early because we started it on April 1st. Today is actually the 19th. This is going to be uploaded on the 20th. But so far I'm super impressed. It's definitely up there with some of the best leads we've ever had since I've been doing real estate, and then I'm going on four years now. So some of the best leads that we've had so far. So I'm super impressed with that. We've gotten three or four deals from that already, just from April 1st, so in 19 days, and that includes weekends, of course, but so I'm excited about that. And we've got another couple of properties that my disposition manager assigned once for a 10,000 spread. One's a 20,000 spread, so that's good news. Good things are happening again in the business. You know, that's that's the thing, guys. There's so many ups and downs in this business, but the ones that survive are the ones that just keep going. You know, you still keep taking action. It's never perfect. You don't have to know everything and learn everything to take action, right? You're just taking consistent, imperfect action every single day and just doing whatever you got to do to get deals.

You know, of course, I'm probably in a different situation than a lot of you watching. Most of you are probably newer investors or just thinking about getting into the game, but it's definitely easier with the team in some ways. In some ways it's a lot harder because just getting a team is the hard part, right? Hiring the right people, finding people that's a good fit. But not only that, finding the right people for the right seats is even more important, and that's always a challenge. That's the hardest part in business, in my opinion. So but things are looking up. We've had 17 leads this week already and we're on day two, so that's good. You know, our goal is to have 50 to 60 leads every week, so we're definitely on target for that. Tv has been going okay. As you can see, I've got this shirt here which I did not have made. They gave it to me when I joined this TV program. So I just thought we're today for this, you know, this particular video or whatever. Just because, you know, I've got all these shirts, you might as well wear it, right? So it's a cool shirt. You know, we buy houses and see it on TV, which is kind of cool. So that's been going to we do get I mean, it's very similar to radio as far as the leads that you get are typically fairly motivated, but also you get a lot of the smaller towns that call you and reach out to you because when you advertise on radio or TV, they advertise it for the DMA, which means it's the entire metro and beyond as far as that reaches, which is a lot further than just the attached suburbs is typically what we like to hit is the metro and the attached suburbs, but this obviously it goes beyond that.

Even so, it's not a huge deal that that happens. But, you know, it's not you know, they're not as hot. You know, it's not necessarily the areas that we want to be in all the time, but at the same time, we can use the make deals happen from it. But anyways, I think we've gotten at least two deals from TV, maybe three, and we started that basically. You prefer, as it was March 28th, which was the Friday before April 1st. So it's kind of in the same same boat, but I would say if I had to choose one or the other, definitely cold calling through this company I'm using is better and they're roughly the same price. It's a little bit cheaper on the cold calling, but for for what I've seen so far, I like the cold calling better. The main reason is because we got to choose exactly where we want to buy.

Right? So I chose two counties in in the major metro area that I want to focus on as opposed to TV. You don't know where your leads are going to come from. So that's why I kind of liked the cold call leads better. Not only do they give you mostly leads that want well below RV, but they're also in areas that we want to buy that we're actively pursuing anyway. So it works out even better. So I love that. So that's been that's been good as well. And radio is still doing good. We're on three radio stations, as I've mentioned, you know, recently, all three stations give us lead because obviously I have a different phone number for each station so we could track them separately. But yeah, we have we definitely have leads coming in pretty much daily, at least every other day for sure between the three stations. So that's always good. Still doing some PPC, you know, that's that's not been as great lately. We're getting leads for sure. But, you know, there's a lot of tyre kickers a lot of times. So, you know, but I don't give up on it because I do know it's beneficial. So, you know, that's the thing, guys. You probably heard the term before, scared money. Don't make money. I'm not afraid to spend the money when I see potential in getting that back. So, you know, it's still early. I've only been doing PPC again now for roughly a month.

We've spent $2,000 already on it for a handful of leads. It's not a lot, probably seven, eight, nine leads maybe. And we haven't we haven't signed any of those yet. But I do think one of them is super close that I think we will get. So it's going to be worth it either way. But, you know, overall, everything is looking a lot better. So looking to have a strong quarter, second quarter for sure. So just always looking at that. But I'm always looking to hire to you know, I'm I'm actively pursuing another full time acquisition manager. We recently lost one, so I need one more to replace. And also, you know, my, my operations manager, which I'm grooming to be my CFO hopefully by the end of the year, she ends up doing acquisitions a lot just because there's not enough acquisition people available, you know, all the time when when leads come in. So she ends up doing that a lot, which prevents her from learning different parts of the business that I'm trying to teach her. So, you know, that's going to end up bottlenecking us eventually if I, if I can't get her out of that, out of doing that. So I'm definitely actively pursuing at least one more acquisition manager, maybe two. Of course, we got one new one a week ago that just came back to me, that worked for me in the past, and he's done really good so far.

He's real close to like two or three deals that I think he'll probably lock up this week. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't get two deals this week. So things are looking really good there as well. But, you know, just just kind of doing the thing. I've been posting a lot more on social media. You know, I need to get better at posting on all the social media platforms. I'm really good at posting on YouTube, obviously, and TikTok, you know, pretty much every day. But I really went harder on TikTok lately. I've been posting two or three times a day. I need to try to do that on all social media platforms. But you know, I've been given away my free course. If you haven't taken advantage of that yet, I definitely think you should. You can go to, scroll down the red button on the far left, takes you to it or you can go directly to wholesale game changer dot com and it's right at the top of the page. Just click on to get the access to that. It's completely free, no strings attached just trying to get value your you know, the super action takers can definitely learn from that and start doing deals for me. But the ones that need a little bit more, you know, guidance and more information like a deeper dive, I do still have my wholesaling course as well.

And nevertheless, since I was talking about leads earlier, this is not a plug. It is a shameless plug, I guess. But it's a true fact that Facebook organic leads are still number one and they're free, completely free. So I do have a course for that. If you've been contemplating on what lead sources that you need or thinking about or something to bring more consistency, I super highly recommend that. Sure, you've got to pay for the course, but that's a one time deal, y'all. After you pay for the course, your leads are free. I can do follow the steps of my course. You're going to get leads. Free leads pretty much every single day if you follow my plan exactly the way I tell you to do it. So to me, that's a no brainer. If I had known about that when I first started, we'd be in a different place right now. But that is still my number one lead source. And I think this new cold calling company is going to quickly become my number two, which co calling last year even was number three behind radio. But but this is even at a whole new level it's it's way better than the co calling I use to do in-house with my own Vas. So I highly recommend that to you. But you're going to have money for that. You know, if you're a new I don't suggest doing the whole co crawling thing yet with this company because it's expensive.

You know, their lowest plan is like eight grand a month. So but if you can afford it, I would recommend it at 1000. But if you can't buy the Facebook organic course, guys, I'm not trying to pitch that because I want to make money because I don't really care about that. I'm pitching it because I want you to be successful because it works. We use it every day, all day still. And it's still my number one lead source. That's why I'm saying you should do it. And if you don't have a ton of money, that's the best thing to do because it's completely free. So there you go. Enough about that. But anyways, looking forward to snowboarding with my buddies tomorrow. We've we've been friends for a little while. I can't remember how we even met, but nevertheless we've never gone snowboarding together. And I'm super excited about that because, you know, oftentimes I'll take kids or I'll go with one particular buddy that lives down the street from me, that he likes to go a lot and sometimes he has his kids and things like that. But it's very rare that I go get to go with just guys, only just my buddy and one of his older sons or some of my kids, you know, things like that. So it would be kind of fun and relaxing. So I'm looking forward to that.

But anyways, I'm hoping you guys got some value from today. You know what? It's my Flag Day work Wednesday. Just kind of looking at what's going on. We are we've got a house in Altus, Oklahoma, which is a small town that we've had a while and the seller gave us permission to break into it because they don't have a key. So we found somebody there that's going to drill through the keyhole, the back door to actually break in. We got an exterior video from this guy. So he's going to break in tomorrow to get interior videos and then the back door will be unlocked and we have access. But I think we can move it aside and see if we actually can get good pictures and good walkthrough video for the inside too. So I can't wait to get that because we had this deal in the past and we had to cancel it because we never could get the access. So then they reached out to us again and said, Hey, you know, we have access or we can let you have access, meaning you can break into it. We just need to sell it. So hopefully we'll get the pictures and everything in the next day or so. So anyways, guys, I get off of here for now. I appreciate you joining me. Hopefully you got a negative two at least, but nevertheless please like share subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you tomorrow.


Drug Dealer Type Of Money! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 19, 2022

Do you want to make a drug dealer type of money without actually pushing illegal drugs? Why not be a paper pusher like I am? I sell paper for a living. We do it all day, every day, make over $100,000 every single month. And you can do it to follow me and I'll teach you how to.


What Exit Strategy To Use? 🤷‍♂️| Wholesaling Real Estate

April 18, 2022

So do you ever wonder how a wholesaling company actually determines what exit strategy they're going to use? Obviously, wholesaling is usually our first option, but how do we determine if we're going to flip it or keep it or wholesale it? Stay tuned and I'll tell you how we do it. Hey, what's up, guys? Thanks for joining me. My name is Graylan Stewart. I am a real estate investor and entrepreneur, and my channel is all about wholesaling real estate. So if you're new, I tell you all the good, bad and the ugly about wholesaling. But today's video I'm going to talk about how do we determine our actual exit strategy? Because there are several exit strategies we could do, right? Obviously, wholesaling is just an exit strategy. So in my company, our number one choice, our first choice, every single deal is to wholesale it, but obviously not every deal is sellable. So if you don't understand why, let me try to tell you real quick. So in order to wholesale a house, we have to have equity, right? That's the number one rule in wholesaling. You need equity in a property to be able to make a spread. Okay. Because the whole thing in wholesaling real estate is basically us playing the middleman, right? We're getting a contract with the motivated seller at a discount compared to what the retail value could be after it's all fixed up. Now we sell that discounted contract to an end buyer that actually wants to fix and flip it or keep it as a rental.

And then we just sell that at a higher price and we make the spread in between. So we're literally the middleman, right? So wholesaling as the exit strategy is my company and my company, it's our number one kind of option that we choose to do. So why do we choose that? The biggest reason is it's duplicate stable, it's cash flow, you know, it's consistent like ATM type of money, cash, right. And then that cash, when you have cash, it gives you options. So what do I mean by options? I'm not talking about just lifestyle and the people that flash lambos and all those things. Right? Of course, some people want that. You know, I don't really care about that necessarily. But the cash flow just gives you options whether you want to buy the fancy cars or, you know, all the fancy jewelry or whatever it is. Or maybe you want to buy more real estate so you can actually create wealth and not just have a high paying career. So I look at wholesaling is it's our ATM, it's our cash flow, it's what funds the things that we want to do in real estate. Okay. So how do we determine what we can wholesale and what we're going to fix and flip and what we're going to keep as rentals? Now everybody's different. So I'm just telling you what we do in my business and to be completely honest, I've never actually bought a house with the intentions of flipping it.

Not one time that I can remember most. Every time that I can remember so far I could be wrong. There might be one or so. But you know, because I've been doing this for going on four years now, but I never bought a house with the intention of flipping it. But I have flipped a ton of houses. I think last year we did 13 flips and 2021, which isn't a ton because there's people that do that many every month, you know. But I'm talking about actual flips, you know, where you actually buy the property with your own money, private money, hard money, the banks money. Nevertheless, you close on the property with money and then you actually put money into the property in rehab to fix it up and sell it on the retail market. So I've done I've done a bunch of those at this point in my career, but I've never done one on purpose. So the reason I say that is we typically end up flipping a house when we know it's a really good deal that we should make money on. But for whatever reason, we couldn't wholesale it because as I said in my business, every deal that we try to do, you know, every deal that we get under contract, our ultimate goal is to wholesale it. Even the no vacant contracts that we get, we still try to wholesale those first because that's easier, right? It's easy just to assign our contract to another buyer and then we're kind of out of the way once they put their earnest money down.

And then we're just waiting for closing. But it's not always that simple. You know, there's there's buyers, you know, there's a ton of buyers out there and they all are looking for something different, right? A lot of times it's similar, but they all have different buy boxes, different criteria that they're looking for specifically. So whether they're fixing it to flip it or fixing it to keep it as a rental, everybody is a little bit different. So everybody is a little bit different as far as what they want. You know, it just kind of determines it depends on the buyer, is what I'm trying to say. But nevertheless. So you've got your fixed and flippers, you've got your buy and hold people and that's the ones that we wholesale to. So now when you actually flip a house, you make more profit typically. But as I said, how do you determine if you're going to flip flip it or wholesale it? So. Really. You know, our goal is always wholesale, but when you're thinking about a flippers mindset, you know, in companies that do a little bit of everything like we do, typically if you can make a huge fee flipping it as opposed to a quick 10,000 just wholesaling it, then the better option, obviously if you have the money to do it and everything set in place, the better option is to flip it because if you can make 70,000, you know, over, maybe it takes you two or three months to do that deal.

And that's obviously smarter probably than making a quick 10,000 because let's be honest, the flipper actually makes more money than we would make. So but also the same mindset on rentals. You know, a lot of people that buy rentals and most of the rentals just to be transparent, most of my rentals I have is the same thing as my flips. Somebody didn't want it for whatever reason, not decided not to flip it because it made sense as a rental, bought it cheap enough, the cashflow is good enough and things like that. So I look at it as a cash flow type of deal. When I'm looking at rentals, I want to make, you know, usually 3 to $400 per month minimum after the property insurance, taxes, the mortgage insurance, everything that's entailed, property interest taxes and insurance. So after all of that and vacancies, you've got to account for that stuff to potential repairs if you don't repair it up front. So at the end of the day, I want to make 3 to 400 bucks to cashflow minimum right now. Also, I want equity in every deal. You know, there's some investors that buy rentals just for the cash flow. There's some investors out there that buy rentals just for the equity.

And now I'm different because I buy rentals for both. I want equity and cash flow. So usually I typically if I'm going to keep the rental, I typically have at least 50% equity. And then it usually, like I said, can cash flow 3 to 400 a month. Now I have some properties that cash flow well over 1000 a month, but that's kind of just my threshold that I'm comfortable with. I want at least three or 400 to make it worth my while, right? So the way that we determine if we're going to wholesale it, keep it as a rental or flip it is exactly that. If we can't wholesale it, then I'm going to contemplate one of the other two. So if I can't wholesale it, I'm obviously going to look at what's the price of this house. Is it low enough to where I'm going to have a bunch of equity left over and the cash flow is big? Or is the flip potential good enough? And where we can make 67 to 80000 on it, but also depends on the current cash flow situation. Maybe we didn't do as many wholesale deals lately and I need to wholesale it just to get that quick money to fund the business and things like that. So that's where it's better just to wholesale the deal and make a quick ten. But if I can afford it in cash flows, good, then it's better to wait the two months to make the 70, if that makes sense.

And then if everything is going good, I've got flips going where I'm making big money can continue as wholesale and consistent wholesale deals. It definitely makes the most sense to keep it because the ultimate goal here, at least my goal and it should be your goal too, is to create wealth and to have financial freedom. And really in real estate, the biggest way and the best way to do that is to acquire rentals, because the rentals you've got to think about like this. The rental property is not only we're going to have it with equity because we go we buy direct a seller at a discount, right? So even after you remodel it and you rehab it and everything, and even if you refinance the property with the bank, you're still going to have 20 to 30% equity typically left in the deal. So it's creating wealth over time. But not only that, that increases usually every year, especially when the market taught, but if the market dips over the long trajectory of life, it's always going up. So you're always going to have that equity to build your wealth, your net worth, but you're also going to have cash flow. And your wealth actually increases every single day because you have a tenant actually paying off your mortgage. So it's paying down the principal every single day, which means it increases your wealth every single day because then you have more equity every single day.

So eventually your house is getting paid off by somebody else to where you literally have a free house, especially after you refinance. You typically get all your money back, sometimes more than you've put into it, and it's tax free because it's in the loan. So you've got a property that you kept, you still got your whole fee because typically if you're buying direct to seller, you've got to keep enough to where after you remodel it, you've got like 30 or 40% equity left and then you refi up to 75 to 80. So you've got that free tax free money which you could call kind of your wholesale foot, but you've got to keep the house too, and you're getting cash flow and it's increasing your wealth every month. Somebody else is paying your mortgage down and you get the tax benefits of depreciation, you know, etc., etc.. So definitely the ultimate goal for you and for me should be to actually. Keep properties because you can make just as much money as wholesale. As long as your cash flow is right. But that's what we do. All three, to be honest. Wholesales give us the cash flow. Consistency, right. And it helps fund the remodels and the flips and buying wholes and things like that. And then, like I said, I still only flip out of necessity, but I take that risk because I know what we have.

If we have a good deal and somebody just didn't want it because of the area they don't like or the town or whatever it might be, I'm going to take that on because I know it's worth it. So when you get really good at comping and you know the RV and you get really good at remodeling and knowing your pricing, then there's really no risk in that. Like it's a calculated risk, you know? So yes, there's always unforeseen things, but when you buy it so deep like we do, you still have room that you can kind of mess it up, if that makes sense, to where you still win on the deal, because there's definitely flips up down that we had hoped to make more money than we did, but we still come out pretty good, right? Like there's definitely flips. I thought I would make 50 on, but we end up making 35, you know, cry me a river. So that's still a good deal. It just wasn't as good as we thought. So there's still room. That's what I'm saying. If you buy it good enough and deep enough, that's the benefit of going direct to seller all. You have more options and you get the deal at a deeper discount as opposed to the flipper buying from you. You know they're buying from you at 75%, typically all in. But if I buy it, if I keep it myself, I've got it at 50%.

So I've got more equity, more room to play, and more profit to make. Because I went direct to seller. Of course it costs me more because I do the marketing for it and I have people to pay and things like that. But at the end of the day we still have a way deeper discount than the end buyer. So moral of the story is buy more properties, do whatever you want to. Our main strategy is the wholesale. Just because we get consistent cash flow and then we flip when we need to to make the big checks. But ultimately buying and holding properties is ultimate wealth. So my goal is to do more of that, especially in 2022. That's kind of my goal now just to acquire more, especially when cash flow is good because like I said, when you refi out, when you're direct seller, you typically get extra money back. So you might get an extra ten or 15 after you pay yourself back and that's tax free. And the reason it's tax free because it's in your loan know. So that's why you can get that money right away. And it's almost like a wholesale fee, but you kept the property and you're making money on it forever. So anyways, hopefully all that makes sense. Thanks for listening, guys. I appreciate you. Please like share, subscribe. Give me a thumbs up. I appreciate that and I'll see you guys in the future. Videos.


4 Things To Make You A Good Wholesaler! 💁‍♂️ | Wholesaling Real Estate🏠

April 17, 2022

So, I'll give you four things that can make you a good wholesaler. Number one is be a good entrepreneur, meaning a good business owner. Good head for business. Number two, be good in sales because this business is highly sales. Number three, be good at marketing because this is a marketing driven business. And number four, be a hustler willing to work 24 seven. And so, you can implement systems and processes. If you can do all four of those things you’re gonna skyrocket quickly. But if you can do even one or two of those, you can succeed in wholesaling.


Make Millions Selling Paper! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 16, 2022

Did you know that you can actually make millions of dollars per year just selling paper? Literally selling a piece of paper? I make over $100,000 a month doing it. I've got a free step by step training that I'll give you. Just leave a comment and follow me on social media.


How To Follow Up Like A Boss! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 15, 2022

So I always talk about how follow up is super important in your wholesaling real estate business, but how do you actually do that and what does it look like? Stay tuned and I'll show you. Hey, what's up, guys? Thanks for joining me. My name is Graylan Stewart. I am a real estate investor. We focus on wholesaling as our main exit strategy, but I also do some buy and hold properties for long term wealth. We also do fix and flips for the big paydays, but wholesaling real estate is what we do all day, every day. So that's mostly what my channel is about. And we love to just teach you about my life experiences. So everything I tell you about is what I experience in my everyday wholesaling business and experience. And I've been doing this almost four years now, so I definitely consider myself an expert, done tons of deals, made millions of dollars, and we'll just get into the video from there. So today's video, I'm going to talk about follow up. Now, in any type of sales organization or any type of sales job of any kind. Follow up is key. Follow up is everything. If you're in sales, you already know that. But what people don't realize is wholesaling real estate is sales. It's not any different. Right? Most things that we do in our life, most important things at least are sales related. You know, from anything you can think about a kid trying to talk their parent into spending the night with somebody else or a kid trying to get a raise for their allowance.

You know what I mean? Just all things like that. Are you trying to talk your wife or spouse into purchasing some shoes that you want or whatever it might be? So it's all sales skills, right? No matter what you're doing, whether you think about it like that or not. But nevertheless, when you're talking to sales in business, follow up is everything. And there is a right way and a wrong way to do it, because a lot of times, you know, I might tell people in my organization that you're going to follow up, you know, all the time to to stay top of mind with sellers or with buyers or whatever the situation is. But what does that really mean? You know, it's one thing to tell somebody something, but it's another thing to show them or tell them exactly what you expect and what to do. Right. So follow up for me as far as sellers go now, obviously, this is a highly, highly follow up game in general, right? Most deals that we get, we touch that lead probably a dozen times minimum typically right before we get a deal. And sometimes it's, you know, 20, 30 touches and several months of following up before we actually get deals to come to fruition. So that just shows you how important it is. But also follow up will set you apart from your competition.

Okay. Because most of the time your competition will follow up one or two, three, four times maybe, but they typically kind of stop after that, especially if they get a hard no. They'll just assume that, okay, that's a dead lead. I'll move on. Now, we do that a little differently. We treat leads differently. We've got our hot cue leads that we follow up like a boss basically is supposed to follow up every day with those some of them several times a day. And then we've got our more of our nurture leads that told you maybe a hard know or not right now. So whatever whatever length of time they say we might be interested in a month or coming back next year, or I might be interested this summer, whatever time period they give you. Make a note of this, whatever time period they give you. Actually cut that in half, maybe even less. Because if it's a long ways, if they tell you you like follow up in six months, I might think about it. So even that situation, if it's six months, I say cut in half typically, but that would be three months. But I would say even cut that and one half to maybe call them back in a month and a half. Because you've got to keep in mind, I'm not the only wholesaler calling this seller. You're not the only wholesaler calling the seller. They're probably getting hit up by dozens of other wholesalers as well.

So if you and your company are not top of mind, meaning the freshest thing in their head when they think about selling their house, then you're probably going to lose that deal. So they might have told you to follow up in six months. But in the meantime, you know, 15 to 30 other wholesalers are reaching out to that same seller every single day. And so that's every single day that you're potentially chancing on losing that seller to someone else. So hopefully that makes sense because I have definitely seen this in my four years over and over again, that we've actually lost deals because of lack of follow up, at least in a timely manner. Now let's talk about that. Since I mentioned timely manner, that's probably more important than anything else. So when when you do follow up, you did all this work. You're you're calling the sellers, you're texting them, you're emailing them, you're doing whatever you can to get a hold of them several times a day in some cases. Now, when you actually finally get them to respond, it's very important and I can't stress that enough. Very important to actually follow up with them right after they respond, because you did all the work to get their all to get a response from them. So if you don't actually reply as soon as they respond to you, it was all for nothing. You know, it was basically pointless because I've actually seen that in my own business and I've seen that with newer employees even oftentimes, you know, you just got to always be preaching that message to your team.

And if you're a solopreneur, you've got to you've got to ingrain that into your head, because if you did all this work just to get somebody to reply to you, you've got to reply back to them in a timely manner. And when I say timely manner, within a few minutes if possible, because if you let hours go by, well, you had them on the hook because they were actively talking to you, you know, probably responding to you by text on phone or something like that. Well, if you let hours go by, you don't have their attention any longer. They're already off to doing something else and they forgot about you. So they're probably going to ghost you or it'll be difficult to reach them again, right? So the point of that is respond to them right away, if possible. That's the very most important thing about follow up in general. Because you've got to keep in mind when you're following up. When you're following up, you know, it's just super important to make sure that you reap the rewards of your work. So if you're not actually reaching back out to them, as soon as you get a response, he pretty much did it for nothing because you just got to always keep in the back of your head.

Okay. It took me 15 responses over a two month period to actually get them to reply to me. Now they finally replied, That's my cue to pounce, or that's my cue to ask more questions, to kind of go deeper into their motivation or to the condition of their property or whatever the situation is. That's your key. You got them on the hook, so keep them there as long as you can, right? Immediately say, Hey, are you available for a quick phone call? That's the best thing to do, right? You want to get people on the phone as fast as you can. You know, we have done deals just texting only. That's more difficult. It's usually when it's like a Hispanic speaker and we don't speak Spanish, you know, we use a translator to do that. So we've locked up deals like that, but we've also locked up a couple other deals that people just, you know, they just wanted us to text only. But in most cases, it's way better to try to get them on the phone. So we always do phone calls first. Now, let's talk about when you first get leads. Okay. Now, in my business, when we first get leads into my CRM, into Podio, we don't really know what that lead is yet. We assume it's a motivated seller because they came into our system in some way, form or fashion, but at the same time, we have to qualify that lead.

Sometimes they're pre qualified depending on how the lead comes in, but oftentimes if it's like, you know, a TV ad or something like that and they call us and we missed the call, now we have to actively pursue that lead like hardcore, right? So our goal is to in my business, our policy is to call that lead back three times in a row. You don't try one time and then give up. You got to do it three times in a row because you've got to think about the sellers that we deal with typically are older, so oftentimes their phone might be in a different place than where they are at the time, and they can't necessarily get to it fast enough with the amount of rings that it gives, right? So that's why we call three times. Usually after the third ring, you typically will get an answer in a lot of cases. But then we also always follow that up with a text. Let's just say you did call three times in a row and they don't answer. You just follow up with a text, say, Hey, I tried to give you a call back. I notice you called me from our TV ad. Please holler back when you get a chance. I'd love to talk to you and give you a cash offer or something like that, right? So you act to actually actively pursue these leads so that you don't lose them. Because, you know, as we all know, if you've been in this game at all or if you're brand new, here's a nugget, right? Getting a hold of these people are the hardest thing possible.

Even the ones that reach out to you is still super hard to get hold of them. We've seen it time and time again with PPC leads, for example. If you don't reach those leads within the first 20 to 30 seconds, definitely within the first minute, then a lot of times we never, ever, ever get a hold of those people no matter what we do. Because if you've got to think about it, if they're Googling, you know, semi house for cash or something along those lines, then they're they're going to start calling everybody that they can until somebody answers. They're going to keep going down the list to whoever answers that can fulfill their need. You know, I've said it many times before that our goal is to we provide a service to where we can actually help somebody with their problems. Right. So we're problem solvers. And if they actively are searching online for that, then they have a huge problem. They're super highly motivated typically. So if we don't reach them right away, chances are you're going to lose that lead. And not only that, the worst part about it is you might have spent a few hundred dollars on that pay per click lead and that's literally trash, you know. So I don't know about you, but I take my money seriously.

You know, we spend close to 20,000 a month on any given month for marketing only. So if you think about the amount of leads coming in, you know, we could do the math on what your cost per lead is and and really take ownership of that. If you're paying just for an example, if you're paying $200 a lead, you got to treat every single lead like it's gold. So it's super important that if you're doing it yourself or you've got people doing it, that they respond right away because that's your money that they're playing with, right? So anyways, hopefully all those things make sense, but that's how we treat leads. That's the best way to follow up in my experience. Been doing the wholesaling game for about four years now, but I've been in sales my entire adult life. I do consider myself a sales expert because I've always been relentlessly, consistently persistent in my sales pursuit. Right? You got to actively pursue these people and you really got to hound them to death until you get what you want and change, you know, in exchange you're giving them what they want, which is a cash offer and, you know, freeing them of their pain. So anyways, hopefully all that makes sense. I hope you guys. And value from it. Please like share, subscribe. Give me a thumbs up if you liked it. I'll see you guys in the next one. Thanks a lot.


Easiest Way To Get Into Real Estate! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 14, 2022

Do you want to get into real estate, but you think it's tons and tons of money that you have to have to be able to do it? Well, I can show you a way to where you can flip a house with No money, no credit, no risk, no experience. I flip contracts for a living and I make $10, $20, $50,000 a pop. Follow me and I can teach you how to it.


More Marketing, More People, More Profits! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 13, 2022

Okay. So, guys, Graylan here again with another video. This is my work Wednesday vlog day. So just talk about whatever it's happening at the time. So thanks for joining me. I appreciate it. I am a real estate wholesaler, an entrepreneur investor. Overall, we do fixing flips, buy and hold rentals, which is the same as buying old and lots of wholesale deals where US innovation deals, which is like a hybrid of wholesale and retail, that's for another video. So today on the agenda. So we've just got a hot lead and I got a text or a Slack message from our co caller provider because if it's a super hot, hot leave, they send us a Slack message saying, hey, you know who's available basically to take this live transfer? So they'll transfer the call to our team live so that we can get them while they're really hot, right? So that's pretty cool. That's been going great. We're coming off a really solid week from last week. It's going to be a great quarter. If you saw my video from Monday, we came off of our worst quarter, our worst first quarter ever. You know, I've had 4/1 quarter so far. That was our worst one. And it's mostly because. People being out in November or December, because what you do today affects what happens 30, 60, 90 days from now. So anyways, you haven't watched that video. Check it out for sure. Sorry about that. Just got a call from a buddy asking me about a deal that we have.

He was he was asking about my disposition manager, telling me that he was talking to her already, but wanted to run something by me, you know, because he buys deals from us a lot of times and double closers with another buyer that he's got a handful of other buyers that he sells to or not just a handful a lot, I guess. But I mean, that's the thing is, man, people can make money in this business. We can all make money. So I'm like, I mean, it's cool. I mean, what you make is your business. I don't really mind, but he was just kind of giving me the heads up just to be, you know, just to be upfront, I guess. But anyways, as I was saying, a lot of people have asked me about this code com company and everything that I use my business. Let me turn this camera just a little bit. But everything I use in my business every day, what we actively use on a day to day basis is always in the description in my in my videos. So that co common company is in the description if you are interested. It's crazy expensive, but it's crazy worth it, you know, because we literally get we've already gotten two hot leads, actually. We've gotten three leads today now two of which they hit us up on Slack because like I said, if it's if they want 40 to 70% lower than the RV, they're going to hit it up on Slack so they can try to do a live transfer to one of my acquisition managers.

Otherwise it'll just go into a form field that goes straight into our Podio. But even those deals, they're usually like, maybe they want 70 to 80% of RV. You know, they don't hit us up as a for a live transfer on those. So every lead is really, really good typically. So, you know, you get what you pay for in life, you know, that's just the way things go. Typically, not always, but usually when things are more expensive, they're usually more expensive for a reason, right? So it's worth it. And that's exactly why, you know, some people have asked me, you know, why is your course so much or whatever? Am I it's really not that much compared to other courses out there. It's actually a lot less. But the courses are valuable. You know, I've spent four years or so of my life and literally $250,000 between education and software and just learning this business inside and out. So all of that knowledge and years and money spent all compiled into courses that I make, it's not expensive. You know, I think my wholesaling courses and by the way, I have a completely free wholesaling course to for those of you that want it go to Grayling Stewart dot com click on the button the red button on the left the far left if you're on your phone, it's the first one you see, but it's a completely free, 100% free, no strings attached course, step by step.

But then I have a wholesaling course that you pay for that's super in-depth. Like you can't not do a deal from that if you just follow the plan, right? It's step by step exactly how to do it. Action steps on what to do. So there's value in that. And I think it's only like 1500 bucks. I mean, it's crazy cheap for something that can make you millions of dollars. You know, people go to college and spend, you know, 100 grand on four or five year education just to make 50, 60 grand a year and then try to pay off the student loans for the next 20 to 30 years of their life. I mean, that's crazy to me, but people don't want to spend 1500 or my Facebook organic courses, 2500. That literally brings us an average of like 32,000 every deal. And we do deals every single month from that method. It's like these courses are cheap, you know? But that's a little rant. I'm not trying to go down that rabbit hole, but my point was this cold calling company is super expensive. But when they bring you leads like that, we've done deals. We've been with them since April 1st.

So this is the third time we've done deals. So it's been two full weeks of all right, every week we've done a deal with them, so it's worth it. You know, when our average deal last year was about 20,000, I think this year we're closer to like 16,000 at the moment, but that'll that will increase, you know, throughout the year. I'm pretty confident that we'll end up at 20 or higher before the year is out. Most likely, but nevertheless. When somethings bring you that kind of return, it's a no brainer. It doesn't matter what it costs. Right? Because really, if you think about it, it's free, right? If a 1500 dollars course can actually bring you even 100 grand, that it's free. If 5000 dollars course brings you 20 grand, then it's free. You know what I'm saying? So that's how I look at costs and things like that. You know, I don't I don't let that stuff get to me. That's why it doesn't bother me to spend 10,000 a month on TV or whatever. You know, it's a lot of money. But when I know that can bring me 100 grand, then I'm weighing those up. You know what I mean? Of course, obviously, nothing is guaranteed at the end of the day. You know, at the end of the day, the work falls on you. Right. When advertising comes in, it's on my acquisition managers to get those deals, to close my transaction coordinator to make sure it gets to the closing table, my disposition manager to make sure they get sold.

And ultimately my job to make sure that that marketing method works to where we can all get paid on it and, you know, live off the fruits of it or whatever. So anyways, I don't even know how I got on all that subject. But you know, it's funny because recently, you know, a couple of work Wednesdays ago, I think I bragged on an employee and I've said this recently, you know, as soon as you brag on somebody, that's when they let you down. But at the same time, you know, people need to hear that they're doing a good job. So we try to do that in my organization. I'm not the best at that because it's hard for me to tell somebody that they're doing a really good job for what's their job anyways. But if it's like over and above and they're, you know, I can see they're on top of things and things like that. And, you know, I try to get people praises when I can. Like I said, I'm not the best at that, but I'm trying to get better. But I have you know, I have someone else that is kind of stepping in and helping me do everything in the business. So, you know, so help me with all that as well. But nevertheless, as soon as I bagging somebody, that's when they let you down.

So I bragged about this star employee that I had. We were even talking about promoting her to bigger and better things because she was really good, like really on top of things, super proactive in all of our actions in the company without being told. Just figured it out and got it done. And then all of a sudden she goes to me like she's just straight. Didn't show up and couldn't figure out why. That was really strange and it got to the point, literally. I thought she was dead. I'm not even kidding. I mean, we really thought she might be dead because she hadn't even posted on social media since the time that she ghosted me. Couldn't get a hold of her family that we knew of or whatever. It was strange, y'all. I don't get it. I don't understand people. But nevertheless, I did see her post something the last couple of days or whatever, so I know she's alive, which is a good news. I don't wish bad things on anybody ever, but at the same time it's really weird because I still haven't got an explanation. She never replied to texts, emails, phone calls multiple days in a row. So I have no clue what actually happened, what went down, why we got the silent treatment when she was super excited, literally one day and then the next day she didn't show up. It's weird, but you know, it is what it is.

But on another note, I've got a new acquisition manager starting that actually is not new because he was with me last year and the reason he left last year was because his girlfriend got in the way. To be honest, that's the thing. You know, when you work remote, you know, we are 100% virtual company, right? We lucked deals up over the phone virtually. And my entire team works from their own homes. So we're virtual in that respect too. But when you are a virtual employee, you got to be disciplined. I mean, that's the key. You've got to be disciplined to wake up every day, do your job all day, every day. Don't let distractions. Don't let a TV show distract you or, you know, a long lunch or make a trip to the grocery store or whatever. You got all these things that could distract you. That's when you've got to have a strong head and, you know, just strong discipline, you know, to actually not fall into those traps and stay focused. And that's what happened to him last year. You know, he got this girlfriend, so he started sleeping in late and going along lunch break, go work out the gym with her, you know, go shopping with her. This was all during work hours, right? So obviously that was bad for him and that was bad for the company. Right. He obviously started making $0 because he literally was like working one or 2 hours a day.

All of a sudden when he was working 8 to 10 hours a day. That's what it takes. So he did really, really good until all that happened. But anyways, I'm allowed him to come back because he was really good. I won't really have to train him because he already knows what he's doing. I'll have to catch him up to speed. On different changes in Podio that we've made. We've added innovation since he's been gone, but other than that, it's like you just put them back in and start going. But he's super excited. Motivated again, swears that the same thing won't happen. If he does get a girlfriend or whatever else, he'll make sure to keep that separate, you know, to where he can really dedicate an 8 to 5, 8 to 6 kind of hours for the company so that he can make money. You know, that's at the end of the day, money is important. It's not the most important thing in the world. Obviously, the love of money, you know, is equal. But money itself is not evil because it's necessary. Right. Everybody needs money to live, you know, to buy the things that you need. Buy some things that you want. You know, some money is necessary. And that's what he's a young guy. So he's realizing that even more because he's on his own. You know, he's still young. He's only a couple of years, maybe even a year older than my oldest kid.

So, you know, still a kid. But hopefully that'll work out good and I'm excited to have him back. But definitely on the ramp up stage, you know, you know, my job in the company is strictly marketing vision of the company where we want to go, how we're going to get there. So that's my goal is to still drive in tons and tons of leads, right? Because, you know, now I'll have four acquisition managers at that point, so I've got to bring more leads in. So that's on me and I'm going to make that happen because literally we should you know, my goal is to have each acquisition manager at least get 1 to 2 deals every single week, and they should be able to do that with the amount of leads even without even increasing the lead flow. Just from follow up itself. You know, I've got one acquisition manager that's been with me the longest. She typically does a deal a week and she's part time. She's a little less than part time, but typically still outperforms everyone else because she's a follow up boss, that this whole game is follow up. And that's what I was explaining to some other people, you know, and that's why I was successful in my sales career throughout the years is I can fit a ton of things, all a small amount of time, right? I can do a week's worth of work in a few hours that most people can't do.

And that's what I think. Ashley, my acquisition manager, I think that's one of her attributes as well. You know, she might can follow up with 50 or 60 people in a one and a half hour timespan, whereas it might take someone else the entire day or two days sometimes to do that. But that's why she is successful and can get a lot done. So if everybody can have the mindset, anybody can do that, by the way. It just takes the discipline and actually working when you're when you're actually supposed to be working and not just browsing through things, you know, let me look into this more. You know what I mean? You're thinking about, oh, should I call them now or I mean, there's no thinking. You just dial, right? Just dial the phone, talk to the seller. You might get a deal as soon as you hang up the next seller or text them. Do both. We like to always call first follow up with the text right afterwards. Right. And pro tip when you get a brand new lead, you know, I tell my people, like call them three times in a row because a lot of times don't answer the first time. The hardest part is to get a hold of the seller. Right. But call them three times in a row, because typically these are older people that we're dealing with.

So maybe they went to the bathroom, maybe they have a landline and they sat it down in the other room. They couldn't get to it in time. Maybe the phone is downstairs and they just walked up to their bedroom. You know, whatever the case is, call them three times in a row, because usually they're going to answer the third time because they had time to actually get to their phone again. Plus, follow up with the text. Not only that, call them again 30 minutes later or maybe an hour later or every 30 minutes to an hour, for that matter. That's what I would do. That's what I did when I did acquisitions. So I would hound people death until I got ahold of them. So that's. That's what it takes. That's. That's the point. I guess you gotta be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. So calling somebody one time, obviously, is not everything you can do, right? So anyways, so it's going to be a good quarter. We came off of our worst first quarter ever. I've been doing this for four years, the worst first quarter. I explained that simply because we have people down and out in November and December and what you do today does affect 30, 60, 90 days from now. So that's why I plan this TV and the CO com company really about 60 to 90 days ago and now it's coming to fruition.

So we're starting to get deals from that and now those deals are going to come to fruition 30, 60, 90 days from now. So second quarter is going to be really good. But now preparing today, again, still for tomorrow, bringing more leads in, you know, because, you know, I don't want to bring in my goal is to bring in 60 to 100 brand new qualified leads every week. Now, obviously, you know, people talk about, oh, you can bring in a whole lot, you know, sure, I can bring in 1000 leads a week and most of which would be trash and it would waste my acquisition manager's time. But my goal is to bring in quality leads pre qualified, already ready to go. Basically, they're definitely interested in some form or fashion, right? So my goal is to bring 60 to 100 of those. And lately, you know, we haven't been doing all the marketing because we're doing so much more expensive things. So but we've still been at 40 to 50 a week lately, but I need to ramp that up because we've got another guy starting. So we definitely got to hit the 60 mark because that's plenty with four people and one of which is super part time. Part time 60 is plenty, you know, especially with follow up and everything else. So nevertheless and other topics, I'm hoping to go snowboarding in the next couple of days.

It's pretty cold here in Colorado. The mountains are getting snow still. It's late in the season, so definitely want to hit it one more time. I don't know why that just came into my head, but just let you know. That's why it's a long day, right? Just talk about whatever. But you know, I love snowboarding just to get out in a way, clear your mind and just go have fun for a day. But I definitely want to go one more time, at least maybe to before the before all the resorts close and some of them close in of April, some of them even early May. It depends on what kind of snow comes in, but probably in the next couple of days. And also, I might be driving to Oklahoma in the next week or two possibly. You know, I always go for multiple reasons. Of course, I have the new guy that's not so new starting back. And I was going to give him my old computer because he doesn't have one right now. And so that would give me a reason to drive down. But also I want to see my kids. Right. My kids are in college there and I do have two I have three flips going right now there. So it's always nice to check on those because I rarely get to see a lot of the houses, at least not very often if I do it all.

And one really cool thing is we just sold a property, we listed it on Friday. So this is just this past Friday. We listed it had two showings that same day, so literally didn't get on to like 4:30 p.m.. You know, we actually had showings within 2 hours, the same day, two different showings. So that very first showing sent us a full price offer Saturday morning, didn't ask for contingencies, no special needs of any kind. You know, a lot of people will ask, give me closing costs or something like that and ask for anything full price, full ask. And, you know, we stand to make 60 grand or so on that deal and that's after all, expenses. So that's what's cool is, you know, those big paydays are kind of cool on those flips. You know, I do wholesaling because it gives me the quick cash, consistent money to pay bills, pay people, but those bigger paychecks are always nice. And what's cool is that 60,000 is profit that the team will get paid on. But what's also cool is I fund these deals out of my pocket, so it almost will feel like even more because you probably get more like whatever 90 grand back because I funded the rehab out of pocket. So it kind of feels like more profit even though it's not, it's still 60, but it's cool to get repaid when I've put into it as well. So anyways, that's pretty exciting.

But you know, I've had friends, you know, higher level friends of mine. Tell me that eventually they'll kind of merge out or transition out of wholesaling once they get enough multifamily or once they do this or do that. Right. And I'm always it always baffles me. Like, I'll never stop wholesaling because why would you stop your cash kill? What brings the quick money, the consistent money and feeds a lot of people like on your team. Why would you stop that if it's working, especially when you have it all set up to where it's kind of working on its own? Sure, I do. The marketing still that most of the marketing these days is kind of set it and forget it, but it doesn't make sense for me to ever stop that, even if I had a few thousand units or and I don't ever have to work again, you know, that's great. But I still want to, you know, why would you stop doing that? So anyways, so the wholesaling is always good for the quick consistent cash, but flips are always nice to have those bigger paydays and rentals are always nice to have that forever money. So that's why I choose to do them all, and I probably always will. So anyways, that's really all I got for you all today. Thanks for tuning in. I appreciate you guys. Please like share subscribe. Check out my other videos if you haven't already. I appreciate you and I'll see you next time.

$138,000 In 8 Days! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 12, 2022

The team is killing it. We're only eight days into the month and already got 138,000 projected for the quarter.

My Worst 1st Quarter Ever! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 11, 2022

I'm coming off of my worst quarter ever, y'all. Stay tuned and I'll tell you all about it. Hey, what's up, YouTube? My name is Graylan Stewart. Thanks for joining me today. I am an entrepreneur and a wholesaler and just a real estate investor, so my channel is all about wholesaling real estate. So, I'll teach you all the ins and outs of it all the good and the bad of it and everything in between. So I just try to keep it real, tell you everything from my life experiences, from what happens in our business every single day. This can be a very rewarding, very, very beneficial financially, you know, and all those things. It could be amazing, but it can also suck a lot of times. And you know, there's like I said, there's ups and downs and I just try to tell you the truth about it all. So today's video, I'm going to talk to you about our worst quarter ever. So I started in late 2018. So I had a first quarter of 2019, 20, 20, 2021 and now 2022. So I've had 4/1 quarter so far and believe it or not, this was our worst fourth or our worst first quarter. Even from my first year, it was worse than that, which is crazy. But I will tell you that my first year right out of the gate, I killed it. So, you know, I had a really good first quarter, my very first year.

So there's that. But at the same time, it was just it was a struggle this quarter, you know, and a lot of it is because of what you do in November or December. So keep in mind, this business, you know, when you do deals, you're doing wholesaling deals, it takes typically on average, I think for us, it usually takes around 60 days to close the deal. So that's that's from contract signing initially till you finally end up getting closed at the end because, you know, we don't just wholesale we also do innovation deals and we do flips as well, but we do a lot of wholesales as well. I mean, that's our main goal is to wholesale every deal, but not every deal is whole sellable. So we end up flipping some and we end up doing ovations on some as well. So and we wholesale some as well. But nevertheless, on average, between all of the deals that we have going together, it's usually about a 60 day close. So that's exactly why this was my worst first quarter ever because so really the activities and things that we did in November and December are what closed, you know, January and February. So, you know, March was a lot better. But but what we did in January and February was not that great. And that's exactly why is because what we did in November and December. So what happened in November and December, you probably ask.

So obviously there's two major holidays in those two months, but that hasn't really affected us in the past. So I don't really account for that this year either. This past year, what it really was is one of my main people was out, you know, kind of remodeling their personal house. So they were out a lot for that. And then one of my other main people were out for personal reasons because of their family members were ill and helping them along. So because of that, that's two of my main acquisition managers that weren't available necessarily to do all their follow up. Because keep in mind, in wholesale and real estate, follow up is everything. So, you know, new leads are great and are one thing, but getting the one call close is very rare in this business. If you can get those, it's awesome. We might do a couple of those a year at best, but for the most part it takes a good. 10 to 20 times following up with somebody before we even get a deal. So because of those two months and my two main people kind of out most of that time or a lot of that time, at least, you know, that hurt us because they weren't doing their follow up. Sure, we were still getting new leads and they were able to kind of talk to those here and there. And, you know, I was trying to take some new leads, but I don't really necessarily have time to do acquisitions because I'm running this business.

I do all the marketing for it. I'm thinking the visionary things for long term growth and things like that. And I make content like this every day as well. So I'm spread thin, you know, to say the least. But you know, I love what I do, so I wouldn't change that for anything. But that's why was so y'all got to just realize a wholesale deal like if you started today. Yes you can absolutely close the deal. If you got something signed today, you can close the deal in a couple of weeks. Obviously I've done that many times, but on average, because we're mixing in wholesaling hoteling fixed and flips and innovations, all our average is kind of like a 60 day cycle for that cash. So that's exactly why our first quarter was, you know, not great. And it was still good for the average person out there and the average business even. It was amazing. But from what we're used to and with what we have going on, it just wasn't up to par. But that's okay because that's the good part about quarters, right? There's four of them. So we got one quarter down, but we have three quarters left. So the second quarter is going to be amazing. The first eight days of April, actually, we have $139, 139,000, rather, in projected profits that will close this month.

And that's not even including a flip that we just finished a couple of days ago. We literally listed this deal on Friday, this past Friday, which I think was April, I don't know, seventh or eighth or whatever that was. We had two showings that same night. And then Saturday, the very first person that looked at it actually gave us a full price ask didn't ask for anything. You know, a lot of people will ask for, you know, pay some of their sellers, you know, the buyers closing costs or different things like that. A lot of times they'll ask for things, but they ask for anything and they gave us full price. And usually when I do flips, I price them a little bit higher than the average that's out there, because I think my house is nicer than a lot of them. You know, I never over improve a property, but at the same time I always think it's nicer because I do nice finishes and we do a good job. So nevertheless we got a, you know, basically our first offer within 24 hours that we accepted as full price. So hopefully that will close soon. So that 131, 38 or 39 or whatever it was in the first eight days doesn't even include that. So technically and projected profit with that because we're projected to make about 56,000 on that one. So you know, we're looking at 200,000 in the first eight days and projected profits for this quarter.

And we're only eight days in to a 90 day quarter, basically. Right. So that's what it takes. You know, that's the upside in this business. You know, there's ups and downs. So yeah, we had a down quarter, but we're on the upswing already. So we're definitely going to blow the first quarter out of the water. No question. You know, everybody is back full fledged. Now we're doing two marketing channels, you know, one of which we've done for years since I've started cold calling. But we're doing cold calling at a whole new level. Now, we've hired this company that a lot of the big players and a lot of my friends use, which is really how I found out about them. So we hired this company and they give us crazy hot leads every single day. And when I say hot leads, I'm talking about these people already want, you know, 40 to 70% of the actual RV. So that in itself is amazing. So that and then we added TV starting this quarter as well and we've already gotten deals from both of those. And of course, radio has always been big for us. We're still on three radio channels, which is killing it. So yeah, this quarter is going to be it's going to be killer. We're probably just in the month of April, most likely. I'm guessing we'll probably end up doing better than first quarter just in this one month.

So second quarter is going to be huge. But I guess the moral of the story is to never give up, keep going, keep doing what, you know, works, you know, because there's like I said, there's always ups and downs, but I know what we're doing works and I know why we had a bad quarter. You know, that's important to if you really know your numbers and know everything going on in your business, then you know exactly where to kind of point fingers or blame, you know, and. I point that directly to the correlates to my people being out. You know, that's why people are the biggest asset in your company. So hiring the right people for the right jobs you put the right people in the right seats is definitely key, you know, because this is a team player game and we all work together as a team. And, you know, that's really how it all happens. So we're all back in full stride now. I am still hiring always. We're always hiring, you know, because we're always trying to grow. You can't grow without people, you know. So we're always looking for really good, strong, solid people to help grow, you know, exponentially. So anyways, that's kind of my story on our bad quarter, but it doesn't faze me. You know, that's the thing. You know, a lot of people that would faze them and some people would quit because of it, because really the first quarter we spent more than we've ever spent as well on top of that.

So profit wise, it was really our worst quarter by far, you know, but just revenue wise it was our worst. But also we're spending more than I've ever spent ever in my life on advertising. So our overhead is a lot higher during that quarter as well, but. Second quarter, man. It's already on the upswing. Yes. Spending that money is worth it. Having good people is worth it. Paying them what they're worth is worth it because we all win in the end when that happens. So anyways, hopefully you got some value from this. I hope so. Definitely. Give me a like if you liked it. If you didn't like it, I'm cool with the thumbs down as well. I got thick skin so it doesn't bother me at all. But nevertheless, hit the subscribe button. Share this with your friends. For other people that might want to see this or need to see this even, you know, because I do give out a lot of free information on this channel to where you can completely start your own wholesaling business through the things that I teach you. And by the way, I do have an absolutely free wholesaling course at Garland Stewart. You can find it on there. So anyways, thanks you guys for sticking around. I appreciate you and I'll see you next time.


Make Thousands Pushing Paper! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 10, 2022

Would you like to make tens of thousands of dollars every single month completely legal, completely legit?
And it's easier than you would think, and I'm not talking about dealing drugs or anything crazy like that, but you can make that kind of money.
It's called pushing paper or selling paper. We do this every single day.
Follow my channel and I'll teach you how we do it.


Inbound Marketing Strategies | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 09, 2022

So my favorite inbound marketing strategies would be Radio Tv and direct mail.
Those get your phone ringing off the hook.
You just gotta be ready to take the calls and start negotiating to make that money.


Tax Delinquent Is My Favorite List! 🔥 | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 08, 2022

Tax delinquent properties is probably my favorite type of property to buy and it's my favorite list overall. Stay tuned and I'll break it down for you. Hey, what's up, YouTube? My name is Graylan Stewart. Thank you so much for joining me. If you're new to my channel, please subscribe. If you haven't already, I'd appreciate that. And if you feel that you find value in this video at the end, please give me a thumbs up. And don't forget to hit that notification. Bill. So you're notified every time I upload. So I do upload pretty much every single day, but my business is all about wholesaling real estate. Okay, now we buy every type of list out there for my wholesaling business. Okay? Now we do a ton of marketing and pretty much every marketing strategy out there we currently do in my business right now. But my favorite kind of list, it's not my number one list, but it's my favorite list of all is the tax delinquent list. So let me explain. First of all, what is the tax delinquent tax delinquent property? So these are properties typically that the sellers have neglected to pay their property taxes over X amount of years now in most counties across the US. Now, first of all, let me preface it like this. So different states are different. Some states are tax lien states, some states are tax deed states and some states are both. Right. So what's the difference? A tax lien state means you could go pay somebody's property taxes off and you get a guaranteed rate of return on that money that you spent for their property taxes.

And they have a certain amount of time to pay those off or you get deeded the property. That's a tax lien set. It seems like a three year period and you usually guaranteed like 15 to 25% return on your money. So that's a tax lien state. No tax deed state is typically like if a property goes behind on their property taxes, let's say three years because that's how it is in a lot of states. They get behind three years. They're going to auction that house off at a county auction. Usually it happens once a year. Now, when that happens, you're you're paying whatever your auction bid is for the property and then you get deeded the property. Oftentimes you can get the property for what the taxes are owed on it. But many times these days, you know, it's pretty competitive and you've got a lot of people bidding on these properties. So but nevertheless, you're typically going to get it way less than market value. So that's the difference in a tax deal and a tax lien. So property tax delinquencies are my favorite type of list simply because they're usually pretty motivated. Right. But oftentimes they are in denial like a lot of the sellers are that we speak to. They usually have issues in some form or fashion, whether that's personal or just house related or both a lot of times. But sometimes they're in denial of that.

But oftentimes they're super motivated because they're aware of the situation that they're in right now. Tax delinquent properties are my favorite because not only are they really far behind on taxes, that's a huge issue and a huge problem that we can actually solve. So we are in the problem solving business as all businesses are, right? So how can we solve this problem? We can actually pay their taxes off and then help them find a different house to live to move into or whatever so they can move on and start over. Right. But oftentimes, you know, they're just so far behind on taxes and they don't have the money to pay for them or they would have already paid most likely. Right. And usually what that means is if they're behind on their property taxes, they're probably behind on other things. I mean, I've literally seen houses that they don't even have running water or electricity, but people live in them. And that's the reality on a lot of these tax delinquent properties. So obviously if they can't pay their taxes, they can't pay a lot of other things and many times they don't even have food to eat. So there's one scenario that I actually went to a property where they were behind on taxes. We were negotiating and we came up with a number that we both could live with. And then I went by there to actually look at the house so I could take pictures and do a quick video. And they literally had no running water, so they would use the bathroom in a corner of one of the rooms.

They did not have electricity. They were stealing like cable from a neighbor's house down the road. I don't know if they knew about it or not, but they were getting cable, but they had no lights, no electricity, no refrigerator to keep anything cold. They literally had no money and no food to eat, so I felt really bad for them. I actually went to there was a Little Caesars around the corner from their property and I went to Little Caesars, bought them a couple of large pizzas and a handful of snacks and water and coke and things like that, just so they could get by for a few days, at least with that, a little bit of food, a little bit of help. I just wanted to help them out, you know, not only just help them by buying their property, but just help them, you know, physically. And, you know, they were super. Appreciative. But the point is, a tax delinquent property is oftentimes my favorite because they're really motivated and they they need help really, really bad. Right. You know, when someone's going through a divorce, obviously they've got to sell the house, but it's not in dire need of selling now. But tax delinquency. If you're about to lose your house to the auction, you need to sell it now. Why would you sell it now as opposed to let it get auctioned off if you sell it now to an investor like me?

Anyone Can Scale! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 07, 2022

So I believe that every person can actually scale their business or their money or just their time simply by this one thing called leverage. So whether you work a 9 to 5 or you're a business owner, you can still leverage other people. For example, I use virtual assistants from other countries to do small tasks for me that I don't have time to do. So you can even do this in your regular 9 to 5 business and help your productivity. Therefore, you can end up making more money. But especially in wholesale and real estate like I do, I leverage all kinds of Vas to help me do task to where we can scale our business exponentially.

HOT Leads, Marketing, & Wealth! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 06, 2022

So, YouTube great. Graylan Stewart here again with another video. Today is my Flag Day. I call it Work Wednesdays. You basically get to watch me work while I rant on about whatever comes to my mind. So. So, as you know, if you follow me at all. Last week was our first full week of doing TV ads. And it was surprisingly not too bad. We got a lot of rural leads like I thought we would just like radio does, but it's got to filter through those and sometimes you can make deals out of those. You just got to buy them. They kind of are methadone on those raw leads. Those little tiny towns, rural. It's hard to say that word, but those little tiny towns, you know, basically what we try to do so we have a high and low range. We want to be like below the low typically. And if it's a really small little podunk town and then we want to be like half of what our.

Low is just to even have a chance to be honest. So. I mean, we could get a lot more contracts than we do. You know, those companies out there bragging about how many contracts they get all the time, you know, and my mind's just different, you know, I want I want to get deals locked up that we can actually have a chance to sell. Not just lock up deals and waste advice time, you know, and, you know, at the same time, you've got to. There's a I mean, you've got to be careful because there's a fine line.

That's what I'm trying to say. You don't want to just pass. On deals all. Day either. But, you know, if you if you've got a tiny little town and you look it up and your system where you don't even have buyers there and there's just really not even a chance, then it's almost a waste of time unless we can get it like so dirt cheap, we can potentially sell it to, like just a local rich person, you know what I mean? Local person. There's there's always these handful of local guys that just happen to be landlords. They're not really investors. They don't really know what they're doing, but they just know or have heard that, Oh, you need to buy real estate. So that's what they do because they have the money. So there's always sometimes you can sell those because we've done that before, but you know, a lot of them we just pass on.

So I don't know, maybe my mindset should change, but that's kind of how we do things as opposed to, sure, we could get, you know, four or five contracts in a week every week, probably if we just locked up anything and everything, you know, like a lot of companies do, I think. But, you know, I don't want. 60 or 70% of those will fall off because we can't find a buyer or something.

So it's kind of what we do. But anyways, I don't even know how I got on that subject, but last week we started TV and it went well. So yeah, that's where I was going with it. I guess, because we got all those. A lot of little town leads, but we did lock one up because it's fairly close to major metro and Oklahoma City and that's where we do our Tv ads.

So we looked that up, we got it crazy cheap. We got it for five grand. And initially we thought the RV was like 55 to 60. But really looking at it closer, I think the RV is like 100 grand. It's crazy. That's typically a deal that I would usually buy myself, you know, because I like those low end small town deals because you can. Build your wealth faster and you're in it so little that it's hard to lose on those, you know? But it is in pretty bad shape. It probably needs to get 20 to 30 like a minimum for renovation. And technically, you could do a full gut remodel on the place. But, you know, if you're fixing it for a rental, then you could probably actually get away with maybe. $20,000, I'm guessing, for that place.

Because, you know, paint and carpet or paint and flooring at least go a long way in rental properties, you know, because that's that's the main goal. You know, I know like the BR strategy, you want to fully remodel the place, you know, and then rent it out and, and all that. But. You know, sometimes on these lower end houses, it's not even worth doing that. But at the same time, you want to fix it, get enough to where you're not going to have issues later. So that's kind of what I do on those super low end places.

You know, we just make it safe. Affordable, clean, livable to where it still looks pretty decent to. So we always typically do like new paint, new flooring, and then just make sure, you know, we don't even replace the plumbing and electric unless it's absolutely necessary. But we just make sure it's all working order basically up to code, you know, nothing dangerous and things like that put in some decent used appliances and stuff like that.

So that's kind of what I do on the low end rentals. But anyways, property we got in this town called Chandler, Oklahoma. It's probably 45 minutes from Oklahoma City. I think it's northeast of Oklahoma City. I've been there a couple of times in the past, but back in my yellow patch days. But anyways, you can't go wrong with the fort. There's nowhere else, I don't think. Maybe, but I don't think so. So we should be able to wholesale that and make some decent money. And it's funny because actually our where we put our deals in contract and in escrow at the title company, the escrow officer.

Actually said that she might be interested in it because they have a rented house right across the street from it. So who knows? She might be a buyer for it, but nevertheless, if we can't make a decent amount on it, then I'll probably just go ahead and buy it for myself. Because you know, that's my goal too, is to buy, you know, to build wealth. And if you can get $105,000 house for five but 20 in it. So you're in it for 25. Then I've got instant 75 to $80000 equity. So that's how you build wealth fast. That's how I've done it. I bought these super, super smoking deals and and fix them up and their houses are worth a lot. So most of my properties are free and clear, you know, because a lot of them I bought, you know, for five, ten, 15, 20 grand and then put that much in it. But then they're usually worth, you know, triple to quadruple what I've got in it. So that's how you do it, you know? So you look a lot better on paper for banks if you wanted to get a loan or anything. But. Anyways. So in other news, I guess. I've actually got a free wholesaling course that I did. Of course, I have the videos on YouTube.

You know, that I've done like step by step courses. But actually, came up with an absolutely free course. Of course, I have my paid wholesale course where it's more of a deep dive into everything you need to know. But I have the free wholesaling course. If any of you are interested in that, just set me up and I'll send you the link. There's no strings attached. It's 100% free and it pretty much walks you through. The process, explains the basics and all those things. So, I put that together just to add value. But I also have, you know, the option if those that want to, to really dig in deep and make. This a business to where they can sustain that for a long period of time and make it a lot of money and just shorten your learning curve, really. So, I do have the paid deep dive version, which is just more in-depth, step by step action steps and all those things. But the free course is awesome too, for the super action takers out there. You know, it's there for you.

So, get me up if you want that. It's free. But anyways, you know, I was bragging. I've come to learn every time you brag on somebody. A lot of times it backfires. Or it's just like when you brag on yourself or brag on what you're doing before it actually happens. A lot of times that backfires too. For an example. You know, sometimes you're talking about, oh, this big deal that we got, you know, everything's in place and then. You're talking about all that before it happens and then it actually comes to fruition closing day and all that. And it wasn't as good as you thought it should have been or that you expected it to be. You know, so it kind of backfired on you. But the same thing goes when you brag on people sometimes before. You know, a little early you know, it's like. I mean, you jump the gun a little bit, you know, it doesn't always work out, which It sucks real bad, you know, because I think last week I work Wednesday. That's sorry. You guys are going to get drinks here and there. I think last week's work on Wednesday is when I talked about my new store employee and she she is awesome. But something's going on. I don't know. I think she's having personal issues. So that's my example. Like, you know, I kind of jumped the gun. Maybe I should have waited several months before I bragged about how amazing she was. She is still amazing, don't get me wrong, but there's definitely some issues. I think it's personal life to where it's preventing her and hurting her work life. So anyways.

But yeah, today I'm just we're just trying to. Maximize these TV ads, TV leads that we're getting. Also, I started the new cold calling company on April 1st, so not even a week into that yet. And we actually got two really hot leads the very first day. And to be honest. I've been doing cold calling in house with Vas and things for, you know, close to three years now. And those at least one of those leads are probably the hardest cold calling leads. Lead that we've ever had. And that was day one with this new company. So, which is good because I expected it to be next level, you know, super amazing because it's. Literally ten times more than I've ever spent on cold calling.

So, they got to show their worth and so far, they have. So, it's only been a few days into that, but it looks like we definitely should be able to close. And when I say hot ladies, I'm talking. They give us leads that are not only motivated necessarily, but they want much less than the Zestimate. You know, they have got different tiers to where they score.

Their leads when they give them to us. And the hottest leads are typically I think they're like they want I don't remember the exact numbers, but like 50 to 70% of the Zestimate.
That's already in the range that they're asking or that they said that they would do. So that alone is a smoking deal. If we just lock up the contract in that range that they agreed on, we're going to win in most cases because a lot of cases.

We don't even have to necessarily know much about a property as long as we know what the RV is. We have a range that we go by and we can lock up a deal. And that's honestly how actually she's been with me the longest four acquisitions. I think that's how she acquisitions probably 90% of her deals, you know. You know, she ends up doing a deeper dive into the comps and things like that. But initially, you know, she she just makes sure that they're in the range that we know that we need to be at based on the RV. And if they're in that, she's going to lock it up and she'll figure out comps after, you know, they've already agreed on it and everything. So and that's worked out really well for us. You know, that's how she does it for the most part. So, You know, like I've said in many other videos, people try to dive on Zillow and stuff like that, but they're getting better and better and better. We pretty much have always.

Based our offers based on what the Zestimate is and we just have our range from there. You know, it's not always perfect, obviously. Sometimes it's completely off. Sometimes it's way higher. That should be. Sometimes it's way lower than it should be. But for the most part, overall, just kind of generally speaking, it's pretty good to use. So, you know, like I said, we could make the offer and get the deal, get it inked and everything based on, you know, an offer range based off of this Zestimate. But then we still deep dive into the comps and making sure we got everything right. And sometimes we have a little better deal than we thought. And sometimes it's not quite as good as we thought because Zestimate was wrong. But if we buy within that range that we have set 99% of the time, we're good.

So anyways, not even sure how I got off on that tangent, but nevertheless new the two new marketing channels. Of course, I've always done cold calling, but this is a different type of cold call. and so, it's kind of a new for us because it's completely different than what we've had before. So that cold calling and the TV ads so far, I'm happy with those. But they got to produce, right? I fully expect us to get contracts every single week from at least from each one of those marketing channels and honestly From radio to. So if we don't get a contract every week from radio, TV and cold calling I'm basically disappointed. So if we don't have three, six, nine, 12 contracts a month just from those. Three marketing channels, then in my eyes, acquisitions are not doing their job. That's just the fact of the matter, because if you're getting leads that are super hot wanting, you know, 50% of his estimate and you can't close that, then I need.

Different closers, period. So that's kind of my mindset. You know, I've got there's a certain goal that I have and I try to portray that to the team. If the team can't. Get on board with me to try to fulfill those goals. And then, you know, you might need to replace people, you know. But, you know, it's new marketing channels. I'm not dogging out my team or anything. Everybody's doing good job, but. That's just the expectations that I have, you know, and if we can't fulfill those expectations, then I've got to find somebody that can, because we definitely have the marketing in place we've got the systems and processes in place to succeed. And we've got the hot leads there. All we need is closers to close them just so managers got to be closers to close buyers. And there's there's no reason we can't do several hundred thousand dollars per month based on everything we have in place.

So, if we can't get those goals that find somebody that can get them for you. So anyway, that's my little rant I guess. But yeah, other than that, still posting every day on YouTube and Tik Tok I'm trying to. Trying to get to where I can actually start posting on all social media several times a day. It's just hard though, because I can't do that myself, so I'm going to have to have somebody help me do that because I can't physically manage all that by myself.

When I'm still running a company. And, you know, I'm still reviewing some of the things that acquisitions are doing, you know, if they have a question or whatever. But for the most part, you know, even just making content and putting it out, there is a lot of work y'all. So anyways, but I'm going to do it and make it happen just to. Just to broaden my brand a little bit more and just to let people know more of what I do, because there's tons of connections that I have throughout the whole United States at least. A lot of them don't even know what I do. You know, even though I do this all day, every day, and I have for going on four years now, there's still a ton of people that don't know what I do, and that's unfortunate.

Because, They might have somebody that they know that needs to sell their house and we can help them. You know, that's what we are. We're in the business to solve these problems. And if they don't know that I'm a problem solver as far as houses go, then that's my fault. So that's why I'm trying to make a push for getting out there. More on social media, because I rarely post on most social media except for, you know, YouTube and. And. Tick tock. All the rest I very rarely post at all. So I've got to just get out there more and do it more. But anyways, that's really all I got for you all today. I'm just kind of getting started going through the day and seeing what we got coming up. Got to get some more closings. Obviously, everybody's got to make money, so I've got to push for that. So anyways, I hope you guys are doing good. Hopefully you got a gym or two out of this little work Wednesday rant, but nevertheless, if you stuck around this long, please like subscribe, share this content, share my channel if you would. That would help. It would help your friends. It would help me also and definitely hit the notification bell. So you're notified every time I upload. So anyways, see you guys next time. Thanks for watching.

Want To Virtual Wholesale? | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 05, 2022

So if you want to get into virtual wholesaling, I can show you the way. Not only do we lock up deals virtually every day, but my entire team is completely virtual as well.

Wholesaling Houses For Dummies! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 04, 2022

Wholesaling Houses for dummies. I'm going to tell you exactly how the whole process works, so stay tuned. Hey, what's up, guys? Thanks for joining me today. My name is Gaylan Stewart. I am an entrepreneur and real estate investor. We focus on wholesale and real estate. That's what my company does all day, every day. We lock deals up all over the United States and we also do some buy and hold properties, meaning rental properties for our long term wealth. And I do some fix and flip properties like you see on HGTV, but the real version, and we do that for the bigger paychecks. But my channel is all about wholesaling real estate. So wholesaling real estate for dummies, and I don't mean that in a derogatory sense or to be rude in any way, but just the simplest form of how a wholesale and real estate transaction actually works. So I'm just going to break it down for you to kind of make it simple for those of you that are brand new to this entire idea. And I'm just going to tell you exactly how we do it in our business and what it all means. So wholesaling real estate, it all starts with a motivated seller. Now, how do you get these motivated sellers? You can do them a multiple of ways you can do. You can drive around, write down ugly houses, write down the addresses of these ugly houses.

Then you can go to places like Ben verified dot com fast people search dot com true people search dot com white pages dot com sites like that to actually look up the owner and skip trace phone number meaning you're going to find their phone number so you can call them. So you can drive for dollars. That's one way you can get a motivated seller list. Or you can buy lists. You can buy lists from list source or from Adam data. There's prop stream. There's all kinds of different places you can buy lists from. I've got a couple of links in the description that could help you out, and I've also done videos on exactly how to pull these lists. So like I said, all sorts of the motivated seller. So you got to have the list, get a list of sellers that you can call on. Now then once you have this list, the key is to market to the list. So whether you call them on the phone. Right, or you can text message them, you can send them a remote, an EVM, which is a ring list, voice mail. Now you can go to several places online, just Google ring list voice mail. You can actually upload your list under there. It'll send the voice mail to the entire list and then just get ready for your phone to ring.

Okay. So you start with a motivated seller, so you can do marketing by calling text messaging orvms. That's all the cheapest ways to do it. And then once you get into it a little further, you can do other things like direct mail if you have a little bit of money to spend or do TV ads, radio ads, things like that. But initially, you've got to motivate a seller that you do marketing to get that motivated seller interested. Then you're going to answer your phone. You're actually going to negotiate with sellers telling them that you want to buy their house for cash. So the entire reason a seller would actually sell to an investor like me or a wholesaler is they want to trade. They're willing to trade time and convenience, time and equity, rather sorry for the convenience. So they're basically we're promising to do the deal fast. We're going to pay cash and close quickly. We typically cover all those costs. Right. But they're trading a little bit of their equity for that speed and convenience portion of it. Okay. So that's what I meant. They're going to trade their equity for that speed and convenience factor. K Because that's the whole point of wholesaling real estate. We typically close these transactions in 30 days or less and a lot of cases. K So far since the COVID thing has gone through, sometimes it's taken a little longer up to 45 days because a lot of the counties are behind on as far as getting the, you know, the proper documentation ready for the title companies like abstracting and things like that.

But nevertheless, so you're doing marketing. You have to start to motivate a seller, find these sellers by getting list or you drive for those lists, you start marketing to those sellers. Now you're negotiating with these sellers. K You have to show the confidence in you that you can actually do what you say you're going to do. You're telling them you're going to buy their house for cash and closing as little as 30 days. Well, you've got to be able to do that. So how do you do that? Now, once you have a contract with that seller, you get a purchase and sale agreement to buy their property. That gives you the rights to the property. Now, I have this contract that I need to sell because as a wholesaler starting out, you probably don't have the money to actually buy that house. Okay, so your goal is to sell that contract for more than you got it for. So just for easy math, if I got the contract for $50,000 and I know the house is worth 100 now I have to. Leave a lot of room on the deal for the end buyer or the end investor that's bringing the cash to buy this property.

They have to have room to make a profit. Right? So if I got it for 50,000 this contract, I'm going to try to sell that contract to an end buyer for 60,000, for example. So I want to make 10,000 on the deal. Okay. Now, now, once I sell that and the buyer agrees to do that, I'm going to simply do an assignment contract because I'm assigning my rights to my purchase and sale agreement to this end buyer. So he's essentially taking my place, my position in the original contract and going to fulfill on that obligation that I have with the seller. So what happens after that? Now, the now the buyer is on the hook for this property because they signed my assignment contract saying that they're going to pay $60,000 for this property that I got for 50. So now when we get to closing, everybody gets paid and then everybody wins, right? So now the seller is going to get the 50,000 that they were promised and now I'm going to get the 10,000 because I was the middleman. Right. And then the buyer is actually getting the property for 60,000, even though the property is worth 100,000. So that leaves them 40,000 to play with as far as renovating and still keeping a little bit of equity in the deal to where they can actually flip it for a profit or keep it and still have equity as a rental.

Right. So that's the whole process right there. Start with the motivated seller. You're going to do marketing to those sellers. You're going to negotiate with those sellers and get a contract. Then you're going to sell your contract to a buyer. And oftentimes it's motivated buyers because they're thirsty for these deals, right? They don't go direct to seller like wholesalers do a lot of times because they focus on fixing and flipping or buying rentals typically. Now there are some companies that do all of it like I do, but for the most part, they're looking for wholesalers to bring them deals because they know they're going to get deals that 60 to $0.70 on the dollar, and we're buying them at 40 to $0.50 on the dollar and we make that spread in between. So hopefully all that makes sense. It's clear to what the entire wholesaling transaction looks like. So at the end of the day, a lot of people win on this deal, right? Like I said, the seller wins because they got the 50,000. We win because we made ten grand to be in the middleman. The buyer wins because they're getting a 60,000 property that's worth 100 when they fix it up. That doesn't stop there either.

Also, the title company wins because they're getting business from this entire transaction Home Depot or Lowe's or your big box stores, they're going to end up winning because the end buyer is going to remodel the property. Right. So and then a contractor is going to end up making money because they're the ones that the buyer is hiring to fix these deals up. Then the neighborhood wins overall because now you suddenly have a nicer house in the neighborhood that was dilapidated. And then the ultimate end buyer, whether they sell it on the retail market or if it's a renter, they're winning as well because they get to move into a fully remodeled property and it helps the overall community as a whole. Right. So everybody wins in the deal, but the buyer wins even more because if they do keep the property, they get to depreciate that property for 27 and a half years. They also get the benefits of appreciation. They also get the benefit of a renter paying off their mortgage and they make a cash flow in between what their mortgage is and what they're charging for rent. So the buyer wins more than anyone in this scenario. So it's really important once you learn the wholesaling game and you kind of get a little bit of money and knowledge under your belt, it's important to start buying these properties yourself to keep them.

Outbound Marketing Strategies! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 03, 2022

I'm gonna tell you three ways that you can do for outbound marketing for your wholesaling real estate business.
Okay. Number one is cold Calling number two Ringless, voicemail or RVM's. Number three is text messaging.
Those are just three ways you can actively pursue motivated sellers. 

Why Does Wholesaling SUCK! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 02, 2022

So hotel and real estate can absolutely suck. If you're not willing to put the hard work and dedication into it and be consistent in everything you do, then it won't work for you.

I’ve NEVER Bought A House For Sale! | Wholesaling Real Estate

April 01, 2022

I've never bought a house that was actually listed for sale. Hey, what's up, YouTube? Thanks for joining me today and for doing my channel. I appreciate you. Please like unsubscribe if you feel this contact or this content is valuable. But today's video I'm going to tell you about a little bit about wholesaling real estate. That's what my channel is mostly about. That's what we do all day, every day. But I started thinking the other day, whenever just me and my wife was walking into the movies and I don't know what made me think about it, but I just thought about how what we do in wholesaling and real estate is we never buy houses that are actually listed. You know, the general public out there think that's impossible. It's like, okay, you buy a house that's listed for sale even if it's for sale by owner, right? Well, what we do in wholesaling is completely unconventional, you know, completely opposite of what the average person out there does. So and I know there are some wholesalers out there that actually have bought houses that are listed. But if you want to get the best deals out there, I'm talking about getting things 20 to $0.50 on the dollar like we do every day. Again, if you're new to this, it probably sounds impossible. I thought the same thing when I very first started. When I was researching and looking into wholesaling, I'm like, why would anybody ever sell their property? You know, $0.50 on the dollar? I just didn't get it right.

But now I'm actually a wholesaler and I've been doing it close to four years now, so it makes sense to me. People have all kinds of reasons to where they would sell your property, sell their property at a huge discount, you know, just to name a few. If they're going through a divorce, they typically got to get rid of the house because it's in both people's names and they want to start over with their lives. So they're probably more motivated to sell at a discount as long as it covers their mortgage that they owe. Right. A lot of people that are behind on taxes can't pay the taxes, obviously. So they're probably not keeping up with the House as far as repairs go. Probably don't even have insurance and things like that. Right. But there's multitude of reasons why people would sell at a discount. So if you think about this, if they have their list, their house listed on the market, on the MLS, the multiple listing service that realtors use. Right. It's got every buyer in the world on that because it's worldwide, because it's listed on the MLS. So people have it listed there. Do you think they're very motivated potentially? Right. There's occasions that somebody is actually motivated to sell quickly. They just don't know that there's any other way. But to list it with a realtor. So that's what they do. And oftentimes those houses will sell a little bit at a discount, but not as deep as the discount we're getting, because usually the people that we deal deal with are even more motivated.

You know, for example, they might live out of state and have a vacant property in another state that's just been sitting there that they're trying to maintain. They're paying for the lawn care, they're paying the taxes every year. They're making sure everything is up to code. As far as you know, sometimes they even got to board up the doors and windows just to keep people out of it. But oftentimes, vacant houses are just sitting ducks for for people to break in, live in, homeless people live in them, things like that. Right. So there's always motivation out there to sell their property at a discount. So it's up to us as wholesalers to reach out to those people and help them out. Right. I've said all along and many people have said it as well, that we are in the business of solving problems. Right. And ultimately that's what business is. In general, any type of business out there solves a problem. I don't care if you need some gum to chew, you're going to go to 7-Eleven or your convenience store to buy the gum. They solved the problem that you had about needing gum, right? So it's no different than what we do. People are in dire need to sell their house because it's too many repairs or they can't afford the maintenance or they're moving away or they're behind on taxes or they're moving into assisted living facility or they're getting a divorce or they're relocating because of a job transfer.

You know, all kinds of reasons. And that's where we come into play. We can help them out. But the point of this video is I never buy a house that's listed. You know, I'm trying to help my son buy a house. And he's always sending me these different properties on Zillow that are listed with the realtor. I'm like, Hey, that's that's the kind of property that we're not buying. I'm not paying retail, right? I mean, yes, I paid retail for my personal house because we had it custom built and that's just what we did, unless I want to be the builder myself, which I didn't. But other than that, when we're buying investment properties, we never, ever, ever pay retail, not even close to retail, as a matter of fact. So like I said, most properties we buy are in the $0.50 on the dollar range, so they're half price and that's usually at the top. We oftentimes get deals at 20 to $0.30 on the dollar. You know, it just depends on how we can negotiate it and what kind of how motivated the seller is. Sometimes they're so motivated they just want to give the house to you. I've actually had that happen to. Before someone was just like, I'll do anything. You can just take it if you want it. I'm like, Well, we want to give you some money. So we gave them 500 bucks for their house. You know, that helped them out because they were willing to give it away.

It sucked so bad for them that they wanted to give it to us for free, but I didn't want to take it completely free. So I said, Hey, let me give you at least 500 bucks so you can move on. And they were super excited about that because they literally wanted nothing. So you never know what somebody's motivation is. But the point is there's hundreds and thousands of properties out there that are just sitting vacant, not only just vacant, but they're just problem houses that people need to get out of. And we as wholesalers or investors are oftentimes their only solution. So a lot of things in life, you have multiple solutions like that pack of gum I told you about. I could probably go to ten different stores within a one mile radius to solve my problem. Right? But a seller with a with a distressed property and distressed situation, they don't have that many solutions. It's oftentimes us as wholesalers are the only solution. Sure, there might be other wholesalers, but you're talking maybe, you know, a dozen that might reach out to them over a period of time as opposed to going to get a piece of gum. I can go right now to ten places down the road. Right. And hundreds of places in the area probably. So the point is, I've never bought a property listed on the market. I've never even bought it for sale by owner property, typically because even those people, they want to sell it, right? They typically want retail or close as close to retail as they can get.

But these people that that don't have a house or so that's what I was trying to explain to my son. These people that we're buying from don't even have their house for sale. We just reach out to them because we know they have a motivation. They may not know that we know, but we know because we can buy lists and things like that or, you know, do it's public public knowledge. You know, if you're behind on your taxes, we can look those things up on the accounting assessor website. So, you know, that's public knowledge to where we know that they probably need help. They just don't know where to turn. So it's up to us to reach out to them. So how do we reach out to them multiple ways, like I've talked to in the past, cold calling voicemails, you know, direct to voicemail, it's called RV, SMS, text messaging. Sometimes we'll send them direct mail postcards, sometimes they reach out to us via the radio or the TV or billboards or same thing with direct mail as well, or bandit signs, things like that. But nevertheless, we're buying properties that are not listed for sale. That's the hardest part, I think, for people to get their mind wrapped around. I know that's the hardest part for my son and it's the hardest part for a lot of people, I feel, because they're just like, Well, how are you buying a house if it's not for sale? Because we actively pursue those properties and we pursue those sellers to reach out to them.

Okay, you know, if I want to sell my house and I and I obviously put it out there for the world to know that I'm selling my house, I'm probably going to ask for top dollar, right? Just like you would probably. But these aren't the same type of people that we're dealing with. We're dealing with distressed sellers and distressed properties both. Typically, when I say distressed property, it's usually means it needs a lot of work. It's dilapidated in some way, form or fashion. It's got overgrown grass, overstuffed mailboxes, boarded up doors and windows falling in a roof or a tarp to roof, you know, chipped paint all over or different things like that. And that distressed seller is a specific motivation that they have. Maybe it is that they can't afford repairs on the house, and that's why it's a distressed house and a distressed seller. But just the distressed seller in general is things like divorce behind our property taxes, you know, all those things I mentioned earlier. So they could be both distressed sale or distressed property. If they're both, it's even better. Right. But the point is, buy off market properties. You can't do that by buying houses that are listed for sale by owner or that are some Mlss. And I'm not saying you can't find deals that way because you can. I know people that buy those ways exclusively, but they pay a lot more to, you know, they might be paying 70, 80, $0.85 on the dollar even.

But if you could go direct to seller and get another 15 to 20% discount, why wouldn't you do that? That makes more sense to me because you can make a lot more money, you know, and especially once you have a machine going to where you have systems and processes built around your business and your marketing, you're always going to have leads coming in to where you can continue to bring those deals and that pipeline stays full. Therefore, you always make money consistently. But yeah, you could probably buy deals online. That are already listed on the Mlss or for sub owners, but you're just not going to get as better good of a deal. You might on occasion, but we always get 30 to $0.50 on the dollar going direct to seller. So I've never bought a house on listing on the market except for my personal properties and I probably never will. And those are the reasons why. So drop me a comment. Let me know your thoughts about that. Maybe you're just the opposite. Maybe you only buy on the Mlss and you're an investor. Because I didn't know people like that, like I said, but they don't get the discounts that I get. So drop me a comment, give me a, like, thumbs down if you need to. I don't care. I got tough skin. So if you stuck around this long, definitely subscribe, share this context so it can help other people. And I'll see you in the next video.

My #1 Wholesaling List! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 31, 2022

So you want to know what my number one list is for my whole selling real estate business. I'm not gonna put it out there to the world on video, but if you leave me a comment, I will tell you what it is and it is the best list out there by far.

Take The Stairs Or Elevator! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 29, 2022

So it's really a matter of do you want to take the stairs or the elevator? So, taking the stairs, in my opinion is learning on your own, taking a year or two to figure it out.
And getting started. Taking the elevator is buying my course, fast tracking your learning and start doing deals today. 

2022 #1 Marketing Channel! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 28, 2022

So I'm going to reveal to you my number one wholesaling real estate list. So stay tuned. Yeah. Hey, what's up guys? My name is Graylan Stewart. I am a virtual wholesaler and real estate entrepreneur. We buy and sell houses nationwide, but my channel is focused on wholesale in real estate. So I'll teach you everything having to do with that and I'll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about it all too. So today's video, I'm going to tell you about my number one Marketing strategy hands down. Okay. And it's not even close. Okay. I have a number two and three that are close, but number one beats them all. And the best part about it is it's 100% free. Yes. You heard me right? It's free. F R E E. Okay. So I've talked about this in some of my other videos a little bit. Now this strategy I've been doing for a couple of years now and it's made us a ton of money and like I said, it is free. So the only catch and the whole thing is you have to do it consistently. But that's the catch in any marketing. Okay. And that's the catch in anything having to do with your business in general. Right? Everything you do consistently will eventually pay off. Okay. As long as you stay the course and keep doing it. Okay. So marketing is no different and especially this channel is no different at all. Okay. So now let me preface this like this. Okay. I do every marketing strategy out there literally. Okay. I do. obviously we like referrals. We do JV's we buy from other wholesalers. Okay, that's 3 marketing channels right there. But we also do SMS, RVM, Cold Calling, facebook paid ads. PPC paid ads. That's google Adwords. We do we do SEO Which is search engine optimization. We also do radio ads. We just started doing tv ads. we do direct mail, we have some bandit signs out there. so we do a little bit of everything. Okay, so when I tell you this is the number one strategy for me, it's probably number one strategy for anyone if you got into this marketing strategy. Okay, so, and that's why I know it works better than anything because I do everything. Right? So what it is is facebook Organic, that's the only one I didn't mention a second ago and I've talked about this and some of my videos in the past and I actually just came out with a course on it, because many people have asked me about it, like how does your facebook Organic work? And do you have a course? So the answer is yes. Now. Right, so basically this strategy allows us to get properties for free, we're getting these free leads and not only that these leads are most likely to actually get deals with. Okay, and what I mean by that, like Cold Calling leads, for example, it might take you you know, 100 cold call leads to actually get to a deal. So facebook organic leads is probably more like five or six of these leads and we're getting deals out of them. Right? So not only that, it's also these leads aren't getting hit by hundreds of other investors. Okay. So when you do Cold Calling or RVM's or SMS, you're buying mass gigantic list to market to, right? So everybody in their dog, every other company out there or individual wholesaler out there is also buying those same lists and trying to market to those companies or to those, sellers, Right? so that's where this is different. You know, it's kind of like, even with radio. Radio is one of our top three, you know, these are sellers that typically aren't getting bombarded bombarded with a lot of other people, They just happen to hear us on the radio. They're like, yeah, I kind of do want to sell my house. So then they call us, those are super hot leads as well. That's why it's number two or three out of all of my strategies that we do. but these facebook organic leads that typically are not even getting reached by other people. Nobody's really hounding them about, you know selling their property or anything like that because we're actually just asking a question if they're interested, they're reaching out to us saying yes, I am. And we end up getting contracts on these deals all day. not all, not all day, but we do this marketing all day every day and then we typically get bunch of these leads every week. So we end up getting two or three probably deals per month just from this one strategy. And that was just based on what we did last year, because I only did this probably for 3-4 months last year in total. And we did more deals from that, and compared to other marketing strategies overall. so, and that was not doing it consistently. So imagine if I had to do that consistently. The reason it wasn't consistent is because I was doing it myself. Obviously when you have a wholesaling operation, there's a million different, you know, positions and many different things going on at the same time. So that was just one thing that I never ended up doing consistently because I didn't have the time to do it, even though it literally takes you three or four minutes in the morning, three or four minutes in the afternoon. So under 10 minutes a day, but you've got to be committed to it and you can actually get a lot of deals from this. So What's even crazier is not only is this a free marketing channel, but we also averaged over $38,000 per deal from this marketing channel. And this is just based on our 20, numbers since it was a full year, we could actually look at it like that. So we took all the Facebook organic deals that we got And then totaled the dollar amount divided that by how many deals there were. And it was over $38,000 per deal. That's our highest marketing channel per deal out of everything by far. Right? Because last year average wholesale deal was about $20,000. you know, give or take a few 100 or whatever But it was around 20 grand was our average deal last year. And this one marketing strategy that's free Actually is $38,000 per deal. So that's crazy guys, that's why my course is worth it. Yes, there's other people out there doing something similar to this, but I've tested it. I've been doing it for two years, there's definitely a specific way you should do it because I've tried all kinds of different ways and you know, it's it's easy to take off facebook because they're kind of their own animal. they really regulate the things that go on in in their platform, you know, so we've tested all kinds of different ways and we found the perfect way to do this to where you get the most success out of it. So guys, if you're interested in the course, I'll definitely give you a discount so that you can get started on it. I definitely don't recommend it as a brand new person. Hopefully you already kind of understand what Wholesaling real estate is, you've already done a dealer to at least you know, because if you have then this is a no brainer marketing strategy for sure the course is well worth it. It's super cheap compared to you know what you're gonna get out of it and you only pay for it once you have access to the course for a lifetime. So you can always go back and refer to to it and and I give you everything step by step, exactly how to do it, what to avoid. and you know the exact steps it takes to actually start getting deals from this strategy and you can duplicate this over and over and over as long as you want. So it's just a one time be so it's definitely worth it, you know, I've said this before too, you know, people have no problem paying 20, 30, 40,000 year on college in hopes to make, you know 30, 40, 50 grand a year, you know forever and then they have this debt, they got to pay off for the next 15 to 20 years, but people are sometimes afraid to buy a little coarse that can absolutely make them six figures or more. so that never, never makes sense to me, you know, I'm all, about making things easier. So I've bought tons of different courses coaching different things like that, you know along the way, I spent about $250,000 on my personal development and you know the systems and processes everything involved with business, just kind of getting this whole thing figured out. So Basically, you know that 250 grand that I've spent over the last 3.5, close to four years now is exactly what I pour into this channel, tell you everything that I know, but obviously there's there's a bunch of things like these courses that you just can't explain. You know, there's so much more to just saying, here's what you do, you know what I mean? It's a detailed step by step list. So anyways, if you're interested in that, great if you're not no big deal either, but it's definitely my number one strategy, it's it's made us the highest paid a per transaction so I'm excited about that. So I just thought I'd share it with you but hit me up, drop me a comment. If you want a discount code, I'll be glad to give you one. But you can go to and you'll find it on my page there or you can go to a direct link and you can scroll down to the courses and find it there as well. So but definitely hit me up if you want a discount code, I'd be glad to give you a discount. You know I'm not gonna give some giant discount but I'll definitely give you a discount if you ask, that's all you gotta do and that's the biggest part of sales you gotta ask for the sale. So it's the same thing when you're trying to negotiate with things with sellers or buyers or anything like that you gotta ask, you're not gonna get anywhere if you don't ask. So anyways, thanks for joining me. Hopefully you got value out of this.

You Gotta Pay The Price! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 27, 2022

What's up, guys? So if you want to get into wholesaling real estate, you got to pay the price. Obviously, nothing's for free. Yes, your time and energy and hustle is free, but it takes exactly that. You've got to be willing and be dedicated to get the job done all day, every day. And you will succeed. But you've got to pay the price.

Make $10,000 In April! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 26, 2022

Do you want to make $10,000 in April? I flip contracts for a living and I can teach you how I do that as well. Just follow me and you'll learn.

Buyer STOLE $40,000 From Me! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 25, 2022

This buyer actually stole $40,000 from us. Hey, what's up, guys? My name is Graylan Stewart. Thank you for joining me today. I am a virtual wholesaler and real estate entrepreneur, so my channel is all about wholesaling real estate. But we also do buy and holds for long term wealth and some fixing flips for the bigger paychecks. So today's video I'm about to tell you about how this buyer actually stole $40,000 from us. Okay. So this happened actually last week or so, so in the month of March 2022. So here's what happened. This was a deal that came in through a radio lead. K Radio is one of our best advertising avenues that we do on a consistent basis. Okay. So this came in as a radio lead and we do this marketing in Oklahoma City metro, which when you consider the Metro, it's really the DMA, which is all the metro and surrounding communities kind of spread out pretty far. So it's a little further out than we would like, but it's the only way you can advertise on radio and TV. So this was a radio lead that came in as a normal lead. One of my acquisition managers took the lead, you know, kind of talk to them for a little while. And this actually might have been one of the rare occasions where we got a one call closed, which is super rare in this industry, at least, because you've got to you've got to remember people are making one of the biggest decisions of their life when they sell their house or property to us, because most people only do that maybe one or two times in their lifetime as far as the people that we deal with, especially.

So this came in in a little small town in Oklahoma, K nowhere near Oklahoma City area. So it's a small town that I've never even been to, most people have never even heard of, but it was a property that was a distressed owner. Obviously they wanted to move, get out of that business and move out of state and just kind of start over with their life. Right. So this happened to be a motel. So this property, you may have seen a short video that I did, how we were going to make $80,000 on this deal. Okay. So this is this is this video, right? This is the same actual deal that I'm talking about. So this property came in. It was a smoking do you know, we basically it looks like because I read over the you know, the notes and everything from my acquisition manager, it looks like we actually paid what they were asking because it was a good deal. Now, how do you evaluate a motel? I have no idea. How did my acquisition manager do it? She had no idea either. So let's she actually did get my opinion on it. And I was like, hey, it sounds like we can't lose at the price that they're asking.

So we got the deal for 120 grand, right? So if you think about this, a motel, it has 20 units plus the owner's suite, which is like a three bed, four bath house within the hotel itself. So technically, there's 21 units, right? So if you do the math on that, 120 is like it's a no brainer. You can't lose on that deal no matter what type of condition it's in. Right. And it was actually in pretty good condition. I'm going to do the math on that just to see 120,000 divided by 21 units. That's $5,700 a unit, y'all. You can't get that kind of deal on anything. Right? So the reason I like this deal specifically, though, so out of those 21 units, obviously the one was the owners quarters. Right. Which still needed work on it, but the 20 units were all rentable units. Now they had four of those 20 units already converted to efficiency apartments to where it was just a property that somebody could live in permanently. Right. And she already had a couple of those units actually rented to where, you know, the like 600 bucks a month. It's pretty small. But when you think about that for an efficiency apartment, that's a pretty good deal. Of course, it's all bills pay because it's all on one one system or whatever, but so it didn't have separate meters or anything like that.

But anyways, I figured it was a, you know, a no lose situation. So 120 is kind of what I said. Yeah, sounds like that's a good deal. So lock it up. So that's exactly what she did. She got it for 120. So my acquisition manger got the deal and actually like a day or two later, once we had pictures and everything that we needed to start marketing the property, my dispo manager actually sent that deal out to our buyers list. Right? So we, we daily get added, we add buyers daily to our list just organically, automatically people just come to our site and sign up. Typically we get another 15 to 25 probably buyers per week just by accident, people just coming to our site and registering. Okay. So we're always, always actively trying to add to that list on our own as well. You know, whether we go to Facebook groups to copy emails from people. Saying that they've they're looking for deals or whether we're actively calling on these buyers nearby other properties. So we're adding buyers that way as well. But this was just a buyer that organically came to us out of nowhere. So the buyer actually lived in Phoenix. The property is in Oklahoma City. Well, not Oklahoma City. It's in O'Quinn, Oklahoma, which is a tiny little town about 2 to 3 hours from Oklahoma City. So it's super, super small community with like a couple of hundred people.

It's got a stoplight and a couple of stores and a school. You know, it's one of those kind of places, real small place. But it had this motel, which was a good deal. We thought, man, at $5,500 a unit, you know, you can't lose on this deal. So we sent it out at 200 thinking that's even a smoking deal at 200. Because if you do that math, I'm curious, 200,000 divided by 2021 units, that's even $9,500 a deal, which is crazy, right? Most of us, if they can get, you know, a property at 30 grand a deal, you're getting a smoking deal. So we sent this out at less than $10,000 deal. So we had a buyer immediately that said, yeah, I'll take it at full price, you know, earnest money, everything. Right, let's get it done. So there is lessons in this. So we always typically do, you know, for brand new buyers that we've never met, we want at least 5% down as a as an earnest money. So 200,000 times five. That's 200,000 times five is 10,000 earnest money. Okay. So that's kind of my rule of thumb. If it's brand new that we've never met or dealt with this buyer ever before, part of the vetting process is obviously we want to get proof of funds, which you gave us. We want to know that they're serious. It's as is type of deal. There's no contingencies, no nothing. Once you sign the contract, you're locked in basically.

Right. So my, my, my disposition manager did the due diligence, did everything correctly, and the only thing she didn't do was the 10,000 down. So a lot of times we'll do for people that we know, you know, it's kind of a $4,500 minimum. But on these bigger price points, we want 2500 to 5 grand typically. So, you know, I did tell her I mentioned that like, hey, let's let's be sure, since this is a new buyer, that we get like a $10,000 earnest money, but worst case scenario, get five. So long story short, I don't know what happened or why it happened, but she only got $2,500 down, which is not a huge deal because she did vet the buyer. The buyer and his partner actually flew down to Oklahoma City, rented a Tahoe, drove to OKC 3 hours away and met my disposition manager there to actually over just kind of look the property over and they even met the seller's everything, right? Of course they weren't instructed to talk to sellers, you know, because the buyer handled all this right. Or my dispo manager, because you never really want your buyer and seller talking. It's all via the dispatch manager or your boots on the ground. So everything was going good, you know, they agreed to the 200,000. They put their earnest money before they left town. They took it to the title company, which was only 2500.

But long story short, I was on spring break. We were actually snowboarding on the mountain, and I got a call from the title company that, hey, you can't get a hold of the buyer. So the buyer in the ghosting is our entire company and our title company for about two weeks. So my, my transaction coordinator and my display manager and the title company had tried to call email, text any way they could communicate with the buyer to kind of see, hey, we need, we need the funds wired and, and we're closing on this date, etc., right? So no one could ever get them. So what I did was I went ahead and bought a Phoenix phone number so that we had a local number. I'm thinking, well, you're probably answer a local number. So that's what I did. I actually bought the number and I ended up calling the guy from the Phoenix number. He answered first try. So once I got him on the phone, I did record the video or the audio as well, just so I would have it to kind of give to my team so they can learn from it. But I called the guy, he answered, and I'm like, Hey, this is Gralen. You know, you're buying a property from us in Oklahoma. He's like, Yeah, yeah. You know, I'm like, Well, we're closing on that Monday and no one has been able to get a hold of you.

My entire team has called, texted and emailed. We even got our acquisition manager that got the deal involved to see if she could reach, you know, the guy just so everybody kind of touched them. But my acquisition manager, display manager, transaction coordinator and title company, nobody could get a hold of the guy for two weeks. He answered my call for a strike. So I'm like, Hey, what's up? You know, why aren't you spotting? Did they call the right number? I'm like, Yeah. They call it the same number I'm calling you on right now. So everybody has the correct phone number and email. You know, you just haven't responded. So I'm like, Well, what's going on? He's like, Oh, nothing. You know, I'm actually getting on a plane right now. Tell them to reach out to me on Monday morning. I have all the money required and we're going to go for closing Monday. I'm like, okay, are you sure? He said, Yeah, everything's good to go. But he did kind of sound something in his voice. Told me that something just wasn't right. For one, we already know it wasn't right because he's ghosting us for two weeks, right? But for two, just the tone in his voice and the way he was trying to get me off the phone really quick. Yeah, the the flight kind of made sense, but still, I could feel that something was wrong. Right. So anyways, Monday comes around, same thing.

A company reaches out, transaction coordinator reaches out, he's not responding. So what's the deal? You know? So then I tell my dispo manager like, hey, log in the call reel because that's where I bought the phone number. Like call the guy from our Phoenix phone number that I purchased the other day. So she called him from that and guess what? He answered first try again. So my dispo manager spoke to him and he's like, Yeah, I just can't do the deal. So I'm backing out. So basically he was canceling the day of closing. Now in my book, that makes you super shady, super unreliable. And you're you're the kind of person I would never, ever, ever do business with. Right. So I told her, like, hey, I told this woman to this, you know, we're going to block this guy, tell everybody we know about the situation and what happened and how he canceled on us last minute. Obviously, he knew that he was backing out of this deal probably for two weeks. That's why he was ghosting us trying to avoid this situation. And we think he probably would have never replied to us at all if we didn't buy that Phoenix phone number. But long story short, my dispo manager said, you know, what would it take for you to actually buy the property? You know, everybody's counting on you. We've got about ten people in this. Obviously, we've got the sellers, you know, everybody on our team, you know, the title company is involved.

Like there's a lot of people counting on you to close this transaction today. So what will it take? And the guy was like, whoa, you know, my partner backed out and blah, blah, blah. So, you know, I can probably go ahead and buy it for 150. So keep in mind, we've got it for 120 and that made me super mad. So it's like it was his plan all along just to come back on us last minute to get a reduction in which after I found out everything, I don't think that was his plan, but that's how it felt. So I was furious, right? I'm like, No, we're not selling the guy. I'll buy it myself if I need to and we'll fix it up and sell it or I'll keep it myself. Because I actually thought about keeping this because it'd be a great property, you know, at 550 $700 per unit, you know, remodel it and all that, you're still in at a super low price. But anyways, I was like, No, we'll never do that. So I'm like, Get him up, you know, closer to the 208 he already agreed to. Obviously, he already knew he was losing the 2500 if he backed out. But he was ready to just walk away from the deal because his partner bailed on them, evidently. But anyways, we weren't taking 150 at any means. So long story short, my decision manager did agree to 160.

I just like I left it in her court. She wanted to get paid on it. Everybody wanted to get paid and I wanted to stay out of it because it was just making me mad. Right. You know. So basically everybody agreed with my company and with him and the target company like, hey, we're going to do it for 160. So my transaction coordinator, Cynthia, did them over with a new price of 160. So it sucked really bad. Everybody was counting on this 80,000 payday and we ended up making 40,000 on the deal. And in my eyes, he literally stole 40,000 from us. You know, that's exactly what it did because he agreed to 200 last minute. You know, typically on a house I would have never gone for this deal out of took it down myself or we would have just found another buyer. We would have did something different. Right, because I never want a buyer to dictate what we do. This was a super rare scenario. It's a motel in a super small town that no one wanted to go to. He was literally the only buyer even interested at all. Like nobody was interested in this deal at all except for this one buyer. So it kind of had a stuck in a hard place. And, you know, if it wasn't for the sellers, you know, they were already kind of leery about us for whatever reason.

Usually radio confirms that you're a legit business, but radio for them, they told us that. Yeah, we don't know. We thought it might be a scam since we heard you on the radio, which is really strange. We usually get the opposite reaction. People kind of look like look at us like local celebrities because you're on the radio, we know your religion, right? But anyways, the seller had other friends in the city and different places that wanted to sell their house for cash as well. So they had a lot of referrals lined up for us as long as this transaction went smoothly. So not. Only did we not want to delay the closing on this Monday because it would look bad to the seller. We wanted to make sure we performed on it that day. So that's exactly why we ended up taking a $40,000 loss, because we're really we were kind of forced into it. He was the only buyer available, and we wanted to do right by the sellers and not even extend the day. We probably could have sold it if we got on the phone and really call it. A bunch of people might have taken us an extra week to close, but we probably could have did it or I wouldn't have mind. Like I said, keeping it myself. But long story short, we really did it to make sure we keep that relationship strong with the seller so that we can actually get all those referrals that they were telling us about, that they had friends and family that were ready to sell for cash just to make it an easy process.

So at the end of the day, I still look at it today and I always will look at it like this, that the buyer literally stole $40,000 from us because they agreed to 200. I ended up paying 160. So everybody on my team took a hit. Our company took a hit, so we all took a hit, $40,000 hit. But at the end of the day, we still made the deal happen. We did make $40,000, which I'm super thankful. It's not 80, but 40 is better than nothing. So we just did the deal and moved on so we can all just focus on other properties that we're trying to do. So anyways, hopefully, hopefully you got some value out of this video. Let me know your thoughts. What would you have done? Would you have just bailed on it? Would you have taken the 150 initially that the guy said he would do? Would you have done what we did or what would you do differently? Let me know. Drop me some comments. I'd love to kind of hear your thoughts and your mindset on what you would have done differently. But anyways, if you've made it this far, definitely like this content, if you don't mind, like share, subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video. Thanks a lot.

I See Differently! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 24, 2022

I see differently. Just like most investors, when they look at a property like this, we see dollar signs. The average person out there sees this total mess and would run away from it immediately. But investors see big money.

What It Takes To Scale? | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 23, 2022

What’s up? Graylan Stewart here again is Wednesday. The time goes by fast show so thanks for joining me. This is my vlog day so I just kind of say whatever is on my mind and just kind of go through my day. So I've got a Zoom meeting in about 30 minutes because I hired a follow up specialist a couple of months ago, but I'm also going to kind of cross train her into a couple of other little things like my rental workspace just to manage the messages because we get text messages and calls on our properties that I own that are vacant or whatever, and I had some land and stuff like that that's vacant. So we get calls and text messages on those as well. And I'm just going to teach her how to work that workspace because she can do that simultaneous with the other workspace that we have. And also I'm going to go over how to use the dialer that we have built into our Podio via smartphone because since she's a fellow specialist, that's what she mainly does is calls all of our leads in, in Podio that we're kind of older, they're all valid leads and they were hot at one point in time, but for whatever reason they weren't ready or whatever happened. They didn't sell the property to us. Right? But they got into our system somehow, so they're definitely qualified or they wouldn't be there.

So that's our main job is to call on those people. So I'm going to teach you how to use a dialer because she can get a lot further as opposed to we do have the click to call dialer, but it'll go a lot further if she actually has the dialer dial in for her the whole time. So she's definitely hungry to learn and and to make money and things like that. So that's always good just to train people that really want to do it. So that's always kind of rewarding too. But yeah, scaling is difficult sometimes all the time probably. Because in order to scale the business, not only do you have to have all your systems and processes in place, but you have to have the right people with the right mindsets in the right positions to truly kind of get to the next level because it takes all of us. You know, there's no way I could do all this on my own. Sure, I'm the brains behind it, if you want to call it that, because I've built all of this. But it's still even that I didn't do that alone because I've got other people that I rely on to help me along the way to do certain things like acquisition managers have to take those calls.

Otherwise we wouldn't make money. But I have to have the systems and processes in place for them to succeed as well and the training. So that's probably one of the hardest parts is probably getting all that kind of locked down, I guess, just to make sure that everything makes sense because it's like, sure. Systems and processes. I talk about that a lot and a lot of people probably do, but it's not as easy as that. It's like, how do you create systems and processes? In my opinion, the system is the whole like operation operating system. I guess like Podio we use is our main system that we use as a CRM that literally runs our business. But how do you has to do certain things for that to run our business? Then I have to have people willing to use the Podio so that Podio does its job, right, because there are tons of automations built in which I don't even understand them all, because you've got to do that on the back end. And there's a there's something called Globe Flow that you use in conjunction with Podio to kind of make all that work. I don't have a clue how to do any of that, nor do I want to know. I have a developer that does that for me, but there's so many different things going on, automations and things happening on the back end with every everything that we do within Podio, every button that we push.

I know you can't see this on the screen. So a three screen, it's just one big screen that there's three screens up on it. And yeah, everything you push in Podio, not everything, but it all does something. We've got so many different buttons that you can push that does things. So that's what I'm saying. The system is system. The process is easy to say, but it's not easy to do because you got to know. That's why it's always a work in progress. Know I've had this Podio I've been working on since I started. Basically, I spend money on it pretty much every month and I always have. I'm probably getting close to 30 grand that I've spent on Podio thus far, and it's money well spent that's made us at least a couple of million dollars since I've been in business. Probably more than that. But. Yeah. You just kind of learn as you go, though, what you want your Podio to do. And once you figure that out, you know, then you can start adding automations to the certain things that cause Podio. Everybody does it differently, in my opinion. I think I have one of the best Podio is out there because it's everything you need in every position. Because I have ten different workspaces and each workspace is different.

I have acquisition dispositions. There's marketing, financial texting, workspace, rental workspace transaction, coordinating a master workspace, etc.. But it just takes time. That's the thing. Everybody wants to scale and get to gigantic numbers today, which I do, too. But that's where it can mess you up, too, because I tried that early on. You know, whenever I I think I've told part of my story sometimes on some of my videos and some podcasts that I've been on, but my fifth month I did six figures and I was trying hard to figure out how to scale that because I knew I couldn't just do that on my own, but I tried to do it too soon. I think because you have to have the right people in place first. If you don't have the right people in place first, then how are you going to handle scaling? You can't. You have to have people ready to take leads despite managers ready to sell deals. So I guess you've got to you kind of have to have money to scale, put in place to where you could start paying people or be ready to pay people right away as opposed to later, because you can't have tons and tons of leads coming in and you're trying to do all this as a one man show. It just won't work like that.

You'll you'll end up losing a lot of money. So you have to have the right people in place. And that's hard to do. You have to have the right training for those people to succeed. Acquisition Manager is probably my hardest position that I've had to hire and train and keep people in because a lot of people say they can do the job and maybe they can. But if you can't, if you're not a fast learner and you can adapt to the way we do things quickly and you're not a good closer or good at follow up, you've got to be get a lot of things follow up, closing time management. You've got to be able to use Podio. So typing just all these little skills that add up to one big skill, the ultimate skill of closing, you know, not a lot of people are built for that. So that's been the hardest position to actually get going and sustain. I have one acquisition manager that's been with me over two years now and. But most of the others last. 3 to 6 months, probably. It's not like I've had a ton of them, but I've had several along the way. It's just a hard position to do if you're not really good at being organized and typing because you got to type into Podio. Kind of multitask here and there because you do have different screens open because you're comping properties, you're trying to take notes about the seller.

You're also thinking what you're about to say to the seller, and then you're ultimately closing them and waiting for your take on that. But you've got to keep doing that every day so that you have those that pipeline built up of interesting leads that you can potentially close. Because the goal in my company is for every acquisition manager to get at least 4 to 5 contracts per month and hopefully we close 3 to 4 of those per month per acquisition manager. So if they all do that, they should make really good money. I mean, the ultimate goal is technically they should be able to get probably six or seven contracts a month if they actually do the deal every day. They actually follow up every day, call new leads back. If they don't get it live within 30 seconds to a minute, it's preferable. You know, while they're high, you've got to get them while they're hot. That's the thing. That's why follow up is so important, because you can have a lead coming in today that's super hot and you're like, okay, let me do some research and get back to you. And you don't get back to them for three days. That leads no longer hot. The longer the lead sits there, the less likely you have of closing that deal.

So that's why it's important to follow up like a boss. For real. That's not just a cute saying at the fact follow up like a boss to wear. I mean, whenever I was doing acquisitions myself, I would call the seller a couple of times a day every day. I'm not calling them a week later. A week later, it's too late. I mean, I'm going to hound people to death until they either set their house today or they tell me to never call them again or they've already sold it. But even if they tell me, never call them again, I'm going to call them again. Those are the ones I might wait a week. But that's what you've got to do. You got to be super persistent and get on people all day, every day. So that's just what it takes in sales. I've been in sales most of my adult life, so highly successful at it. So that's what it takes. Relentless pursuit of an end of deals, but just super persistent, non stop, you know. Anyways, so I've got a zoom call 30 minutes with with my follow up specialist that's going to just handle some of the rental stuff, which only takes a minute or two here and there when a text or call comes in. So it's pretty easy. That's why I'm kind of cross training, because we don't think that that's not a position that needs a full time person, because most of my properties are managed themselves, because I do rent to own, but the vacant ones, I just need to get filled.

And oftentimes I don't have a ton of time to do that because I'm managing flips and running the business, things like that. So anyways, left rambling on, that's pretty much what's on my mind today. That's what I'm working on today. I'm just going to train her for probably 30 minutes. Then we've got the house cleaner coming, so we're going to head to the basement. My wife and I, we have two different offices on the main level here. We're going to go down there while they clean and do the thing and probably just try to work a little bit more down there. So it's really all I got today. Also, I guess the moral of today's blog is if you want to scale, you've got to. You've got to have systems and processes and it takes time to do that. And then you have to have the right people in the right seats willing to do whatever it takes to push you forward. So it's really a guts drop me comment if you've got anything to say. I'd be glad to reply and I'll see you guys next time. We'd like to subscribe. See you later.

Proof Of Life Changing Money! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 22, 2022

So I totally understand your skepticism, you know, because it is a lot of money that we bring in all the time. But this is my bank statement showing exactly what we did over the last 20 days or so. All through wholesaling real estate, we did over 160,000. And actually, these last couple of months have been pretty slow. But wholesale and real estate can absolutely change your life. All you have to do is be willing to put in the work. Just follow my channel. Keep watching my content and I'll teach you how we do it every day.

I Got Sued! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 21, 2022

I got sued in my whole selling real estate business.
 Hey what's up guys? Thanks for joining me today. My name is Graylan Stewart.
 If you're new to my channel. Thank you.
 So today's video is about how I got sued in my wholesale and real estate business.
 So as you know, we do wholesale and real estate nationwide, we do it all day every day.
 So obviously there's always risk and any type of business that you get into.
 Okay, so wholesaling real estate is not an accepted practice. You know it's it's there too.
 So um this industry can be super rewarding if you follow the steps that I teach on this channel and actually do the business all day every day, you'll be highly successful.
 So yes there is risk in it.
 So when you actually actively cold call people or send RVM's or send SmS to you know to different sellers motivated sellers out there you're gonna come across some people that don't like that.
 Actually you're gonna come across a lot of people that don't like that. Right?
 So there has been some different guidelines set recently over, you know texting specifically but also you know the hammer has kind of been coming down on the RVM's as well. You know RVM is basically it's ringless voicemail to where you make phone calls to sellers but you bypass their actual dial so they don't ever even know that the call is coming and you go directly to the voicemail.
 So it's ringless voicemail and I'm sure you've you've gotten those yourself and you just didn't know what they were called to where you all of a sudden have you know, a voice message on on your phone, you never even heard your phone ring.
 So that's an RVM. So we do those a lot in my business and we also send cold mass text messages which this day and age you have to be a lot more careful with it.
 Okay so there are different ways that you can get around some of these things but they are more difficult.
 Okay? They're making it harder and harder to actually do business in those methods.
 And cold calling has always kind of been frowned upon.
 Obviously there's a do not call list out there that that people can actually register for to make sure that there name or phone number isn't associated with those.
 And you can get in big trouble if you actually call that do not call list and it's kind of the same thing with SmS which is texting and also our VMS they kind of all fall around the same ballpark and you know, you can get in trouble per infraction for example if you send an RVM.
 To someone and then you try again over a period of time, whatever that time limit is.
 You know, you may have sent an RVM today but you also sent them one maybe four or five months ago.
 So both of those apply if you actually end up getting trouble you have to pay for those two Infractions gate and it's different depending on what you're doing and you know the legalities of it.
 I'm not even sure but we did in fact get sued and it's technically we got sued for cold calling but in fact they were RVM's.
 Okay so I'm gonna kind of walk you through what happened and now this was it was a while ago.
 I just don't talk about it a lot.
 But you know that's the beauty of my channel if you follow me at all.
 Um I'll tell you the good the bad and the ugly of wholesale real estate.
 So yes you can make tons of money but there's obviously risk as well.
 So I like to tell you everything about it.
 Okay so this was I believe Late 2019 maybe early 2020. I don't remember exactly.
 So at the time of this video this is March of 2022.
 So it was a while ago, a year and a half or so maybe two years somewhere in that ballpark.
 But so technically we got in trouble for cold calling the customer but in fact we sent an RVM.
 So ringless voice mail was sent to this particular seller for a property that they owned.
 Kay now this seller actually lived in California.
 So he was um an absentee owner if you want to call it that.
 So he he owned a property in a particular area that we were marketing to.
 And he actually lived in California that qualifies as an absentee owner because he owned the property that he did not live in.
 Okay but he's also an out of state owner. So that would kind of come up on two different lists.
 Um So we reached out to this particular list.
 He happened to be on the list obviously now he is deleted from any system that we have his phone numbers name everything associated with him just so this doesn't happen again.
 So what happened was we sent them an RVM.
 You know it was sent by one of my acquisition managers.
 Actually you know we send RVM's kind of at a mass. Right?
 And we have different voices for RVM's with different messages that just kind of dropped two different lists at All Times.
 So you know the message might have been something like hey this is Ashley and we're interested in buying your property.
 We have several in the area thought you might be interested in selling something along those lines. Right?
 So obviously the seller did or didn't reply but we said this There was five different communications with this particular lawsuit.
 OK but he actually catfish us or enticed us to to play his game if you will.
 Okay So we sent to the RVM. Didn't reply.
 I think another one must send and he called back.
 So when we send our RVM's, they're also set up with IVR's.
 Which is, I don't even know what that stands for. Internal voice recording or something like that.
 But nevertheless when the RVM.
 Is sent, you know, they can reply to that by pressing one or two. Okay?
 Or they can just straight callback a phone that phone call that they miss. Right?
 If you see a missed call on your phone a lot of times you'll just call that back say hey, I missed a call from this number.
 Or if you actually listen to the voicemail it's got two options to press one or two, press one to be connected with one of our acquisition managers.
 Press 2 to be uh to really removed from our list. Okay do not call this basically.
 So this particular seller actually pressed one.
 So he got connected with one of our acquisition managers which happened to be Ashley.
 She's the one that left a message. So she's the one that got the call when it came back through.
 And so he went through a whole process of listening to her, let her go through the script to getting all the information about the property et cetera right?
 Um and then it came to. Okay, he's interested. He throws a number out.
 You know, hey I could sell it for this price because we always try to get the number from the cellar.
 So went through the whole spill and you know at the end of the day we agreed on a certain price for this particular property.
 He was indeed the owner, he agreed to sell the house for us at a certain price.
 So the next step for us is sending the agreement okay?
 So we get him on the phone and send the agreement to him and then actually goes through that whole thing as far as getting that signed.
 So once he got the agreement, he actually saw what the company name was and then he straight ghosted us after that cake.
 He just basically ended the call abruptly and we didn't hear from him, you know, for a day or two.
 So then actually after a couple of days he informed us that said hey you know I know who you are, you solicited me, I'm on the national do not call list.
 You know, threatening to sue us and said basically, hey you're going to pay me, I want $15,000 for me not to sue you and I want to sue your company personally.
 I want to sue the owner of the company which is me.
 Um and I also want to Sue Ashley the acquisition manager that made the calls. Okay?
 So he wanted $15,000 for from each one of those 33 people or places right for me, Ashley and my company.
 So he wanted basically 45 grand for just go away okay, pay him and go away.
 So long story short obviously we're not going to pay 45 grand for that.
 So we're like okay well let's just see where it goes. So he did in fact about the lawsuit.
 Um they served me with papers at my home and um so I got an attorney, okay there's a couple of attorneys that I've worked with in the past.
 So this one took the case for me actually I think they referred me to someone else.
 And then that attorney that ended up using kind of got boots on the ground in California to kind of be eyes and ears for that area as well.
 So anyways, I ended up going through that process took a two or three months to kind of get it all finalized and we ended up just settling for each infraction.
 I think the minimum Um that you have to pay is $500 per infraction and there's five of them.
 So 2500. So we wanted to pay him a little bit more than the minimum, which was $1.
 So we paid $2501. But also I ended up paying the attorneys like 7500 bucks.
 So at the end of the day it cost me about 10 grand um to to go through that whole process.
 But we wanted to go to litigation, you know, to trial because you know, we were going to fight it because really we didn't actually cocoa, we left a voicemail and he kind of played along the game um, to make it even go as far as it did and when, when he was never even interested at all.
 So really we, we were hoping it went to trial, but obviously he probably knew the game that he would probably lose.
 Um, so we just ended up settling for $2501. So lesson learned.
 Um, really we didn't do anything technically wrong even though he was gonna do not call this.
 So we paid him, but we did find out later that this guy is an actual, Um, serial litigator.
 We found out that over an 18 month period he made about $1 million dollars just suing people.
 And we also found out that he's an actual real estate agent in California.
 So, you know, obviously he doesn't make money as a realtor. So he'd rather see people.
 So the moral of the story is, it didn't bother me. It didn't change our business practices.
 The only thing I did different was making sure that I scrubbed against against the known litigators list.
 I never scrubbed against the do not call list because then you wouldn't have anybody to call. All right.
 But I do now scrub against the known litigators list.
 So it's people that they know just sue people for for just those reasons calling or texting and things like that.
 So, so we do that now.
 But also at the end of the day, it really didn't make me stop doing what we do because in my opinion, it's just the cost of doing business.
 So, you know, we make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from cold calling And another $10,000, you know, as part of the marketing for that.
 You know, it's just the cost of doing business for me.
 And it hasn't happened since it only happened one time.
 This guy has been obviously blacklisted from every list that we have his phone number and name anything associated won't even come into our system.
 So that's kind of how we we did that.
 But that's my story and my loss to you guys let me know your thoughts.
 And have you ever been sued or are you afraid of that? You know, that's the thing.
 You gotta have thick skin in this business. Things are gonna happen.
 But I have obviously I made probably over $1 million dollars before I ever even got sued.
 And like I said, Cold calling alone brings us several $100,000.
 So it didn't really bother me at the end of the day.
 It was a pain in the butt to kind of go through that process.
 Still didn't change what we do. We still cold call all day every day.
 Still do our VM, still do text messages and I always will. So it is what it is.
 So, anyways, preliminary thoughts. Thanks for watching. Um, subscribe like share.
 If you would, I'd appreciate that and I'll see you guys in the next one.

You Are Worth It! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 20, 2022

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Get Paid More Than Doctors & Attorneys! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 19, 2022

So everyone wants to get paid like attorneys and doctors, but no one wants to put in the time energy or the schooling and the tons of money and student loans Or be on call 24/7 like doctors do.
 But there is another way it's called real estate wholesaling real estate.
 I make more than attorneys and doctors work when I want to work how I want to and can enjoy life a little better.
 Follow me and I can teach you how to do it.

Over 17x Return! | Wholesaling Real Estate

March 18, 2022

So what if you could get 17 X. Return on your marketing dollars that you spend?
 Would you do it? Yeah I would too.
 So I actually did, I'm gonna teach you and show you exactly what I did. So stay tuned.
 Hey what's up guys?
 My name is Gray Lynn Stewart. Thanks for joining me. I am a virtual whole seller.
 If you're new to my channel thank you please like and subscribe if you haven't already. I'd appreciate it.
 So my channel is all about wholesaling real estate but we do everything that an investor in real estate, you know an investor would typically do in the real estate space.
 So mostly what we do is wholesaling but we also buy and hold for long term wealth and we do occasional flicks and flip properties as well.
 Usually a couple of them at a time two or three of them typically.
 So today I'm gonna share with you a strategy.
 You know this was based on my 2021 numbers for the entire year I added up what I actually spent on this marketing channel compared to what we brought back in revenue and profits.
 Okay so when I say profits, I'm talking about just the total assignment fee.
 Okay Um now my last year's assignment fee average was right around $20,000 per deal.
 So um you know those deals can add up fast but this one particular marketing strategy which may not surprise a lot of you is cold calling.
 So most people probably already cold call if you're in this space at all.
 And if you're new to hold selling, then this will maybe enlighten you. So cold calling is very effective.
 But you have to do it right. Um, otherwise it may not be as effective.
 And I don't necessarily think that my company did it All right either.
 And we still had a 17 x return.
 So the reason I say that, I don't think we did it all right either is simply because there's definitely better ways to do it.
 Okay. So what I did, uh, you know, early on, I started about 3.5 years ago.
 So early on when I hired a V. A to do cold calling for me, we pretty much, um, kind of just assumed that they knew what they were doing or I pretty much assumed, okay.
 When I say we, I mean we as a company meaning me right?
 Because at first it was just me, you know, starting out. So I hired a V. A.
 They already had co calling experience. They had worked for a real estate investor before the whole seller.
 So I assume that, hey, they know what they're doing already.
 They've already done this before and they kind of have a proven track record, so to speak, right?
 Obviously I didn't vet them, which is kind of hard when you, you know, they're in the Philippines and you're hiring, um, and they've worked for somebody else in the US.
 There's, you know, probably thousands of wholesalers out there could have been anybody right?
 So the bottom line is I trusted that they kind of knew what I wanted and what they were doing, right.
 And that's never the case typically. Right.
 So that's the thing you gotta learn when you're hiring VHS or any cold call or whether you're in house american, you know, that's the next door or in your actual office or if you're just hiring a V. A from another country, okay.
 They have no idea what to do right.
 They have done cold calling before and they might have experience, but at the same time every business runs differently and everybody does cold calling differently.
 Okay. So that's why I always suggest on my channel everything that you do in your business when you're starting off, I believe that you should do it yourself first whether you're good at that or not.
 Okay. You may not be the best sales person in the world, but it's important for you to get on the phone with sellers and actually talk to sellers and just learn and know what that process looks like.
 Even if you're not a good closer, um, or you know, whatever the part of the business is that you may or may not be good at.
 I still believe that you should do it so that you have first hand experience for one, but for two, so you know exactly what is kind of expected.
 But for three, you know exactly what that position goes through, you know, during that whole task or duty that that's set up for them.
 So it's important that you know that that way you are able to teach somebody else. Okay?
 So when I first got started, yes, I had done cold calling in the past for marketing and sales, you know for like yellow pages and and for my magazines and things like that.
 So I had done some cold calling for that before. But cold calling for sellers is completely different, right?
 Because you're not really selling anything per se.
 You're really selling yourself and selling your ability and and the confidence in you and your company to close on the deal because when you ask a seller if they want to sell and you're gonna pay cash, you have to have confidence to be able to portray that.
 So they trust you to do a contract with you, right?
 So if you don't have that kind of ver bid and persona and you know, vocalization, how can you expect a cold caller to be able to do that just because they have experience, right?
 So that's where I failed initially when I hired cold callers because I just assumed they knew what they were doing and it was a total waste of money, right?
 I mean, I did that probably off and on for almost a year before I finally figured out, okay, I actually have to train these people right there humans and they're people just like me and you and they have to be trained and to know exactly how you want things done.
 Okay. So that was where I failed. Okay. So fast forward a couple years later I learned, right.
 So now I actually have a co calling manager and yes, they are still from the Philippines and then I have three or four other cold callers That all they do is co call every day.
 So what we do in my businesses, co call from eight a.m.
 2 8 pm, pretty much Um six days a week, Monday through Saturday.
 So, and we take Sundays off for a cold calling, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that you could do like a 1-6 or something like that if you wanted to.
 I think that's totally fine. I would definitely stay away from during, during like church hours and things like that, especially if you're in the midwest or you know, the bible belt or anything like that.
 But but me personally, you know, we just, we just don't do that just because we choose not to.
 But like I said, I don't see anything wrong with it.
 But nevertheless, so I have a cold calling manager basically, I'm the only one that she talks to you or that I talked to.
 She's the only one that I talked to you, right?
 She's the one that hires all my other co collars and manages them to make sure that they're doing their jobs correctly okay.
 But she also co calls herself too so she gets a little bit more of an hourly wage and the others but at the same time I'm not managing a whole team of coke holders and managing that one person.
 So I still say that I don't have it all figured out because that's still definitely not the best way because it still is the fact that Filipinos you know they're amazing.
 Most of them have you know at least a bachelor's degree. Most of them have masters though.
 Um So they're super smart people that definitely appreciate them. They're really hard workers.
 That's what I really love about them the most they will do anything for you and to complete the task at hand.
 And that's why I love working with the filipino.
 Um people you know they're always hard workers and they're super smart and they're fast learners and they're gonna do what what what you ask them to do.
 Um It's it's hard to say that about the average american out there.
 I mean look at where we're at in today's society, half of the restaurants are half full because there's nobody to work there right?
 At least that's how it is where I live. So anyways, Filipinos are hard workers.
 So but the only thing that's hard that you can't really teach is our culture okay.
 So there's things like um even the roofs, you know they're just different where we live compared to the routes that they have in the Philippines.
 You know they they're just different types of roofs and and they don't know that unless you teach them that and train them on that.
 Right? So things like that yes you can train and learn but the things culture wise you just can't train.
 Um So that's the hard part unless they've lived in the US before.
 Like I had a cold caller in the past that they actually live in the US for like three years so they understood our culture and our, or just the way we talk to each other like when somebody's joking or not just little things like that that you and I would probably take for granted for the most part but at the same time it's those little things like that to where when you're talking to somebody over the phone, especially in like a sales type of a role.
 Um it's it's easy to understand that somebody may not get it all the way, you know what I mean?
 You could tell that there possibly foreign or probably foreign because they just don't get it right there just talking differently and they don't understand maybe the little inside jokes that you might try to say or you know just little things like that.
 It's hard to teach. So there's definitely better ways to do cold calling but at the same time You can just stumble through it like I've done and be successful at it because we did a 17 x return.
 I mean that's huge. That was our it was our number two or 3 overall marketing, you know best marketing strategy of 2021 but it was the best R. O. Y.
 As far as what we're spending for what we're getting back.
 So when you think about it like that It's easy to do right?
 You can cold call yourself, you know if you know that you're gonna get a 17x.
 And keep in mind these are Filipinos doing it.
 If you do it yourself, you're always going to do it better because you know how things are done right?
 You know how you want it, you're always gonna work harder on your own business than anyone else will.
 That's just a fact, right? So if you did it yourself even for an hour or two a day don't you think that would be worth it?
 You know, just until you kind of start bringing some money in Because Cold Calling works all I mean there's a lot of people out there that kind of don't like it or don't do it.
 But you know, we do every marketing strategy.
 So I I definitely consider myself an expert on marketing in general because I've done marketing my entire adult life and for my business, my whole selling business, we literally do every single strategy out there, right?
 And cold calling was our number 2 or 3 marketing strategy last year.
 But it was the number one ROI. So literally a 17 x return.
 That means if you spent $1, you made 17 or if you spent $10,000  times 17 is What is that?
 170,000 or something? I mean I'm no math whiz.
 Um even though that's zeros But you can do the math and you get the picture.
 So whatever you spend multiplied by 17. And that's my return. Right? So it's crazy to think about that.
 And it's even crazier to think about if you actually hired like in health people or if you did it yourself or if you actually hired a more of a US base or somebody more culturally sound in the US understanding of that kind of thing.
 You could even get a probably a bigger return than that.
 So that's exactly why I'm actually hiring the company out of Costa rica but it's owned by an american and it's got a lot of uh you know, really good speaking people that they understand the culture a lot better than like a filipino would because it's just a Philippine.
 The Philippines is it's basically a third world country. So it's just a lot different than United States.
 So anyways the whole point of this video is to let you know that you know co calling can actually be free, right?
 Because you can do it yourself or you can get your brother sister mother whoever your friend to partner with you in the cold call with you.
 Right? Because it actually works. All you gotta do is get a list of motivated sellers.
 You can buy those lists from list source or you can get them from prop stream you know um or you can just get a free list from your county that's tax delinquent or some water shut off or you know all kinds of different lists.
 You can actually get from accounting and direct to the source which is your county. It's always the best.
 But then you get that list skip trace it meaning you look for the phone numbers.
 There's companies out there that do that where you can do like free people search dot com or there's a lot of things that are similar to that being verified.
 Dot com is a super low you know a couple of dollars a month type of deal.
 And there's white pages dot com which is actually pretty good as well.
 So there's a lot of ways so there's no real excuses.
 Okay you can get a list for free or next to nothing.
 You can drive for dollars and get a list.
 You can skip trace it for free if you want to do it one by one or it's next to nothing.
 If you actually want to pay for it then get on the phone that's it.
 You're dialing for dollars, literally If you know that you're gonna spend a dollar and get 17 back, why wouldn't you do that for a couple of hours a day?
 Right. So that's my two cents, y'all?
 But there's definitely better ways to do it and you can grow into those, you know, that's why I suggest doing it yourself.
 Then you can hire people just make sure that you train them regularly, okay?
 And then eventually, maybe you can just hire a company that's really versed in the space to do that for you.
 So anyways, that's all I got for you today. Thanks for joining.
 I appreciate you very much like share and subscribe and I'll see you all next time.